Names of 14th and 15th C Goldsmiths from Barcelona

by Sara L. Uckelman
known in the SCA as Aryanhwy merch Catmael

© 2013 Sara L. Uckelman; all rights reserved
last updated 29Oct13

The following are the names of Catalan goldsmiths living in Barcelona in the 14th and 15th C, taken from p. 329 of de Dalmases Balañá. There are two lists; one of names from the 14th C, and one of names from the 14th-15th C. (There is a third list, from the 15th C, but I have only incomplete access to that list, since I am using a version of the book from googlebooks which omits some pages.) I am not entirely sure that my source used the original spellings of the names (in particular, some of the names have acute or grave accents, and these accents were in general not used the 14th and 15th C; as a result, I have omitted them). However, the spellings are certainly consistent with those found in other records from 15th C Barcelona and from Valencia in 1510, so I think that absent explicit evidence that the spellings are purely modern, they can be trusted.

Of the 141 men, 134 had one given name and one byname, 3 had two given names and one byname, 2 had a single given name with no byname, 1 had a byname with no given name, and 1 had two bynames with no given name.

Given names, by frequency

Pere1914th C, 14th-15th C
Jaume1114th C, 14th-15th C
Berenguer1014th C, 14th-15th C
Francesc1014th C, 14th-15th C
Joan1014th C, 14th-15th C
Bartomeu814th C, 14th-15th C
Guillem714th C, 14th-15th C
Abraham514th C
Arnau414th C, 14th-15th C
Bernat414th C, 14th-15th C
Jacob414th C
Andreu314th-15th C
Antoni314th C, 14th-15th C
Mateu314th C
Nicolau314th C, 14th-15th C
Jucef214th C
Llorenç214th C
Marc214th C, 14th-15th C
Miquel214th C
Simo214th C, 14th-15th C
Bonanat114th C
Bonuiba114th C
Bonuiha114th C
Coli114th C
Consoli114th C
Encius114th C
Felip114th C
G.114th CProbably Guillem.
Gabriel114th C
Genis114th C
Macia114th C
Marti114th-15th C
Mino114th C
Momet114th CIt is possible that this is a byname.
P.114th CProbably Pere.
Ponci114th C
Ramon114th C
Romeu114th-15th C
Salomo114th C
Samuel114th C
Texto114th C
Ximeno114th C

Bynames, alphabetically

Augusti114th C
Alegre114th C
Alforge114th C
Aranyo114th C
Avinardut114th C
Baldovi114th C
Barbut214th C
Baster114th C
de Bell-Lloc114th C
Bello114th C
Bellshom114th C
Berenguer114th C
Bertran214th C
Blanc114th C
Bleda314th C
Boniuha114th C
Bonsenyor114th C
Bugatell114th C
Burget114th C
de la Cambra214th C
Casals114th C
Castell114th C
de Castellar114th C
Cerces114th-15th C
Civada214th C
Clara114th C
Codina114th C
Coll114th C
de Coll214th C
de Comapregona114th C
Constanti114th-15th C
Costa114th-15th C
Cot114th C
Crinyan114th C
Duran214th-15th C
Eres114th C
Ferrer114th-15th C
des Feu414th C, 14th-15th Ctop. 'of the fire', probably referring to a forge.
de Font214th C
de Fornells114th C
Gabay214th C
Garcia114th Cpat.
Gili114th C
Gracia114th C
Granella114th C
Gualbes114th C
Gualter114th-15th Cpat.
Guerau114th C
Hospital114th C
Llaupart214th C
Llavança114th-15th C
Llobet114th C
Llopart114th C
de Lluna114th C
de Margens114th C
Martorell114th-15th C
Mauri114th C
Mir114th C
Moragues314th C, 14th-15th C
Morell114th C
Muntanyo114th C
de Namur114th C
Noguera114th-15th C
Oliva314th C
Oliver214th C, 14th-15th C
Oromir114th C
d'Orta114th C
Palomer114th C
Palomeres314th C, 14th-15th C
Patro114th C
Paulega114th C
Pere114th Cpat.
Pla114th C
de Pont114th-15th C
de Puig114th C
des Puig114th C
de Puiggros114th C
Raedor114th C
Ramon114th C
de Raxac114th C
Renardes114th C
Riba114th C
Roca114th C
Rovira114th C
Sabater114th C
Salort114th C
Sambres114th C
de Santo Martino114th C
Saragossa114th C
Sardanes114th-15th C
de Sayes114th C
de la Seca214th C
de Senis114th C
Sentbres114th C
Sobremut114th-15th C
Testurç114th-15th C
Tio114th-15th C
del Torrent114th C
Tria114th-15th C
Tries214th-15th C
de Trileis114th C
Trinya114th C
Tutxo314th C
Urgell114th C
Vaquer114th C
Venrell114th C
Vidal114th C
Viguer114th C
Vilardell414th C, 14th-15th C


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