Names Found in Commercial Documents from Bordeaux, 1470-1520

by Aryanhwy merch Catmael (Sara L. Friedemann), with assistance from Talan Gwynek (Brian M. Scott)

© renewed 2010, 2011 Sara L. Uckelman
© 1999-2003 Sara L. Friedemann; all rights reserved
last updated 11Apr11


The source for these names is Documents pour servir à l'histoir du commerc des Pays-Bas avec la France jusqu'à 1585: Tome II Actes notariès Bordeaux 1470-1520. The majority of the people found in these documents are witnesses (témoin), merchants (marchand), servants (serviteur), or sailors (marin). Of the 2100 names found in the index, Jehan and its variants are by far the most popular, accounting for 24% of the names. Virtually all the people found here are men, with only a handful of women being mentioned.

Not all of the names found in the documents are French; there are also Italian, Dutch, and Spanish names. I have grouped the names here first by gender, then by culture, and then by name alphabetically, with variants and diminutive forms all collected together.

Note: I have not yet completed the analysis the names in this article, though all variant forms should now be listed under the correct header form.


Name Notes
Barbara from the Greek barbaros, 'stranger.'
      Barbe de Mallelville
Bartonne etymology uncertain
      Bartonne Dartes
Bidonne etymology uncertain
      Bidonne Filhou
Clare from the Latin clara, 'bright, clear.'
      Clare Dedoigne
Conthor etymology uncertain
      Conthor Snard also found as Senard.
Isabel French form of the Hebrew name Elizabeth.
      Yzabé Bertaud
Jehanne feminine of Jehan.
      Jehanne Delamygne also found as Delamye, Lamygne.
      Jehanne Desaintcric

Name Notes
Maria from the Hebrew Mary, 'bitter.'
      Marie Lopes de Victory


NameNumber/VariantsDates Notes
Adrian from the Latin Hadrianus.
Adrian Degarcos
Adrian Delat
Adrian Delat also found as Delayt
Adrien Livin
Alain from the Breton Alan.
Alain Bachelier
Alain Chassier
Alain Gorio
Alain Gulden
Alain Hervé
Alain Largan also found as Alargan.
Alain le Taro
Alain Leconig
Alain Lecroisic
Alain Ledret
Alain Legavre
Alain Monic
Alain Moric
Alain Roullaud
Alexandre from the Greek Alexander.
Alexandre Boet
Alphonse, Alfonso
Alonce de Lizane also found as Lezana, Lisanne.
Alonce Debourgues also found as Deburgues.
Alonce Decorroal
Alonce Delalo
Alonce Pardo
Alphonce Decorroal
Alphonce Delisane also found as Lysanne.
Aluncio Desalines
Amand from the Latin Amandus.
Amand Robert
Amaniou, Amanyou from the Latin Amenevus, in turn from the Germanic Amano.
Amaniou David
Amaniou Estene
Amanyou de Caudeyran
Amanyou Despargey
Ambroys from the Latin Ambrosius.
Ambroys Luceau
André from the Greek Andreas; Andrieu and Andriu are southern forms.
André Carre
André de Garmin
André de la Panse
André de Maurommet
André Debetloc
André Delahaye
André Dethoailhe
André Estochait
André Goutieres
André Guilhot
André Jourdain
Andrian Stoard
Andrieu Decoste
Andriu de Bonnevinhe also found as André.
Anraud, Anrault etymology uncertain
Anraud Rody also found as Rodier.
Anrault Forbey
Anthoine Corat
Anthoine Alosse
Anthoine Barchiere
Anthoine Beuf
Anthoine Corrolleur
Anthoine Crosilhes
Anthoine Cruze
Anthoine Daressy
Anthoine de la Tappie
Anthoine Decastetnau
Anthoine Defrictz
Anthoine Delbailles also found as Dalbaylhe.
Anthoine Delpuy
Anthoine Denageres also found as Denagera, Denaseres.
Anthoine Depardiac
Anthoine Derbaille
Anthoine Dulaby
Anthoine Ebrard l'Aisné
Anthoine Estienne
Anthoine Guibert
Anthoine Herisson
Anthoine Jehan
Anthoine Laurens
Anthoine Lopes de Villeneuve
Anthoine Melis
Anthoine Mosnier
Anthoine Olivier
Anthoine Picolet also found as Picholet.
Anthoine Vignault
Anthoinne Delajoenie deyt Fijac
Anthoinne Deslannes
Anthoinne Moscaillou
Anthoinne Parenchieres
Anthoinne Ribault
Anthoni Defries
Anthonio Ribes
Anthony Ataus
Anthony Belser also found as Belzer.
Anthony Debailliadolit
Anthony Gerbier
Anthony Lebalacon
Anthoyne Belzea
Anthoyne Cassaing
Anthoyne Chaty
Anthoyne Dartes
Anthoyne Delescous
Anthoyne Duc also found as le Duc.
Anthoyne Farquet
Anthoyne Galteroti
Anthoyne Hebeard
Anthoyne Vachier
Armel from the Latin Armagilus.
Armel Lesignart
Arnald Bon
Arnald Debracau de Saint-Maixent
Arnaldo Degaripaud
Arnaldo Delabedan
Arnaldo Deucamin also found as Deuchemyn.
Arnaud Coustau
Arnaud de Lesperon
Arnaud de Marinaio
Arnaud Debonnouel
Arnaud Decaupena also found as Decaupene.
Arnaud Decclaus
Arnaud Decorn
Arnaud Dejossas
Arnaud Delabarta
Arnaud Delalanne
Arnaud Delaronde
Arnaud Delorrete also found as Delorrette, Delorriete.
Arnaud Desaugues
Arnaud Devarenes
Arnaud Diegue
Arnaud Drics
Arnaud Faure
Arnaud Foca dit Liborno
Arnaud Fraymant
Arnaud Geuilhem Deveuze
Arnaud Gorloan
Arnaud Guilhem Deburgans
Arnaud Guilhem Depegnet
Arnaud Guilhem Depuy also found as Delpuy, Deuypuy.
