Names from an Early 16th C Census of Rome: Household Names

by Sara L. Uckelman
known in the SCA as Aryanhwy merch Catmael

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The following are names of households taken from a census of Rome during the pontificate of Leo X (1513-1521).

Household Names by Type

A number of households or other organizations of people were taxed in the census as well; these households were referred to by various designators, including casa 'house', Compagnia 'company', hostaria, which I believe is a cognate of or related to English 'hostel', and taverna 'tavern'. Some of the groups of people were described by a combination of the two, e.g., casa de la Compagnia... 'house of the company...'. I have organized the household names according to their substantive elements, by type.

Religious references (both Christian and secular)

casa de la Consolatione'house of the Consolation'
casa de la Minerva'house of Minerva'
compagnia de la Nuntiata'company of the Annunciation' (?)
casa de la Religion de Rodi'house of the religion of Rhodes'
casa de la Compagnia de sta Maria de Montessera'house of the Company of Saint Mary of Montessera'
casa de la Compagnia de sto Michaele Angelo di Borgo'house of the Company of Saint Michaelangelo of Borgo'
Compagnia de sto Michaele Angelo di Borgo'Company of Saint Michaelangelo of Borgo'

References to families/family names

hospitale de li Anglesi'hospital of the Anglesi family'
casa de li Barberiny'house of the Barberiny family'
casa de li Iacobati'house of the Iacobati family'

Names based on heraldic charges or inn signs

hostaria de la Cicogna'hostaria of the stork'
casa del Confalone'house of the banner'
casa de la compagnia de lo Confalone'house of the company of the banner'
compagnia del Confalone'company of the banner'
hostaria de la Coppa'hostaria of the cup'
hostaria de la Corona'hostaria of the crown'
taverna del Diamante'tavern of the diamond'
hostaria del Falcone'hostaria of the falcon'
hostaria de la Fontana'hostaria of the fountain'
hostaria del Gallo'hostaria of the cock'
hostaria de la Rosa'hostaria of the rose'
hostaria de la Scallaprobably 'hostaria of the scale'
hostaria del Sole'hostaria of the sun'
hostaria de la Vaca'hostaria of the cow'
hostaria de la Vacca'hostaria of the cow'

Unknown, uncertain, & miscellaneous

hostaria a la Bundantiaprobably 'hostaria of the abundance'


Mariano Armellini, Un censimento della città di Roma sotto il pontificato di Leone X. Tratto da un codice inedito dell'archivio Vaticano, (Rome: Tipografia di Roma del cav. Alessandro Befani, 1882).