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Ordinary language is all right.

One could divide humanity into two classes:
those who master a metaphor, and those who hold by a formula.
Those with a bent for both are too few, they do not comprise a class.

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13 Aug '04 09:51:46 AM

Is it possible that Ebert has never in the past gazillion years of human civilization heard someone make the second-order joke of picking a certain character to utter a lame first-order 'joke' like 'denial is not just a river in Egypt'?

(Which, nota bene, removes it from the realm of verbal humor.)

(Also, 'he steals a horse on rides around on it more than is necessary' is a remark of praise, yes? Yes? Yes.)

13 Aug '04 09:42:34 AM

I have no idea what they're talking about - the flaming-marshmallow-stuck-in-Lyle-Lovett's-eye gag was hilarious!

11 Aug '04 05:45:52 PM

'giant skyscraping synth stabs to the general improvement of humanity'

11 Aug '04 05:38:40 PM

'nate dogg'

11 Aug '04 12:52:43 AM

Crystal: I like it. It sounds like Flin Flon, only better.
Crystal: Girl-boy duos are the highest form of rock.
Crystal: see also: Quasi and Mates of State
Joshua: which one was the girl in black sabbath?
Crystal: Is there an emoticon for flipping the bird?
Joshua: i would think an emoticon for biting the head off a bird would be more appropriate
Crystal: snort

10 Aug '04 11:59:23 PM

Joshua: maura!!
Maura: hi!!
Joshua: question!!
Joshua: in two parts
Maura: ok
Joshua: 1) do you have the new s prcss on your computer!!
Joshua: 2) can you send me it!!
Maura: yes and yes!
Maura: but later
Maura: i'm at work now
Joshua: hokay!!
Joshua: i didn't even know there was one!!
Joshua: is it an ep!!
Maura: yes!!
Maura: did you hear the song on fluxblog!!
Joshua: no!!
Joshua: there is a song on fluxblog!!
Maura: yes!!
Maura: here!!
Maura: the rogers sisters song is amazing, too
Maura: whoa i just got total deja vu
Joshua: that creep can roll!!
Maura: hahahaa
Joshua: the sun provides vitamin d!!
Joshua: they are a duo now!!
Joshua: where did the bass dude go!!
Maura: he's just djing!!
Joshua: that's lame!!
Joshua: he should stay in the cool band!!
Joshua: rock stars get lots of casual sex from fans!!
Joshua: even nobody indie rock stars!!
Maura: hahahahahaha
Joshua: from insecure indie waifs!!
Maura: and non-waifs!!
Maura: who are just as insecure!!
Joshua: nothing wrong with junk in the trunk!!
Joshua: and elsewhere!!
Maura: hahaha

10 Aug '04 05:40:22 PM

'This part for the grown folks.'

10 Aug '04 09:21:34 AM

This is saying very little, though.

Lots of things go together.

10 Aug '04 09:17:54 AM

That, though, was just a bunch of things in a row. These, besides being in a row, seem to benefit from being in the same company:

Ahmad Jamal - Stolen Moments
The Postal Service - Nothing Better
The Postal Service - Such Great Heights
Brandy f. T.I. - Where You Wanna Be
Junior Boys - When I'm Not Around