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Forthcoming Titles

Terms of Service by Irina Rempt

(est. pub. September 2021)
Tales From the Town edited by Eden Mitchell

(est. pub. December 2021)
For the Children of Abraham: Scripture's Wisdom by Charles Vernoff

(est. pub. Winter 2021)
Possible Worlds and Other Stories by Rachel Handley

(est. pub. Spring 2022)

Published Titles


edited by Sara L. Uckelman

Purchase print book here (GBP, EUR), or here (GBP), or here (USD)
(pub. August 2020)
ISBN: 978-1-8380723-1-5

Children's Books

Purchase print book here (USD), or here (GBP)
(pub. July 2020)
When Maribel and her mother find a starfish on the beach, neither of them expect the adventures that will follow!

This charming children's story is sure to delight readers of all ages, and will particularly appeal to young readers ready to advance from picture books to chapter books.
ISBN: 978-1-8380723-0-8


Purchase ebook here (USD), or here (GBP), or here (USD)
(pub. April 2021)

Purchase print book here (GBP), or here (GBP, EUR), or here (GBP), or here (USD)
(pub. June 2021)
Tom never expected to die young; much less to be met by the Men Who Weren't There upon his death. Who are these Men? And what is the Non-Agency they work for? More importantly, is there any way Tom can make sure he doesn't end up in Heaven?

Book 1 of the Non-Agency series mixes humor, bureaucracy, and romance to serve up fantasy story that will appeal to anyone who has ever wondered what life after death is like.
ISBN: 978-1-8380723-2-2


Purchase print book here (GBP, EUR), or here (GBP), or here (GBP)
(pub. September 2021)
In this book, Charles Vernoff argues that what makes Judaism distinctive is that it departs from all the characteristics typifying "path philosophy" spiritualities, such as Christianity and Islam. Judaism is not established through philosophical analysis, nor does it seek to persuade via abstract concepts. Rather, its radical and unassailable uniqueness comes from the fact that it purports to reveal divine transcendence as such, not mediated by anything else.
ISBN: 978-1-8380723-4-6


Purchase print book here (GBP, EUR), or here (GBP), or here (GBP), or here (USD)
(pub. September 2021)
"Grief, and dealing with it, are central themes of this collection. But also, Chappell examines faith and interrogates it; and her heart is amply shown to beat in the north, and in writing about it. Chappell’s language is rich, revealing—especially so in “Glen Lui,” and some of the earlier poems, where there are echoes of TS Eliot...Despite the minotaur grief at the heart of the collection, Chappell’s poetry involves both the heart and head of the reader, and evokes a longing to leave the built-up south for a world of more intimate understanding."
--Jennifer A. McGowan, winner of the 2020 Prole Pamphlet Competition
ISBN: 978-1-8380723-5-3

Last updated 21 September 2021.