Arnaud Poysson
Arnaud Richard
Arnauld Constans
Arnauld de Aisse
Arnauld de Campene
Arnauld de Compines
Arnauld de Guilhelm Blanc
Arnauld de Guilhem
Arnauld de Laurette
Arnauld Debehic
Arnauld Decapdeville
Arnauld Delasque
Arnauld Demaisoneufve
Arnauld Demonouq
Arnauld Dupech also found as Depuech.
Arnauld Dupuy
Arnauld Guilhem Debordenave also found as Debordeneve.
Arnauld Guilhem Dupojau
Arnauld Raymon also found as Ramon.
Arnault Coloin
Arnault Amaniou
Arnault Boils also found as Boyl.
Arnault Custau
Arnault de Lavilla
Arnault Decastera also found as Deucastera.
Arnault Degerb also found as Degerbier.
Arnault Delalande
Arnault Delavie
Arnault Delefont
Arnault Delestona
Arnault Dutilh
Arnault Dutit
Arnault Gassies
Arnault Guilhelm Dupuy
Arnault Guilhem Delcasso also found as Ducasso.
Arnault Leclerc
Arnault Vesin
Arnaulton Daubigne
Arnaut Delescala also found as Delescale.
Arnaut Depuy also found as Dupuy.
Arnaut Fort
Arnautin Blanc
Arnautin Duvigne
Arnoldo Angnau
Arnoldo Deunoguey
Arnoul Duvergier
Ascoet from the Breton Hoiarnscoet, Harnscoed, 'iron + shield.'
Ascoet Larger
Audet from the French ouiseau, 'bird.'
Audet Debaitet
Augier from the Low Germanic Adalgarius.
Auge Palrchony
Augerot Derin
Augier Degarat
Augier Dellamaison
Augier Depradines
Augier Devidart
Baltasar Micheu
Baltasar Miqueu
Balthasar Faure
Balthazar Dupuy
Bartholomé Degos also found as Deguos.
Bartholomé Delataste
Barthome Darrauson
Barthome Devayres
Barthomié Violete
Bertholomele Palegeau
Berthomeu de Duizande also found as Duzarde, Diazande, Daizande.
Berthomiou Bourgade also found as Bertholmieu, de Bourgade.
Berthomme Demarssan
Berthomme Dosidane
Berthomye de Garrauld
Ertolomeum Deubalanguey
Basilles from the Greek Basileus.
Basilles Heault
Baudichon Barbier also found as Baudouin.
Baudinot Comyn
Baudinot Milon
Benedict from the Latin Benedictus.
Benedict de Villanova
Benedit Devillenave
Berdot Damau
Berdot Demau
Berenger from the Germanic BER(EN) + GARI.
Beringuier Delonguesaigue
Bernard from the Germanic BERN + HARD.
Berard Jameroty
Bernard Arnauld
Bernard Barriere
Bernard Camus
Bernard Chaluet
Bernard Cochamy
Bernard Compaing
Bernard Damect
Bernard de Bordiele
Bernard de Grateloup
Bernard de la Corneyra also found as Delecorneyre.
Bernard de Latrilhe
Bernard de Marquejusan
Bernard de Mauries
Bernard Debadet also found as Dabradet.
Bernard Debareras de Saint-Michel
Bernard Debonnoel
Bernard Debonouel also found as Debonnoel.
Bernard Debordenave
Bernard Decamarssac
Bernard Deforcade
Bernard Dehiriart also found as Dhiriart, Dehiriarc.
Bernard Delabatut
Bernard Delaborde
Bernard Delariou
Bernard Delatape also found as Delatappe.
Bernard Delemville
Bernard Demnvielle
Bernard Denouel
Bernard Depleges
Bernard Depodemps
Bernard Depoyo also found as Depuyo.
Bernard Deprat
Bernard Desanos
Bernard Desaurs
Bernard Desguye
Bernard Desguyen
Bernard Desosville
Bernard Deuclave also found as Deuclavey, Duclave.
Bernard Deucos
Bernard Deuport
Bernard Deverteilh also found as Devertulh.
Bernard Duboeix
Bernard Dubois
Bernard Duborg
Bernard Duboys
Bernard Dupuch
Bernard Dupuy dit de Taudon
Bernard Dupuyau
Bernard Dutilh
Bernard Faures
Bernard Fort
Bernard Frescorbaldi
Bernard Garrigues
Bernard Gros
Bernard Hotier
Bernard Lely
Bernard Olier
Bernard Rey
Bernard Symon
Bernardin Avya
Bernardino Bonvisy
Bernart Dufleys also found as Deufleys.
Bernuy Vinahus
Bertrand from the Romance BERHT + RABAN
Bertram Deudebat
Bertran Deuprich
Bertran Deupuy
Bertran Trossilh also found as Detrossilh.
Bertrand Bertault
Bertrand Dabbadia
Bertrand Decastilhon
Bertrand Defaure
Bertrand Defortache
Bertrand Delaco
Bertrand Delafite
Bertrand Delaiz
Bertrand Denzeau
Bertrand Donzeau
Bertrand du Jouix
Bertrand Dufousse dit de Pascense
Bertrand Dupont
Bertrand Dupuy
Bertrand Durand
Bertrand Dusirech alias Domyon
Bertrand Lanu
Bertrand Laprfaict
Bertrand Lorguilleulx
Bertrant Negreu
Blasy from the Latin Blasius.
Blasy Valbany
Boniface from the Latin Bonifacius.
Boniface Dabbaytz
Brunet from Brun, 'brown.'
Brunet Destitz also found as Destix.
Charles Arnol
Charles Deprennes
Charles Guoudel
Charles Helies
Charles Tardif also found as Tardiu.
Charles Torrec
Christofle from the Greek Christopher.
Christofle Deperier
Claude from the Latin Claudius, 'lame.'
Claude de Fontenay
Claude Guilhou
Claude Lelievre also found as le Livre.
Claude Monseau
Claude Phillibert
Clemaret Quelven
Cletio Poytevyn
Compaheto Defanaria de Saint-Eloi
Corantin Audard
Corantin Lefloc also found as Flo.
