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Ordinary language is all right.

One could divide humanity into two classes:
those who master a metaphor, and those who hold by a formula.
Those with a bent for both are too few, they do not comprise a class.

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28 Aug '03 06:14:00 AM

Compare 'constantly going to break into some other Monk song' from March 2002 with 'playing with the same theme forever' from fourteen days ago.

26 Aug '03 07:46:41 AM

'syncategorematic': forming a meaningful expression only in conjunction with a denotative expression (as a content word) <logical operators and function words are syncategorematic>

No one should ever have to use this word or know what it means. Where oh where did we lose our way.

24 Aug '03 09:34:21 PM

There's like one joke in Nelson Goodman's Languages of Art but I will grudgingly admit that the man had a sense of humor. In The Philosophical Review, Volume 61, Issue 2, he wrote: 'The explanation in terms of resemblance is very good except for being so wrong.'

24 Aug '03 09:16:00 PM

The university takes the shotgun approach to knowledge.

24 Aug '03 08:16:50 PM

Jess writing about Kompakt.

'Schaffelfieber' sounds like a German muppet. On German Fraggle Rock.

23 Aug '03 09:20:36 PM

None of this is to say that I just read 'Personism' just the other day. For the first time, I mean. I have read it many times. I like to reread it like the English Candy Drill scene in Gravity's Rainbow, because it's funny. Also it makes me feel like I have allies. I have not, however, ever given actual thought to it in the three years since I first read it at the tender age of twenty-two (no thought then either). This is part of my 'methodology'.

23 Aug '03 09:08:53 PM

Also, incidentally, I had to look up 'Lucky Pierre'. I am like the guys in Office Space who look up 'money laundering' in the dictionary.

23 Aug '03 09:05:53 PM

By comparison, I mean. Comparatively. My thematical acumen is of course still astounding in its own right. Really.

23 Aug '03 09:04:15 PM

P.S. I'm not totally sure what 'a poetics' is but it sure has sounded exciting since I read Perloff's book and found Silliman and all these other poetics people blogging. It was even scarier when I saw some old person somewhere complaining that people in English never care about 'thematics' anymore, since I don't exactly know what that is either and definitely don't know if 'poetics' and 'thematics' have any other friends. Sometimes the interweb really bites, as a research tool. In the hands of the lazy and apathetic and swivel-headed.

(This is tied to my recent uncertain revelation, if you can have those, that in just about any area of life or thought you could think of, I am all up in poetics' ass and am totally retarded about thematics.)