Joel & Sara's wedding
May 22, 2004


Elizabeth gets her corsage from mom. Elizabeth was in charge of all the decorating/reception stuff

Alicia doing my hair

My personal attendant attending me

Bride with attendants, Phil, Jyoti, and Amy

Sara and Jyoti

Sara and Phil

Sara, Phil, and Amy


Aren't my flowers pretty?

Walking from the changing room to the shelter house

Joel and the JP

Almost ready to go

Dad holding up my skirt

Close-up of the dress

Close-up of the flowers

Dad and I

Last minute advice from Potter

The processional

The honor attendants, Paul and Phil

Potter and Jyoti

Nate and Amy

Dad and I

The ceremony

A hug from dad

The ceremony

Andrea reading from Plato

Joel giving me my ring

Me giving Joel his ring


Mr. and Mrs. Uckelman

And the couple again


We like kissing

A hug from Amy

Isn't that a pretty cake?

Elizabeth arranged the flowers on the cake

Bernie, Joel, & Rita

Dad, Mom, and I

Dad, Mom, Andrea, and I

Dad, Mom, Joel, and I

Couple and attendants

Couple and attendants again

Informal shot of the couple

Bride and groomsmen

Groom and bridesmaids

Our rings

Rings again

The necklace was given to me by my Great-Aunt Doris, who passed away a week and a half later, about two months before the wedding

I told you we like kissing

Formal shot of the couple

Another formal shot

And another

Me with Rita and Grandma; the veil was Rita's and the dress was Grandma's

All the philosophy nerds