Corneille from the Latin Cornelius, 'horn colored.'
Corneilhe Degous also found as Degouch.
Corneille Gilles
Corneille Mathis
Cornelhes Charpentier
Corneli Haltevite
Cornelli Vix
Daniel from the Hebrew Daniel, 'God has judged.'
Daniel Leboutyn
Daniel Leclerc
Daniel Mariel also found as Lemariel.
Denis from the Greek Dionysius
Denis Leblanc
Denys Debelbeser
Denys Thoronde
Durand Rochemain also found as Rochemault.
Duras etymology uncertain
Duras de Zailies
Estienne from the Greek Stephanos, 'crown, wreath.'
Estene Delalanne
Esteve Castaing
Esteven Deucornau
Esteven Dulmyeres als found as Delmieres, Delomyeres, Dolymers, Ulmyeres.
Estienne Bouchart
Estienne Bouchier
Estienne Cario
Estienne Dandrea
Estienne Debanes
Estienne Debanos
Estienne Decastaings
Estienne Delafite
Estienne Delagrace
Estienne Delebret dit Valanteguan
Estienne Delos
Estienne Ducastera
Estienne Dugoneau
Estienne Durand
Estienne Durivau
Estienne Faure
Estienne Galisson
Estienne Genose
Estienne Hugonçau also found as Hugoneau.
Estienne Makanam
Estienne Marinnier
Estienne Morel
Estienne Rolland
Estne du Forn
Stienne Angno also found as Ytey, Angnau.
Eugramet etymology unknown
Eugramet Dufrayne also found as Defraynet, Dufrane.
Fernando Debernuy
Fiacre from the Irish Fiachrae.
Fiacre Lemaule also found as Franc.
Florens from the Latin Florens, Florentius, 'flower.'
Florens Delavinere
Florent Delavigne
Fort from the Latin Fortis
Fortanier Desault
Fortin Bilhard
Fortin Deluc
Fouques from the Germanic Fulco
Foucquet Debernay
François Beyrier also found as Lebeyier.
François Bourgeois
François Carion
François Dannain
François de la Jouennye
François de Pontcastel
François Debondie
François Duperat
François Faicheur
François Fourner
François Jehanneau
François Jehannieu
François le Roy
François Mahé
François Peyrot
François Rappason
François Sarrazin
François Tustal
François Vezee
François Visme
Françoys Chesse
Françoys Dachel
Françoys Damian
Françoys de Pomereaulx also found as Pomereau.
Françoys Delaviele
Françoys Desainctvictori
Françoys Duluvielle
Françoys Galisson
Françoys Grenet
Françoys Jehanyneau
Frances de Suasco
Frances Deupeyrat also found as Dupeyrat.
Franchoys Loulet
Francisco Belis
Francisco Darbieto also found as Darvieto.
Francisco Decobarrobiez
Francisco Desconce
Francisco Garier
Francois Lego
Gabriel from the Hebrew Gabriel.
Gabriel Albert
Gabriel Dalguel
Gabriel Darguel
Gabriel de Saincte Croix
Gabriel Delagnel
Gabriel Desainctsene
Gabriel Jordan
Gabriel Prat
Gailhard from the Germanic GAIL + HARD.
Gailhard Collet
Gailhard Degombault
Gailhard Gombault
Gailhard Vinen
Gaillar deu Molinero
Gaillard Demontagud
Gaillardet Deluce
Gaillart Duboys also found as Dubosq, Dubost.
Galhard Rogier
Garssia Defoca
Garssias Fauchey
Gassion Ducamin
Garsiarnaud from Garcia + Arnaud.
Garsiarnaud Delapeyssera
Gaspar Duga
Gaspar Safran
Gaston from the Germanic Gasto.
Gaston de Foix
Gaston de la Rac
Gaubert from the Germanic GAUT + BERHT or WALD + BERHT.
Gaubert Reynes
Jaubert Demarcque
Gaucemot possibly from the Germanic GAUZ + HELM.
Gaucemot Pilet
George from the Latin Georgius, in turn from the Greek georgos, 'farmer.'
George Fredric
George Gilbert
George Olivier
George Perle
Germain from the Latin Germanus.
Germain Duchayne
Germain Duvergey
Gilles from the Latin Ægidius or Egidius.
Gilles Delpoyo
Gilles Girard
Gillet Leclerc
Gillibert from the Germanic GAIL + BERHT.
Gillibert Demartin
Giraud from the Germanic GAIL + WALD.
Giraud Durant
Girault Borgues
Girault Burgnies
Girault Ebrard
Guiraud Audiart
Guiraud Delahaderne
Guiraud Gaillard
Guirault Brugnes
Guirault Dunoir
Guirault Guilhem
Guirault Perrin
Guyrault de Bocherinbault
Guyrault Virgilles
Girolamme Baudronix
Giron either from the Latin Gerontius or Germanic Gero.
Giron Delariviere also found as Gironsac.
Girons Delamongie
Govyn etymology uncertain
Govyn Vimen
Gratian from the Latin Gratianus
Gracian de Beguerie
Gracian Deguerreforney
Gregorio from the Latin Gregorius
Gregorio Debeger
Grimon from the Germanic GRIM + MUND
Grimon Debardi
Grimon Debourdeaulx
Grymond Decasemajor
Guerard from the Germanic WARA + HARD
Guerard Cassepieres
Guerbrand from the Germanic WARA + BRAND
Guerbrand de Bairyc also found as Debaricoye.
Guillaume from the Germanic WILI + HELM
Guilelmo Bordas de Sainte-Colombe
Guilelmo Depeubreton
Guilelmus Takoray
Guilhaume Lecargot
Guilhelmo Lalouete
Guilhem Arnaud Depeyssas
Guilhem Bernard
Guilhem Botton
Guilhem Bureau
Guilhem Burel also found as Burell.
