Index of Scots names found in Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue: Mary

by Sara L. Uckelman
known in the SCA as Aryanhwy merch Catmael

© 2009-10 Sara L. Uckelman; all rights reserved
last updated 18Jul10

The following information is taken from the Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue, available online at This is a work in progress.

SpellingNumberDates & headers
Marioun121546 (cavill); 1548 (cousinace); 1565 (brother-, brother dochter); 1585 (barmkin, casting); 1590 (clath); 1601 (cot-toun); 1602 (bla); 1622 (boitkin); 1623 (crag); 1625 (cole)
Marion51480 (cofe); 1496 (brok); 1562 (broder); 1614 (clath); 1650 (bunwed)
Marioune41444 (complain); 1492 (dam); 1516 (blude-, chargeles)
Marie31555 (awand); 1565 (cusines); 1584 (cusines)
Marione31497 (curatour); 1499 (chalange); 1638 (child)
Mareoun21529 (croft); 1566 (barn-brekar)
Mare11558 (dalphin)
Mareoune11618 (busking)
Mary11567 (consavit)
Marye11568 (busker)
Merione11547 (amerciat)