Jewish Given Names Found in
Les Noms Des Israélites en France

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The following is a list of the given names found in the index to Paul Lévy's Les Noms Des Israélites en France. Not all of the names are French; there are a number of names from German sources, as well as a scattering of Italian and Spanish names. In general, the culture of the name can be determined from the full citation of the name. Below are the links to the tables listing the given names. Clicking on any name will bring you to a page that lists the variant forms of the name, as well as the dates found, the headers found under, and the full citation where the name was found.

Many of the names are identified in the index simply as a Paris, a Strasbourg, or in a similar fashion. These phrases are not a part of the name as actually recorded; rather, they are an editorial addition added by the author when compiling the book, used to list the city or region that the name was found. I am in the process of separating out these editorial phrases, and listing the place of origin of the record in a separate field in the tables. Also, note that most of the accents can be assumed to be modern editorial editions by the author.

Masculine Names A-B Masculine Names C-H
Masculine Names I-M Masculine Names N-Z
Feminine Names A-Z


Lévy, Paul, Les Noms des Israélites en France: Histoire et Dictionnaire., (Paris: Presses Universitaires de France, 1960)