Guilhem Chandelier
Guilhem de Bureau
Guilhem Decasaulx
Guilhem Degarat
Guilhem Delagarde
Guilhem Delaguisquet
Guilhem Delaporte
Guilhem Delare
Guilhem Delestone le Jeune
Guilhem Demore
Guilhem Ducasse
Guilhem Duplantier dit Arzac
Guilhem Duportau
Guilhem Fauchey
Guilhem Fauchey dit Guilhaum de Bourg
Guilhem Gallard
Guilhem Gally
Guilhem Galy
Guilhem Giry
Guilhem Girydes
Guilhem Gyry
Guilhem Huart
Guilhem Joffre
Guilhem Justis
Guilhem Lebouquel
Guilhem Logamen
Guilhem Moylo
Guilhem Peyre
Guilhem Phelip
Guilhem Polard also found as Poullart.
Guilhem Prow
Guilhem Rions
Guilhem Rou
Guilhem Testeroman
Guilhem Thomas
Guilhem Torring
Guilhem Ugon dit Leclerc
Guilhem Xantongey
Guilhemin Loste
Guilhemot de la Ré
Guilhotin Vacquey
Guillaume Albert
Guillaume Alexandre
Guillaume Amyron
Guillaume Barbier
Guillaume Barraud
Guillaume Beauperrin
Guillaume Belec
Guillaume Bernard
Guillaume Bion
Guillaume Bongars
Guillaume Bordes
Guillaume Botault
Guillaume Bouchaule also found as Bouchault.
Guillaume Brehonet
Guillaume Cabelle
Guillaume Calvé also found as Calvet.
Guillaume Carres
Guillaume Chalmet
Guillaume Corce
Guillaume Cou
Guillaume Courtin le Jeune
Guillaume de Bailleu
Guillaume de Fontenay
Guillaume de Marveille
Guillaume de Salignac
Guillaume Debodt
Guillaume Decamarsac
Guillaume Decampaigne
Guillaume Dechazalles
Guillaume Defaus
Guillaume Defautz also found as Defaus, Defauxs.
Guillaume Degalebert also found as Degalabert, Degalbert, Galevert, Gauleberd.
Guillaume Dehart
Guillaume Delacourt
Guillaume Delalanne
Guillaume Demalus
Guillaume Desavoye
Guillaume Devinent
Guillaume Dugue
Guillaume Duperier
Guillaume Duplantier
Guillaume Durest
Guillaume Escabyan
Guillaume Espert
Guillaume Estarlian
Guillaume Faure
Guillaume Favenot
Guillaume Fineamour
Guillaume Floc
Guillaume Frauberge
Guillaume Fretpuch
Guillaume Gaillard also found as Gallard.
Guillaume Gallard
Guillaume Gally
Guillaume Gasches
Guillaume Gleyroau
Guillaume Guy
Guillaume Gyry dit de Bureau
Guillaume Hervé
Guillaume Heuze
Guillaume Jahan
Guillaume Largan
Guillaume le Glemarec
Guillaume le Guac
Guillaume le Mynhon
Guillaume le Tryveric
Guillaume Lebloc
Guillaume Lebriel1517also found as le Briel, Lebrizel.
Guillaume Lechastelain
Guillaume Lecompte
Guillaume Lecousseck
Guillaume Ledenic
Guillaume Ledrain
Guillaume Leduc also found as Loduc.
Guillaume Legentil
Guillaume Legounydec also found as Gounydec, Legonydec, Lehonidec.
Guillaume Lepaludier
Guillaume Leparisy
Guillaume Letaro
Guillaume Maroye
Guillaume Martiche
Guillaume Menestrier
Guillaume Metge
Guillaume Meynard
Guillaume Monyc
Guillaume Morvan
Guillaume Nozil
Guillaume Paludier
Guillaume Payron
Guillaume Peyrault
Guillaume Pichorck
Guillaume Pollolouen also found as Polleloen, Poulleleon.
Guillaume Pomier
Guillaume Pouchen
Guillaume Prince
Guillaume Ramon Decasamior
Guillaume Reuclac
Guillaume Richard
Guillaume Rouilhard l'Aîné
Guillaume Roy
Guillaume Samaing
Guillaume Thibault
Guillaume Torrec
Guillaume Tremenou also found as Trymemoc.
Guillaume Ugier
Guillaume Vaget
Guillaume Vesoignon
Guillaume Ylheson
Guillelmo Guirard
Gulhemot Deucos
Guissarnaud from an unknown element + Arnaud.
Guissarnaud de Capdeville
Guissarnaut de Vinholes
Guyon from the Germanic Wido.
Guion Decasemajor
Guyon Delaquisquet
Guyon Gorcun
Guyon le Peletier
Guyon Leboutin
Guyon Leboutin also found as Lebotin.
Guyon Legavet
Guyon Lelangaige also found as Langaige.
Guyon Nycod
Guyon Ycot
Guynole from the Breton Winwaloe.
Guynole Quelfen also found as Quelven.
Guynolé le Roy
Hamon from the Germanic Hamo.
Hamon le Tuteur
Hector from the Greek Hector.
Hector Debelac
Hector Dubar
Helias from the Latin Elias, in turn from the Hebrew Elijah.
Helias Delagatha
Helies Crestian
Helies Deuforn
Helies Escuier
Helies Sorbier
Heliot Belet also found as Bellet.
Heliot Delagrave
Heliot Joen
Heliot Rousseau
Helot Delemarcque
Hanrri Havelot
Hanrri Thomas
Harri Eguez
Harri Harlesman also found as Herlesman.
Harry Degos also found as Hanrice, Degoux, Deguoz.
Harry Gautier
Henric Coben
Henric Decamarssac
Henric He
Henrics de Montz
Henrry Demons
Henrry Lovenan
Henrry Seguin
Henry Bardo
Henry Desaugues
Henry Gacdui
Henry Guynuygan
Henry Herian
Henry Leboyz also found as Lebotz.
Henry Leclerc
Henry Lepape
Henry Loern
Henry Querolhac
Henry Salemon
Henry Venheust also found as Vanhewst.
Henrye Delarocque
Herri Cocq
Hervé from the Breton Haerveu.
