Fifteenth Century Venetian Masculine Names: Family Names Alphabetically

by Sara L. Uckelman
known in the SCA as Aryanhwy merch Catmael

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last updated 14Oct04

Family nameNumberNotes
Barbo1descriptive, origin uncertain. Fucilla, p.51, suggests that the most common origin is a northern word for 'uncle', but notes that it could also derive from barba 'beard' or balbo 'stutterer'. McKee has Barbo as both a given name and byname.
Basadona1One Gioan Basadona is mentioned in a letter written in 1538.
Bembo3patronymic; possible from Benedetto.
Bon1patronymic from a Venetian form of Bono.
Bragadin3patronymic; McKee has the given name Bragadino.
Canal1locative, 'from the canal'. The second most common surname in Venice.
Capello4occupational, for a hat-maker.
Cigogna1the surname of the 88th doge.
Contarini10locative, from Contarina, 25 miles S of Venice.
Dolfin1patronymic, from a pet form of some name like Adolfo, Gandolfo, etc.
Donado1patronymic, from Donado.
Falieri1apparently occupational. Marin Falier was doge 1354-55.
Garzoni2possibly patronymic from an augmentative form of Garzia.
Gustignian/Justinian1patronymic. The final n marks this a Venetian form.
Lion1patronymic, from Lion.
Loredan3possibly locative, from Loreo, 20 miles S of Venice. The final n marks this as a typical Venetian name.
Malipiero4patronymic. The name is a compound of Marini and Piero, with the r shifting to l [De Felice Cognomi s.n. Marini].
Michiel1patronymic, from Michiel.
Molin1locative, from a Venetian word for 'mill'.
Moresini1A variant of Morosini.
Moro3patronymic, from Moro.
Morosini1patronymic, from Morosino. The name was borne by a noble family that provided four doges.
Pasqualigo1patronymic, from a Venetian form of Pasquale.
Priuli1descriptive, from a Venetian word for 'prior'.
Salamon1patronymic, from Salamon.
Soranzo3descriptive or patronymic, a shortened form of Superanzo or Superancio 'excellent, superabundant', also used as a given name.
Trevisan3locative, from Treviso, a city 20 miles NNW of Venice.
Venier1patronymic from a Venetian form of Venerio. One of Venice's important noble families bore this surname from the 11th century.
Vitturi1probably patronymic from Vittorio.
Zen1patronymic, from a Venetian shortening of Zeno.
Zorzi1patronymic, from Zorzi.