Index of Scots names found in Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue: Nicholas

by Sara L. Uckelman
known in the SCA as Aryanhwy merch Catmael

© 2009-10 Sara L. Uckelman; all rights reserved
last updated 18Jul10

The following information is taken from the Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue, available online at This is a work in progress.

SpellingNumberDates & headers
Nicoll41513-4 (bunch); 1542 (birsyn); 1585 (brek); 1618 (bakman)
Colyn31484 (chanceler); 1510 (attechement, conȝe)
Nichol31471 (assigna, comptrollour); 1504 (battaling)
Nicol31488 (catale, commoun); 1597 (cousing)
Colin21470 (constitute); 1507 (dans)
Collin2c1550 (calp); 1551 (chefe)
Colyne21549-50 (calp); 1550 (cousing)
Nichole21406 (dame); 1569 (clippar)
Nicholl21496 (awand); 1557 (clath)
Nikky21473 (canves, chalmer)
Colene11584 (chanceler)
Coleyne11510 (barnis part)
Necoll11556 (catioun)
Nicholace11512 (cunȝe-)
Nicholas11526-7 (cuppill)
Nicole11603 (croce)
Nychole11418 (borow)
Nycholl11531 (almous-hous)