Hervé Bojay
Hervé Carneau
Hervé Corleau
Hervé Jouron also found as Jenrron, Jorro.
Hervé Laurens also found as Lourantz.
Hervé le Loadec
Hervé Legier
Hervé Leharser also found as Leherser.
Hervé Martiche
Hervé Morilhon
Hervé Morvan
Hervé Nadan
Hervé Perot
Hervé Yvonyc
Yervé Lecoudrot
Hillaire from the Latin Hilarius.
Hylayre Prevost
Huget Rabe
Huginot Hau
Hugues Bernard
Hugues Spire
Huguet Chamineau
Huguet Miranbeaulx
Huguet Rabby
Hutyn Bouchier also found as Butthier.
Ugueto Rane
Jacmes Bordes
Jacmes Candelli
Jacmes Dubalanguey
Jacmes Motes
Jacmes Peubert
Jacmes Savarit
Jacmot Lomont
Jacmot Mothes
Jacob Bouchault
Jacob Carlin also found as Carlem.
Jacob Clemarec
Jacob Deryc
Jacob Guidigo
Jacob Gurier also found as Guyriou.
Jacob Guydiou also found as Guygou.
Jacob Guynygan also found as Guegan, Guenuyn, Guennygan.
Jacob Hely
Jacob Lefuryc
Jacob Legoran
Jacob Legreydet
Jacob Michel dit Potevyn
Jacob Pitres
Jacob Tollelan
Jacob Tryveric also found as Letriveric, Tryvidi.
Jacobo Deleria
Jacques Arnauld
Jacques Barre
Jacques Bilhouart
Jacques Blandin
Jacques Bouchault
Jacques Bouchier
Jacques Buysson
Jacques Candel
Jacques Cauchele
Jacques Clihet
Jacques Colas
Jacques Dauchel
Jacques Daunoys
Jacques de Bailliadolit
Jacques de Haulterive
Jacques de Laignel also found as Daignel, de Lanhelo.
Jacques Debardis
Jacques Delahaye
Jacques Delarue
Jacques Devaulx
Jacques Devaulx
Jacques Devures
Jacques Dierix also found as Jacob, Diricson.
Jacques Ducor
Jacques Flori
Jacques Guenet
Jacques Guyman
Jacques Janssens Vallodelid
Jacques le Monyc
Jacques le Prince
Jacques Lebossu
Jacques Leboussu
Jacques Legendre
Jacques Lejeune
Jacques Loyzeau
Jacques Mahuelt
Jacques Meynaud
Jacques Morel
Jacques Mosnier
Jacques Nuit
Jacques Psalmon also found as Salmon.
Jacques Tacon also found as Tacquon.
Jacques Taste
Jacques Turpaud
Jacquet Louvaing also found as Lovaing.
Jacquet Tortoit
Jehacon Delaplaine
Jehan from the Hebrew John.
Jehan Adam
Jehan Adrianson
Jehan Agronhe
Jehan Albert Bonagracia also found as Bonnegrace.
Jehan Aliz
Jehan Alman
Jehan Alpont
Jehan Amaniu
Jehan Ambroze Defrancquis also found as Defrancques, Franguis, de Franguis.
Jehan Aquet
Jehan Arnaud dit Debuhan
Jehan Arnauld
Jehan Arquiet
Jehan Audiart
Jehan Azriel
Jehan Badquyan
Jehan Baillif
Jehan Balbourg
Jehan Barantin also found as Barentin.
Jehan Baricaud
Jehan Barraac
Jehan Barrac also found as Barra, Barrraac, Barrat.
Jehan Barrault
Jehan Bartin alias Caillade
Jehan Baudin dit Long
Jehan Baudric de Sainte-Eulalie
Jehan Bauguyan
Jehan Beaudroux
Jehan Bebastz also found as Debatz.
Jehan Bebriz
Jehan Bellet
Jehan Belyn
Jehan Bergier
Jehan Bernard
Jehan Bernols
Jehan Bertier alias Calhau
Jehan Bertram dit Deborg
Jehan Bidarret
Jehan Blanc de Saint-Michel
Jehan Bodo
Jehan Boisguyan
Jehan Boisson
Jehan Bon also found as Bont.
Jehan Bonyn
Jehan Bordenave
Jehan Botegault also found as Boutegault.
Jehan Boucait
Jehan Bougran
Jehan Bourdon
Jehan Boutyn
Jehan Brel
Jehan Brerou also found as Brero.
Jehan Briant
Jehan Briquet de Sainte-Foy
Jehan Brun also found as Bruyn.
Jehan Bruun
Jehan Buygnar
Jehan Buysson
Jehan Cadre
Jehan Calvet
Jehan Cannel
Jehan Capet
Jehan Carbescat
Jehan Cargolles also found as Cargolleaux.
Jehan Carlinq
Jehan Carloing
Jehan Carriere
Jehan Casals
Jehan Chaillon
Jehan Chalment
Jehan Chaloup
Jehan Chameau
Jehan Chassier also found as Chassie, Chassye.
Jehan Chauderon
Jehan Chevalier
Jehan Chimenez also found as Ximenez.
Jehan Chrestien also found as Crestien, Cristien.
Jehan Clervault le Jeune
Jehan Clyene
Jehan Constanceau
Jehan Cornatya
Jehan Corneillisson
Jehan Cornelhas
Jehan Corrandeaulx
Jehan Courtin l'Aisné
Jehan Cousquet also found as Cosquet, Couchet, Gousquet, Le Cosquet.
Jehan Cousturau
Jehan Daccarrete also found as Decarrete.
Jehan Daguide
Jehan Dalbaiz
Jehan Danduysse
Jehan Danglanne
Jehan Danglas
Jehan Dantingan
Jehan Dardiedois
Jehan Dardon
Jehan Dargros
Jehan Darman
Jehan Darmentieu
Jehan Dartes
Jehan Dartis
Jehan Daudine
Jehan Davansac
Jehan de Vinier
Jehan de Aro
Jehan de Bloys
Jehan de Bonnay
Jehan de Bottyn
Jehan de Bouguet
Jehan de Castres Galho
Jehan de Dlose
Jehan de Durost
Jehan de Fourcade
Jehan de Gaillerete
Jehan de Garem
Jehan de Gassion
Jehan de la Micquo
Jehan de la Perriere
Jehan de la Vau
Jehan de Laignel
Jehan de Laulo
Jehan de Lugnato
Jehan de Marc
Jehan de Mestey
Jehan de Nahugues also found as de Nahaugus.
