German Names from Nürnberg, 1497: Surnames

by Sara L. Uckelman
known in the SCA as Aryanhwy merch Catmael

© 2005, 2008 Sara L. Uckelman; all rights reserved
last updated 05Dece08

The forms listed 'feminine' were used by women only. Occasionally a vowel is superscripted over another vowel. I have used square brackets to indicate this. For example, Lo[e]sin indicates that the e is superscripted over the o.

Because of their length, I have split the surnames into two lists: A - M and N - Z.

I am also in the process of sorting the bynames by type. Work in progress lists can be found here: occupational, patronymic, locative, descriptive, and unidentified/uncategorized.

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Fleischmann, Peter, Reichssteuerregister von 1497 der Reichsstadt Nürnberg (und der Reichspflege Weissenburg), (Nürnberg: Gesellschaft für Familienforschung in Franken, 1993.)