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Ordinary language is all right.

One could divide humanity into two classes:
those who master a metaphor, and those who hold by a formula.
Those with a bent for both are too few, they do not comprise a class.

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23 Aug '04 07:08:21 AM

This site was unavailable last week while my host moved into a new apartment and waited for the phone company to turn his service back on. Sorry about that. If you sent me any mail that bounced and was ultimately not automatically resent, give it another whack if you can.

Annoyingly enough, I've been feeling the faint stirrings of ideas possibly worth writing out, ever since I have been unable to put them up; worse, though, my iBook just died or freaked out or 'suffered a catastrophic specific logic board component failure' or whatever they call it - so I will be kept away for a while longer.

Not that, as the past three years show, my having a working computer is any guarantee of new posts.

13 Aug '04 09:58:55 AM

Augh! Did nobody like this movie?

And when did plausibility and fidelity to reality move up so high on all the critics' major motion picture comedy checklists?

13 Aug '04 09:51:46 AM

Is it possible that Ebert has never in the past gazillion years of human civilization heard someone make the second-order joke of picking a certain character to utter a lame first-order 'joke' like 'denial is not just a river in Egypt'?

(Which, nota bene, removes it from the realm of verbal humor.)

(Also, 'he steals a horse on rides around on it more than is necessary' is a remark of praise, yes? Yes? Yes.)

13 Aug '04 09:42:34 AM

I have no idea what they're talking about - the flaming-marshmallow-stuck-in-Lyle-Lovett's-eye gag was hilarious!

11 Aug '04 05:45:52 PM

'giant skyscraping synth stabs to the general improvement of humanity'

11 Aug '04 05:38:40 PM

'nate dogg'

11 Aug '04 12:52:43 AM

Crystal: I like it. It sounds like Flin Flon, only better.
Crystal: Girl-boy duos are the highest form of rock.
Crystal: see also: Quasi and Mates of State
Joshua: which one was the girl in black sabbath?
Crystal: Is there an emoticon for flipping the bird?
Joshua: i would think an emoticon for biting the head off a bird would be more appropriate
Crystal: snort

10 Aug '04 11:59:23 PM

Joshua: maura!!
Maura: hi!!
Joshua: question!!
Joshua: in two parts
Maura: ok
Joshua: 1) do you have the new s prcss on your computer!!
Joshua: 2) can you send me it!!
Maura: yes and yes!
Maura: but later
Maura: i'm at work now
Joshua: hokay!!
Joshua: i didn't even know there was one!!
Joshua: is it an ep!!
Maura: yes!!
Maura: did you hear the song on fluxblog!!
Joshua: no!!
Joshua: there is a song on fluxblog!!
Maura: yes!!
Maura: here!!
Maura: the rogers sisters song is amazing, too
Maura: whoa i just got total deja vu
Joshua: that creep can roll!!
Maura: hahahaa
Joshua: the sun provides vitamin d!!
Joshua: they are a duo now!!
Joshua: where did the bass dude go!!
Maura: he's just djing!!
Joshua: that's lame!!
Joshua: he should stay in the cool band!!
Joshua: rock stars get lots of casual sex from fans!!
Joshua: even nobody indie rock stars!!
Maura: hahahahahaha
Joshua: from insecure indie waifs!!
Maura: and non-waifs!!
Maura: who are just as insecure!!
Joshua: nothing wrong with junk in the trunk!!
Joshua: and elsewhere!!
Maura: hahaha

10 Aug '04 05:40:22 PM

'This part for the grown folks.'