Jehan de Nancuze
Jehan de Sainct Julien
Jehan de Sainct Poul
Jehan de Sainct Victori
Jehan de Suhuague
Jehan de Vancase
Jehan Dealins
Jehan Debardi
Jehan Debardis
Jehan Debatz
Jehan Debellepost also found as Debelpost.
Jehan Debernuy
Jehan Deblayz
Jehan Debonnefontaine
Jehan Debordicq also found as le Bordiecq.
Jehan Debre alias Modo also found as Ou Moda.
Jehan Debuche
Jehan Deburgues
Jehan Debuyson le Jeune
Jehan Decaresse
Jehan Decascabe
Jehan Decasenave
Jehan Decastenau also found as Dechastelneuf.
Jehan Decastetnau
Jehan Deceltuches
Jehan Decombe dit le Francs
Jehan Decoralet
Jehan Decran
Jehan Dedurse
Jehan Defalzedo
Jehan Degamoart
Jehan Degaraye
Jehan Degaurault
Jehan Delacombe
Jehan Delacombe dit de France
Jehan Delacroix
Jehan Delagarde
Jehan Delagreau
Jehan Delagunegran
Jehan Delalande
Jehan Delalande dit Castetnau also found as Delalane.
Jehan Delalane also found as Delalanne.
Jehan Delalaye
Jehan Delamarque
Jehan Delamayde
Jehan Delaquisquet
Jehan Delasarque
Jehan Delastes de Saint-Michel
Jehan Delastis
Jehan Delatappie
Jehan Delatappy
Jehan Delau
Jehan Delaulou
Jehan Delaur
Jehan Delaur dit Doasit
Jehan Delaurenne
Jehan Delavre
Jehan Delemarzela
Jehan Delescluze
Jehan Delevre also found as Deleure.
Jehan Delfau
Jehan Delimoges
Jehan Delospital
Jehan Deltel
Jehan Demang de Saint-Eloi
Jehan Demarges de Saint-Eloi
Jehan Demathieu also found as Dematheo.
Jehan Demaucamp
Jehan Demomas
Jehan Demomas also found as Demonmas, Demontmas.
Jehan Demons
Jehan Demore
Jehan Denzeau
Jehan Depape also found as Lepaper.
Jehan Depassant also found as Depassentz.
Jehan Depojane
Jehan Depojane dit Baihelot
Jehan Derisson
Jehan des Poys
Jehan Desainctseur
Jehan Desainctsever
Jehan Desalines
Jehan Desalzedo
Jehan Desault
Jehan Desaulx
Jehan Descontes
Jehan Desuhubiete
Jehan Desussante
Jehan Deulaur also found as Delaur.
Jehan Deunoguey
Jehan Deuportau
Jehan Deupuy
Jehan Deutorne
Jehan Devillaren
Jehan Deville also found as Devile.
Jehan Diras
Jehan Diratz
Jehan Dlacanau
Jehan Domyngieulx
Jehan Donis
Jehan Dornon
Jehan Dubernet
Jehan Dubernet
Jehan Dubocau alias Bocquelot
Jehan Duboys
Jehan Dubrana
Jehan Dubrau
Jehan Dubrolh alias Leprevost
Jehan Dubuysson
Jehan Ducodoing
Jehan Ducueur
Jehan Dudrulh
Jehan Dumolin
Jehan Dunoguey
Jehan Dupeyrat
Jehan Duportau
Jehan Dupré
Jehan Dupuy
Jehan Dupuy dit la Carraque also found as Deupuy.
Jehan Dupuyau
Jehan Duran
Jehan Durand
Jehan Durand le Jeune
Jehan Durenteau
Jehan Dusolier
Jehan Dutayn
Jehan Duvergey
Jehan Duvergier
Jehan Duviney
Jehan Duyon dit de Berri
Jehan Ebrard
Jehan Estienne
Jehan Faucier
Jehan Faure
Jehan Ferran
Jehan Ferron l'Aisné
Jehan Ferron le Jeune
Jehan Flou also found as Floc.
Jehan Fosquyn
Jehan Francisque
Jehan Galault
Jehan Galaup also found as Degalaupt, Galoup.
Jehan Garnier
Jehan Gauchier
Jehan Gauchorry
Jehan Gayte
Jehan Gentilhome
Jehan Gilhard
Jehan Gimel
Jehan Gotieres
Jehan Gotifthon
Jehan Gougous
Jehan Goualay
Jehan Gramerdes
Jehan Grimel le Jeune
Jehan Gros
Jehan Guayte
Jehan Gueryn
Jehan Guilhem also found as Guilhan.
Jehan Guillet
Jehan Guiraud
Jehan Guynigan
Jehan Gymel l'aisné
Jehan Hade
Jehan Hanquyn
Jehan Helairet dit Dalbert
Jehan Heliot
Jehan Hinoet
Jehan Hoctenard
Jehan Hosten
Jehan Huc
Jehan Huutenart
Jehan Jacob
Jehan Jacobin Detilia
Jehan Jacqueton
Jehan Janson Lantermei
Jehan Jehan
Jehan Joen
Jehan Joris
Jehan Josset also found as Jousset.
Jehan Jourou
Jehan Julien
Jehan Lagarde
Jehan Lambert
Jehan Lamny
Jehan Landriu dit Mareschal
Jehan Larger
Jehan Larzer
Jehan Laurens
Jehan Lauret
Jehan le Broimet
Jehan le Danarel
Jehan le Monyc
Jehan le Penven also found as le Pemen, Penveau, Penven.
Jehan le Querc
Jehan Lebaudricat
Jehan Lebordiecq
Jehan Lebossu
Jehan Leboujant
Jehan Leboutin
Jehan Leboutyn
Jehan Lebreton also found as Debreton.
