Names from Paris, 1408-1449

by Sara L. Uckelman
known in the SCA as Aryanhwy merch Catmael

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last updated 11Sep13

The following names are extracted from the Journal de Paris entries from 1408 to 1449 (coverning the reigns of Charles VI and VII) as recorded in Memoires pour servir a l'histoire de France et de Bourgogne, pp. 1-208. I have provided four lists: feminine given names, alphabetically; masculine given names, alphabetically; alphabetically; bynames, alphabetically; and household names, alphabetically.

Feminine given names, alphabetically

Agnez1429, 1448
Jehanne1429-1431, 1442
Katerine1420, 1431
Ysabel1431, 1435

Masculine given names, alphabetically

Andry1413, 1414
Anthoine1411, 1413
Charles1413, 1415, 1420, 1422, 1424, 1431, 1433, 1434, 1436, 1437, 1440, 1441, 1444, 1446
Colin1413, 1417
Colinet1411, 1413, 1436
Denis1440, 1441, 1444, 1447
Denisot1413, 1421
Edouart1412, 1413
Enguerran1411, 1414, 1418
Estienne1415, 1417, 1425
Gilles1418, 1432
Guillaume1413-1415, 1417-1419, 1426, 1429-1432, 1447
Henry1413, 1418, 1420, 1422, 1430, 1431, 1433, 1435, 1436, 1438
Hugues1420, 1432, 1434
Jacques1411-1413, 1418, 1426, 1427, 1437, 1444
Jean1412, 1413
Jehan1409, 1413-1416, 1418-1422, 1429, 1430, 1436, 1437, 1440, 1441, 1444, 1446, 1448
Louys1413, 1417
Loys1413, 1422
Nicolle1415, 1426, 1427
Philippe1415, 1420, 1421, 1432
Pierre1409, 1411, 1413-1415, 1418, 1421, 1427, 1429, 1436, 1444, 1447
Remon1418, 1429, 1436
Richart1429, 1431
Robert1411, 1415, 1418, 1432
Symmonet1413, 1417
Tanneguy1413, 1414, 1418Breton.
Vincent1419, 1429

Bynames, alphabetically

When alphabetizing, initial prepositions have been omitted. I found one three element name, a given name followed by two locatives.

