Names from Arezzo, Italy, 1386-1528

by Sara L. Friedemann (Aryanhwy merch Catmael)

© 2003 Sara L. Friedemann; all rights reserved
last updated 09Jun03


The following are names of 271 chief financial officials (camarlinghi generali in Italian) of Arezzo in Italy between 1386 and 1528. Arezzo is located in the eastern side of Tuscany, about 80 km from Florence, 65 km from Siena, and 25 km from Cortona.

Presentation of data

The data are presented in four different lists below. The given names are in the first two lists, first by frequency, and then alphabetically. Following that is a list, alphabetical only, of the family names. Lastly, there is a list, ordered by date, of all the full names as recorded.

Naming patterns

More than half of the given names are found only once. All men listed here had only one given name, but beyond that, name construction was somewhat complex; this may be a result of the fairly high standing that these men had in society.

Virtually all of the men were identified immediately with a literal patronymic, of the form di <father's name>. Their fathers were then identified either with a literal patronmic of their own or a family name. The following show the percentages of people with the different types of constructions.

The code for the following list is:

g = given name
d = di
f = family name
x = descriptive (see below)

So the string 'gdgdgf' would indicate men who were identified by a single given name, their father's name, their grandfather's name, and their granfather's family name, e.g. Niccolò di Michele di Vanni Castellani, 'Niccolò, son of Michele, son of Vanni of the Castellani family'.

gdgdgf14553.5%Niccolò di Michele di Vanni Castellani
gdgf7828.7%Filippo di Franco Sacchetti
gdgdgdgf103.7%Bartolomeo di Giovanni di Piero di Bartolomeo Scodellari
gdgfx62.2%Bonamico di Leonardo Tei corazzaio
gdgx51.8%Guerrante di Iacopo ritagliatore
gdgdg51.8%Niccolò di Giovanni di Vezzano
gdgdgx51.8%Fantone di Antonio di Fantone vinattiere
gdgdgdg41.4%Tommaso di Matteo di ser Luca di Panzano
gdgdgfx2.7%Marco di Iacopo di Iacopo del Zacheria coltriciaio

While the pattern gdgdgf is the most common overall, it is actually fairly rare in the first half of the period covered. In this earlier half, the pattern gdgf is more common.


Some of the men's ancestors were recorded with a further descriptive which in most cases looks to be a type of occupation. These are not to be considered as part of the person's name; however, since they appear in the collected raw data below, I have listed them here. The translations were supplied by Viviana Castelli.

armaioloworker in weapons
coltriciaioquiltmaker, one who makes bedding
corazzaioplate-armour maker
lastraioloflag-stone worker
linaiolodealer in linen cloth
maestromaster (of a guild)
ritagliatoreretailer of wool cloth
vinattierewine dealer

Lastly, some men are recorded with one of two further titles, ser 'sir' and messer 'mister.'

Given Names

The presence of many three-generation names provides further information on the naming practices within families. Of the three- and four-generation names, roughly 56 of the 185 of the men are named after their grandfathers. Some examples include Pero di Lorenzo di Pero Peri 1517 'Pero son of Lorenzo son of Pero Peri' and Giovanni di Bartolomeo di Giovanni Baroncini 1509 'Giovanni son of Bartolomeo son of Giovanni Baroncini'.

The lists

Given Names - by frequency
Given Names - alphabetically

Family Names - alphabetically

Raw Data - by date