Jehan Lebriel
Jehan Lebroyer also found as Broyer.
Jehan Lecaucheoix
Jehan Lecaulz
Jehan Lechastelain
Jehan Leclerc
Jehan Lecouleur
Jehan Lecourt
Jehan Lecoustruc also found as Decoustruc, Lecautruc, Lecoutruc.
Jehan Lecquere
Jehan Lecroisoc also found as Lecrysoc.
Jehan Ledabaret
Jehan Ledenic
Jehan Ledern
Jehan Lefevre
Jehan Lefourestier
Jehan Lefranc
Jehan Legal
Jehan Legier
Jehan Legoysec
Jehan Legrand
Jehan Legucal
Jehan Lelangaige
Jehan Lelievre
Jehan Lemaiguan also found as Lemaiguen, Lemeiguen.
Jehan Lemeillo also found as Lemeilhoc, Lemiloc, Lemylhoc.
Jehan Lemeloc also found as Lemuloc, Demuloc.
Jehan Lemet
Jehan Lemollec
Jehan Lemuloc
Jehan Lepaing
Jehan Lepape
Jehan Lepenan
Jehan Lepip
Jehan Lepochet also found as Le Pouchet.
Jehan Leprebstre
Jehan Lequerel also found as Lequere.
Jehan Lerser
Jehan Lesaal also found as le Sal, le Saal.
Jehan Lesaud
Jehan Lescoletrocq also found as Lescotrocq.
Jehan Liguisabro
Jehan Lopes
Jehan Lopes
Jehan Lopes de Calateut also found as Calatout.
Jehan Lorguilleux
Jehan Louste
Jehan Lucas
Jehan Mabire
Jehan Mabut
Jehan Madec
Jehan Mahé
Jehan Malet
Jehan Marboty
Jehan Mareschal
Jehan Marguet dit Chocin
Jehan Mariet
Jehan Marret
Jehan Martiche
Jehan Martier
Jehan Mathieu
Jehan Maubert
Jehan Mayner
Jehan Mesnard
Jehan Meynard
Jehan Michel
Jehan Minhet
Jehan Minhot
Jehan Mochet
Jehan Monyc also found as Monich, Mony.
Jehan Morin
Jehan Motes
Jehan Motos
Jehan Mymault
Jehan Negreu
Jehan Orion
Jehan Ostemart
Jehan Palut
Jehan Pan
Jehan Pascau
Jehan Pascault
Jehan Peto
Jehan Pierremont
Jehan Pinet
Jehan Pineyra
Jehan Pochet
Jehan Polguen
Jehan Prevost
Jehan Psalmon
Jehan Quariou
Jehan Quelan also found as Quelhan.
Jehan Quernel
Jehan Regeiaud
Jehan Richard
Jehan Richer l'Aisné
Jehan Riviere
Jehan Robbert alias de Matha
Jehan Robert
Jehan Rodey
Jehan Rodiguo
Jehan Rody
Jehan Rouault also found as Roault.
Jehan Rouilhard
Jehan Roy
Jehan Sauviole also found as Soviole.
Jehan Saye
Jehan Sedre
Jehan Sireu
Jehan Sonailh
Jehan Soubly
Jehan Soyer
Jehan Stivel
Jehan Sybia
Jehan Symon
Jehan Tacot
Jehan Tacque also found as Letakque, Tagnet, Takque, Taque, Tacquier.
Jehan Tastudi
Jehan Tauppin
Jehan Tessier dit Grand Jehan
Jehan Textier
Jehan Thibaudin
Jehan Thomas
Jehan Tollelan
Jehan Toppin de Sainte-Eulalie
Jehan Tracque
Jehan Trevery
Jehan Trilhon
Jehan Tulhault
Jehan Vachey
Jehan Valin also found as Vallin.
Jehan Valquindal
Jehan Vamesquete
Jehan Vaz Alerm
Jehan Virton
Jehan Visme also found as Bisme.
Jehan Vysme
Jehan Wylquinson aultrement Tailler
Jehan Yvenou
Jehannet de Pedetroye
Jehannet de Rayncheval
Jehannot Daud
Jehannot Debergier
Jehannot Defons
Jehannot Descrec
Jehanot Delafure
Joannes Duhalde
Johan de Oarin
Johan Desartouche
Johan deu Bocuau
Johan Devireron
Johan Doguerrans also found as Deguerrans.
Johan Forthonis
Johan Martines de Sorasabal
Johan Mosmer
Johan Natreman
Johan Robert
Johan Sorbilhoau
Johanicot Dausegarra
Johanino Delafite
Johannes Boitin
Johannes Delesse
Johannes Michelsson
Johannicot de Aristeguy
Johannis Salvi
Johannot de Miralh
Johannot Duvergey
Johannot Maysonney
Ganfrido Delagrave also found as Jeoffre.
Geoffroy Debeaucour
Jeoffroy Marret
Joffre Delagrave
Heiromin Decampaigne
Jherome Decure
Jheromin Desagon also found as Desahagon, Desagon, Dessaugon.
Jheromyn Delabatut
Jheromyn Democ
Jodoicus Vendevalde
Joosse Declerc
Josse Colin
Josse Leclerc also found as Declerc.
Josse Touffaict
Julian from the Latin Julian.
Juliano Butte
Jullien Bouchier
Kanuet etymology uncertain
Kanuet Legac
Lambert from the Germanic LAM + BERHT.
Lambert Lancolle also found as Lemcolle, Lencolle.
Laurens from the Latin Laurentius, 'laurel.'
Laurens Colen also found as Colon, Collon.
Laurens Darguel
Laurens de Aular
Laurens de Lerme
Laurens Degarbaudie
Laurens Delagrava also found as Delagrave.
Laurens Delasalle
Laurens Deubalanguey
Laurens Laperdriz
Laurens Madec
Laurens Pasquier
Laurens Savarit
Laurens Savary
Laurent Cuyssard
Laurentz Desanctacrotz also found as Desainctecroix.
