Polish Feminine Given Names, 1600-1650

by Sara L. Friedemann (Aryanhwy merch Catmael)

© 2003 Sara L. Friedemann; all rights reserved

The following is a list of feminine given names from volume two of Józef Bubak's Nazwiska ludnośsci dawnego starostwa nowotarskiego. This two volume set (of which I currently only have access to volume two) is a work on Polish surnames. Most of the entries have variant spellings listed along with the dates when they occurred; some of these entries also contain given names. I have extracted all of the feminine given names found between 1600 and 1650 (alas, there are none earlier) and collected them here.

Most of these names are recorded in Polish, though some of them are in Latin and their endings reflect this. These Latin forms are appropriate for written contexts only; the spoken Polish form is sometimes significantly different.

I have tried to identify all of the inflected forms found in this list. They are in italics. These inflected forms are not alternate spellings; I have listed them here simply to show the dates they were in use. I have organized the names by alphabetical order. Each name is listed with the dates it is found, as well as the header under which it is found.

Feminine Names

Agnes1642, 1645, 1657 (Sutor)Latin?
     Agnethem1629 (Sutor)Latinaccusative
Anna1618 (Skotkowic(z))Polish, Latin
     Anną1618 (Skotek)Polishinstrumental
     Anny1603 (Tomuś), 1618 (Skotek), 1618 (Skotkowic(z))Polishgenitive
Barbara1639 (Smereczek)Polish
Dorotha1618 (Pyz(a))Polish
Gertruda1620 (Strama)Polish
Hedwigis1616 (Pietrek), 1616 (Piotrkowic(z))Latinform of Jadwiga
Jadwiga1612 (Pietrek), 1612 (Piotrkowic(z))Polish
     Jadwigi1616 (Pietrek), 1641 (Rzezakowski)Polishgenitive
     Jadwidze1642 (Rzezakowski)Polishdative
     Jadwigę1642 (Rzezakowski)Polishaccusative
Katarzina1610 (Zachemski)Polish
     Katarziny1608 (Skórka)Polishgenitive
Katharzina1613 (Zachemski)Polish
Regina1620 (Żaczek), 1638 (Suchy)Latin, Polish?
Sopianka1629 (Wolowaty)Polish?this may be a diminutive of Zophia
Zophia1616 (Sztylowski)Polish

Source: Bubak, Józef, Nazwiska ludności dawnego starostwa nowotarskiego. Wroclaw, Zkal. Narod. im Ossolińskich, 1970-