d'Allee1429loc. from an uncertain place.
l'Amy1426desc. from OFr ami from Lat. Amicus 'beloved'.
l'Archer1419, 1436occ. from OFr archier 'archer'.
d'Armignac1418loc. from Armagnac, a county in Gascony.
d'Ausserre1415, 1419loc. from Auxerre (Yonne).
Baille1427occ. from OFr bail(le) 'governor, guardian'.
Baillet1418occ. from a dim. of Baille (q.v.).
de Bar1418loc. from any of various places named Bar.
dit le Beau1418desc. 'called the beautiful', from OFr bel, beau
de Belloy1415, 1436loc. from any of various places named Belloy.
le Berger1431desc. from OFr berger 'shepherd'.
Bertran1418pat. from Bertran(d).
de Betencourt1409loc. from any of various places named Bethancourt or the like.
du Bois1411top. from OFr bois 'wood, forest'.
de Bonpre1415loc. from an unidentified place.
de Bonpuis1417loc. from an unidentified place.
Bourdon1417either desc. or met. from OFr bourdon 'pilgrim's staff', either for a pilgrim or for someone who makes bourdons, or from OFr bourdonne 'buzz', for someone who sounds like a bee when he talks.
de Bournonville1411loc. from Bournonville (P-de-C).
du Boys1417top. from OFr bois 'wood, forest'.
de Braquemont1418loc. from Bracquemont (S-M).
de Breban1415loc. from Brabant (Belgium), Brabant-en-Argonne (Meuse), Brabant-le-Roi (Meuse), Brabant-sur-Meuse (Meuse), or Brébant (Marne).
de Brey1411loc. from any of various places named Bray(e) or Brey(e).
de Brie1413loc. from any of various places named Brie.
Caboche1413desc. from a Norman-Picard form of cabosse, from bosse 'hump', used in the sense of 'head' + the perjorative prefix ca.
des Champs1429top. from OFr champs 'fields'.
Charetier1447loc. from OFr charretier 'carter, wagoner'.
de Chartres1418loc. from Chartres (E-et-L, I-et-V).
du Chastel1413, 1414, 1418, 1422top. from OFr chastel 'chateau, castle'.
de Clamecy1418, 1432loc. from Clémencey (C-d'Or) or Clémency (Ardennes).
le Cler1437desc. from OFr cler 'clear, bright'.
de Cobie1413loc. from an unidentified place.
le Coq1420desc. from OFr coc 'cock'.
le Cordelier1431occ. from OFr cordelier 'lace- or cord-maker'.
Courtecuisse1420, 1421desc. from OFr court(e) 'short' + cuisse 'thigh', for someone with short legs.
de Craon1411loc. from Craon (May).
Crete1444desc. from OFr crete 'peak', a symbol of pride in reference to the crest of a cock.
des Croustez1436perhaps a deriv. of MFr crouste 'crust'.
Cyrasse1418a form of Cirasse (q.v.).
de Dampierre1429loc. from any number of places called Dampierre, an especially common place name in the north of France.
Discret1429desc. from OFr discret 'discreet'.
Dole1421loc. from Dole (Jura) or desc. from a deriv. of doler 'sorrow, grieve, regret'.
l'Empereur1417desc. from OFr empereur 'emperor'. Borne by the 'Gardes des coffres du Roy'.
de l'Esclat1418uncertain. Perhaps related to OFr esclat 'glory, renown'.
d'Esparnon1414loc. from Epernon (E-et-L).
d'Espernon1412, 1413loc. from Epernon (E-et-L).
des Essars1409, 1411, 1413top. from OFr essart 'essart'.
des Essarts1409, 1413top. from OFr essart 'essart'.
d'Estouville1446loc. perhaps from Étoutteville (Seine-Mar) or Estouteville-Écalles (Seine-Mar).
de Favieres1425loc. from Favières (E-et-L, M-et-M, S-et-L) or La Favière (Jura).
Foucault1430, 1440pat. from Ger Folchard.
Frallon1426, 1427desc. from a dim. of OFr fragon 'laurel, butcher's broom'.
de Fromonville1427, 1428loc. from Fromonville (S-et-M).
la Gajant1418a var. of Gaiant (q.v.).
Gas1422a variant of either the place name Gars (E-et-L, I-et-V) or the desc. Gasc 'Gascon'.
de Gaucourt1411loc. perhaps from Gaucourt, Hargicourt.
Gaude1418pat. from Gaudo, Waudo.
Gencien1413pat. from Lat. Gentian.
du Gibet1413top. from the gibet in Paris.
le Gouays1413unidentified.
le Grant Augustin1411desc. 'the grand Augustinian'.
de Grantrue1414, 1436top. from OFr grant 'grand, large' + rue 'road'.
de Grinquos1414loc. from an unidentified place.
de la Guerre1418, 1436a deriv. from guerre 'war'; the exact sense is uncertain.
Jamelin1448a dim. of Norman jamel 'cord, cable', probably for someone who makes or sells such.
Jouvenel1444desc. from a dim. of Provencal jouve 'young'.
de Labrait1415loc. from an unidentified place.
de Lalier1436loc. from an unidentified place.
Lamben1418pat. from a dim. of Lambert.
de Langre1436loc. from Langres (H-Marne).
de Lestre1413loc. from Lestre (Manche).
de Lolive1441loc. from an unidentified place.
Lore1446loc. from Loré (Orne) or desc. from oré 'golden'.
Lormoy1419loc. from any of various places called Lormais or Lormée.
de Louviers1414loc. from any of various places called Louvièr(e)(s).
de Lunay1437loc. from Lunay (L-et-Ch).
de Luxembourg1430loc. from Luxembourg.
le Maçon1418occ. from OCFr masson, maçon 'mason'.
de Malconquat1418loc. from an unidentified place.
Marc1429pat. from Marc.
Marcel1414pat. from a dim. of Marc.
Marchant1413, 1414occ. from OFr marchand, marchëant 'merchant, trader'.
Mariette1447mat. from a dim. of Marie.
de Marle1413, 1418, 1436loc. from Marle (Aisne).
du Mesnil1420loc. from any of various places named Le Ménil, Les Ménils, Les Mesneux, Le Mesnil, etc.
de Montagu1409, 1413loc. from any of various places named Montaigu(t)
de Montaigu1412a var. of de Montagu (q.v.).
Morhier1422, 1438uncertain, perhaps a southern variant of morier, a variant of mûrier 'mulberry'.
de Morvillier1421, 1432loc. from any of various places named Mor(i)vill(i)er(s).
des Moulins1440, 1441, 1444, 1447loc. from any of various places named Moulin or Moulins, or top. from moulin 'mill'.
Nepveu1417desc. from MFr nepveu 'nephew'.
de Neufville1436loc. from any of various places named Neu(f)ville.
de Neuville1429a variant of de Neufville (q.v.).
Oger1413, 1414pat. from Ger Odgar.
d'Orgremont1415, 1421loc. from Orgemont (Meux, Cerny).
Paris1418, 1436loc. from Paris or pat. from Paris.
Perquin1416uncertain; perhaps a deriv. of perque 'perch'
Petitmeny1413a variant of Petitmesnil (q.v.).
Petitmesnil1413top. from OFr petit 'small' + mesnil 'isolated rural house'.
Pidoye1415desc. from piz d'oë, pidoë 'goose breast'.
Pie1432desc. from OFr pie 'magpie, crow'.
de Pisex1411loc. from Peseux (Jura), Piseux (Eure), or Pizieux (Sarthe).
de Pisieux1413loc. from Peseux (Jura), Piseux (Eure), or Pizieux (Sarthe).
la Poucelle1430desc. from AN puscele, MFr pucele 'girl, maiden'. A reference to Joan of Arc.
Poupart1418desc. from a der. of poupet 'puppet, doll'.
du Pre1415top. from OFr pre 'meadow'.
le Prestre1436occ. from OFr prestre 'priest'.
la pucelle1431desc. from AN puscele, MFr pucele 'girl, maiden'. A reference to Joan of Arc
la Pucelle1431desc. from AN puscele, MFr pucele 'girl, maiden'. A reference to Joan of Arc
Ragnier1418pat. from OFr Regnier, Ger Raginhari.
Rappiot1432, 1434unidentified.
Regnault1444pat. from OFr Regnaut, Ger Raginwald.
de Rivel1420top. from a dim. of OFr rive 'river bank'.
de la Riviere1412, 1413top. from OFr riviere 'river'.
de la Rochelle1431loc. from La Rochelle (C-Mar).
de Roubres1422loc. from an unidentified place.
Rousseau1437desc. from rossel, russel, a dim. of OFr rous 'red, russet-haired or -faced'.
de Saintraille1431loc. from an unidentified place.
de Saintyon1413loc. from Saint Yon (S-et-O).
Sanguin1429, 1432desc. from OFr sanguin 'blood'.
Sarazin1412desc. from OFr sarrasin 'Saracen'.
de Saulx1438loc. from any of various places named Saulx.
de Spire1413top. from OFr spire 'spire'.
Syrasse1417a var. of Cirasse (q.v.).
de Ternant1436loc. from Ternant (C-d'Or, C-Mar).
Tirasse1414uncertain, perhaps a var. of Cirasse (q.v.).
de Tourraine1426loc. from an unidentified place.
de Troyes1413loc. from Troyes (Aube).
de Tuillieres1411, 1418loc. possibly from Thuillière (Vosges).
de la Vallee1421top.\ from OFr vallee 'valley'.
de Valois1431loc. from the county of Valois.
de Vauru1421loc. from any of various places named Va(o)ur(e).
de Vienne1423loc. from Vienne.
la Voiriere1442occ. from voirrier 'carrier'.
de Vry1416loc. from Vry (Mos).

