Welsh Names from the Proceedings of the Court at Castle Leon, 1497

by Sara L. Uckelman (Aryanhwy merch Catmael)

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The following names of 91 men and 5 women are taken from two Latin documents dated 7 Edward IV (1497), detailing the "Proceedings before the commissioners appointed by the Lords of the Lordship of Bromfield and Yale, and Statutes and Ordinances made at the Great Court of that Lordship, Holden at Castle Leon". The names are recorded in lightly Latinized and heavily abbreviated Welsh, with the exception of one or two names that appear to be of Englishmen. Because some of the men are recorded more than once, I have recorded the number of times an individual spelling occurs, rather than the number of men bearing a particular name. However, since not many of the people occur many times, these numbers do not differ greatly. Most of the abbreviations I have been able to represent faithfully in HTML; three I cannot. In some names that have two lls, there is a tilde which runs through both; I have represented this as {ll~}. When the title runs through simply one l, I have made do with putting the tilde above the letter. In some names, there is a small superscripted hook, standing for er or us; I have represented this as ?.

Name patterns

The majority of the people were recorded using Welsh-language patronymics, with vz̃ (an abbreviation of verch 'daughter') for women and ap 'son' for men.


ggiven name
ppatronymic marker (vz̃ or ap)
bdescriptive byname
sinherited surname
dde (Latin preposition, 'of')
llocation name

Patterns of women's names


Patterns of men's names


Given names

Women's given names

Four of the five women mentioned were recorded with given names:

Standardized formRecorded formModern Welsh form

Men's given names

Standardized formGiven nameFirst gen. pat.Second gen. pat.Third gen. pat.Modern Welsh form
AttoBatto (1)Adda
BenetBenet (1)Benet
BlethynBlethen (1)Plethyn (1)Bleddyn
DavidDavid (15), Dđ (2), Dauid (1)David (3), Dđ (2)Dđ (4), David (1)Dafydd
DeycusDeycus (4), Daycus (1)Deyc? (1)Deicws
DeyoDeyo (1)Deio
DeysDays (1), Deys (1)Deys (1), deys (1)Deios (1)
EdeneuetEden (2)Eden (3)Ednyfed
EdwardEdward (2)Edwarđ (1)Edward
EignonEignon (2)Eignon (3)Eignon (5), Eignus (1)Einion
ElysElys (1)Elis
GeffrayGeffray (1)Geoffrey
GronoScone (1) (?)Grono (1)Gronow
GruffithGr̃ (6)Gr̃ (12), Gruffith (1)Gr̃ (1)Gryffydd
Guyllym, WilliamGuyllym (1), Will̃i (1), Wi{ll~}i (1), Willm̃ (1), Wi{ll~}mi (1), Will̃ms (1)Gwyllym (1)William
GuyttynGuyttyn (2), Guytten (1)Guytten
HovaHova (1)Hwfa
HowellHowell (3)Howell̃ (4), Howell (3)Howell (1)Hywel
HugoHugonis (1)Huw
IthellIthell̃ (1)Ithel
JaketJaket (1)Jacket
JankynJankyn (2)Jankyn (4)Jankyn (1)Jankyn
JevanJevan (1)Jevan (8)Jevan (4)Jevan (1)Ieuan
JollynJollyn (1)Jollyn (2)Jollyn (1)Iolyn
Johannes (Lat.), JohnJoh̃is (4), Joh̃es (2), Johannes (1), Johem (1), Johes (1) Joh̃s (1)Joȝ (1)John (1), Joȝ (1)John
Lewyslewys (1)Lewis
Lluwelin (?)llũ (11)llũ (4)llũ (2), pllũ (1)llũ (1), P{ll~}u (1), pllũ (1)Llywelyn
MadocMadoc (6), Mađ (1)Madoc (3), Mađ (1)Madoc (1), Mađ (1)Mađ (2)Madog
MereddithM?eddith (1)M?eddith (1)Maredudd
Morgan, Morgant, MorgauntMorgan (1)Morgaunt (1)Morgant (1), morgaunt (1)Morgan
Owen, OwynOwen (1)Owyn (1)Owein
ReesRees (3)Rees (1)Rees (1)Rhys
RicardusRicũs (2)Richard
RobertusRob?ti (3), Rob?tus (2)Robert
TegynTegyn (1)Tegyñ (1)Tegyn
ThomasThome (2), Thomas (1)Thomas
TudorTudr (2), Tudor (1)Tudr (1)Tudur

One man had five patronymic elements; since he is the only one to have more than three, adding two more columns to the table would make things harder to read, so I simply list his name here: the final two elements are not taken account in the table above: Thome ap Howell̃ ap Madoc ap Jevan ap eignon ap Mađ.

Non-patronymic byname elements

Standardized formMeaning0 gen.First gen. pat.Second gen. pat.Modern Welsh form
Baȝ'small'Baȝ (1)Bach
Bobyth'baker'Bobyth (1)Pobydd
Bromfelda place nameBromfeld (1)
Cotinghama place nameCotingham (1)
de Akynburyde Akynbury (1)
de Dudlestonde Dudleston (1)
de Estclushamde Estclusham (1)
de Marchwiellde Marchwhie{ll~} (1)de Marchwiell (1), de villa de Marchwhiell (1)de Marchwyell̃ (1), de villa de Marchwhiell (1)
de Ruyabonde Ruyaboñ (1)de villa de Ruyabon (1) de villa de Ruyabon (1)
de Wershullde villa de Wershull̃ (1)
Duy, Dwy'black'Duy (1), Dwy (1)Dwy (1)Du
Dylynnesr (1)
EdwardEdwarđ (1)
ElysElys (2)
Eytona place nameEyton (3), de villa de Eyton (1)
FilkynFilkyn (1)
Gethyn'swarthy'Gethyn (1)Gethyn
Gough, Goȝ'red'Gough (1), Goȝ (1)Goȝ (2)Coch
HalkynHalkyn (1)
Hanm? (1)
KynllethKynlleth (1)
Lloid'grey'lloid (3), lloit (1)lloid (1)Llwyd
Merforda place nameMerford (1)
Moile, Voyll'bald'Moile (1)voy{ll~} (1)Moel, Voel
RazRaz (1)
SalleySalley (1)
StanleyStanley (1)
SuttonSutton (1)
TailorTaillor (2), Tailor (1)
Tege'fair, beautiful'Tege (1)Teg
Thona'morose, sullen'Thona (2)Twna
Vaughan, Vichan'small'Vaughan (2), Vaugham (1), Vichan (1)Vaughan (1)Fychan
Vicar'vicar'Vicar̃ (1)
Wethe'left-handed, clumsy'Wethe (1)Chwith
Wyn'white, fair'Wyñ (1)Gwyn
YaleYale (1)

Variation of names

A handful of the men were recorded more than once. Because it is interesting to see how the same person's name could vary in the context of a single document, I am listing the full names of these people here.

Source: Archaeologia cambrensis, A Record of the Antiquities of Wales and its Marches, and the Journal of the Cambrian Archaelogical Association vol. III, (London: W. Pickering, 1847), pp. 66-68, 107-108.