Index of Scots names found in Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue: Christine

by Sara L. Uckelman
known in the SCA as Aryanhwy merch Catmael

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last updated 18Jul10

The following information is taken from the Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue, available online at This is a work in progress.

SpellingNumberDates & headers
Cristiane101275 (couper); 1478 (bas); 1482 (circumvene); 1502 (causar); 1508 (betwix); 1517 (conjunct); 1531-2 (bandoun); 1555 (clour); 1622 (dagmaker); 1629 (commoun wele)
Christan21575 (carl); 1577 (dansar)
Christane21588 (circumscriptioun); 1597 (chekin)
Christen11604 (chanré)
Christian11633 (chop)
Christiane11647 (brewster)
Cristane11596 (cruke)
Cristen11618 (chape)
Cristene11587 (cheld)
Cristian11602 (courschet)