Names of households, hostels, castles, and companies, alphabetically

Ostel d'Anjou1431
Ostel d'Arminac1425
Compaignie des Arminaz1411
Ostel d'Artois1413
Chastel de Beaumont1422
Chastel de Beaute1448
Ostel des Bourgeois1436
Compaignie de Berry & Bourgongne1413
Ostel de Bourbon1415, 1432
Hôtel de Bourbon1418
Chastel la Chasse1429
Hostellerie du Cocq & du Paon1441
Chastel de Craiul1434
Chastel Croissy1419
Chastel de Dampmartin1438
maison Dannette1431
Ostel au Duc de Bourgogne1425
Ostel du Duc de Bourgogne1424
Chastel de l'Isle-Adam1427
Chastel du Louvre1422
Ostel du Mareschal1427
maison Maurepas1432
Chasteau de Meullant1421
Chastel de Montereau1438
Chastel le Motis1446
Hostel de Nelle1422
Chastel d'Oursay1421
Chastel Ourville1438
Hostel a Paris1421
Ost du Roy1417
Ostel du Roy1412, 1413, 1418
Ostel du Roy de France1409
Confrairie S. Andry1418
Chasteau S. Anthoine1418
Chastel S. Anthoine1415, 1441
Chastel de S. Anthoine1413
Chastel de S. Germain1438
Confrairie de S. Laurent1413
Ostel S. Paul1434
Ostel de S. Paul1431
Chastel de saint Anthoine1412
Hostel de saint Paul1413
Chastel de Sansserre1412
Compaignie de la Soixantaine de Paris d'Arbalestriers & d'Archiers1425
Ostel des Tournelles1431, 1441
Ostel de la Trimoullie1408
Ostel dudit de Troyes1413
Ostel de la Ville1427, 1431
Chastel d'Yvry la-Chausse1423
Chastel d'Yvry-la-Chaussee1424


Memoires pour servir a l'histoire de France et de Bourgogne, two volumes, ed., Louis-François-Joseph de La Barre,