Laurentz Mahé
Lazaro Florini
Legier Roullet
Leonard from the Germanic LEON + HARD.
Leonard Guerin
Lopes from the Spanish Lopes, 'wolf.'
Lopes Desalzar
Lupo Darvieo
Loys from Louis.
Loys Ambrois
Loys Ambrois
Loys André
Loys Andrieu
Loys Babilonne
Loys Barthelemy
Loys Bonet also found as Bonot.
Loys Champon
Loys Darmel
Loys de Calateut de Bourgus
Loys de Calateyud
Loys de Losparasse
Loys Debondie
Loys Delafite
Loys Duhalde
Loys Ferrier
Loys Lecat
Loys Lopes
Loys Monyn
Loys Orgier
Loys Savarit
Loys Vezin
Loys Warrequien
Lucas from the Latin lux, 'light.'
Lucas Bodyn
Lucas Colon
Macé Berault
Macé Dissan
Macé Marticeau
Macé Martineau
Machicho Esquer
Marc Beraule
Marc Chapelle
Marotine du Vergier
Marticot de Martin
Marticot Dern
Marticot Martin
Martin Bilhouet
Martin Blanc
Martin Canty
Martin Custos
Martin Daribilhague
Martin de Moriens
Martin de Pontcastel
Martin de Soubigaray
Martin de Vaulx
Martin Decambo
Martin Delaborda
Martin Demartico
Martin Deratsu
Martin Desainct Martin
Martin Desalzar
Martin Desaulx also found as Desauls.
Martin Dortiz
Martin Dumespley
Martin Gombault
Martin Guillaume
Martin Lautron
Martin Lenault
Martin Lopes de Calateut
Martin Palu
Martin Travers
Martinus Jans de la Vere
Mathieu from the Hebrew Matthew.
Mathelin Devaulx
Mathelin Labourie
Mathelyn Feydiou
Mathias Nouel
Mathieu Borssart
Mathieu de la Roue
Mathieu Delagarde
Mathieu Dupuyau
Mathieu Huet
Mathieu Lenoret
Mathieu Lhonnore
Mathieu Rogues
Mathieu Sicateau
Matis Vandenbroc
Mathurin Coustauceau
Mathurin Coyndau also found as Coyndeau.
Mathurin Grantmorceau
Mathurin Martineau
Mathurin Nolet
Mathurin Prevost
Mathurin Roulhenau
Mathurin Simon
Menaud Delaguisquet
Menault Baudris
Menault Deboey
Menault Demartes also found as Marties.
Menault Demontestruc
Menault Demperguilhem
Menault Labaye
Menaulton Duhagon
Menauton de la Tape
Menauton Devilleneuve
Meri Ap also found as Merigon.
Meric Veron
Mery Olivier
Mery Perotin dit Chastellaraude
Meryc Pojade
Michel from the Hebrew Michael.
Michael Jehannault
Micheau Basset
Micheau Bourgeois
Micheau Dutiers
Micheau Golay
Micheau Manguy
Micheau Prault
Micheau Yvenou
Michel Bougier
Michel Debrunes
Michel Decherbye
Michel Leforestier
Michel Legros
Michel Pileur also found as Paleur.
Michel Potier
Michelet Gottfray
Micheu Guerines
Michot Dumolyn also found as Michel, Dumoulyn.
Migue de Graces
Miguel Ardera
Miguel Degalipienso also found as Degalipensse, Galipienso.
Morice Corre
Morice Coustau
Morice de Mons
Moricio Chaleri also found as Chasleri.
Mourice Murme
Menjon Vacquey
Minjon Fort
Mynjon de Garipaud
Mynjon de Habar
Mynjon Delaripau
Mynjon Duhavas
Naudin Dutaudin
Naudin Marssault
Naudinot Fort
Naulin Martin
Nicholas Brunet
Nicholas Delalauhay
Nicholas Delelande also found as Lande, Delalande.
Nicholas Deprisse
Nicholas Favrel
Nicholas Rich
Nicolas Atrain
Nicolas Bodeti
Nicolas Courteville
Nicolas Delenero
Nicolas Desainct Morice
Nicolas Drisson Haultcouppes
Nicolas Dubop
Nicolas Lambert
Nycholas Roche
Nycolas de Monoreyne
Nycolas de Nus
Nycolas Delando
Nycolas Demisserriche also found as Demisoriche, Misserriche.
Nycolas dit Paule Bonvisy Propry
Nycolas Esperit also found as Espert.
Nycolas Jehan
Nycolas Lesourt
Nycolas Puyau
Nycolas Trybara
Nycolas Varranne
Nycollas Payron
Nycollas Pignousset
Noel Deheby
Noel Heby
Noel Largan
Noel le Marrat
Noel Ledagier
Olivier Carneau
Olivier Coyndeau
Olivier Desainct Cler
Olivier Gruel
Olivier le Heleck
Olivier Lequenier
Olivier Muly
Olyve Oryard
Paciot Lebrey
Pascau Defont
Pascault Delaserre
Patris from Patrick?
Patrice Carue
Patries Paris de Saint-Michel
Patris Guynigan
Patry Cunye
Philibert Madec
Philippe from the Greek Philip, 'lover of horses.'
Phelip de Cadeville also found as Capdeville.
Phelip Gaillou
Phelip Galoup
Phelip Patisselle
Phelip Simonet
Phelip Symonet
Phelipe Deraffoux
Phelipin Lechevalier
Phelipon Boutepoy
Phelipon Ledan
Phelippe Gontepoix
Phelippon Coutard
Philippe Achamps
Philippe Galteroti
Pierre from the Greek Peter, 'rock.'
Pedro Ardera also found as Ardara, Erdera, de Herdera.
Pedro Darnedo also found as Pitres, Pierre, Darniedo.
Pedro de Casenove
Pedro de Lysery
Pedro de Sartuche
Pedro Demirande
Pedro Desalines also found as de Salines, Salines.
Pedro Devilharem
Peirot Debradie
Perot de Sent Doulce
Perot Debordes
Perot Defons
Perothon Milly
Peroton de Casemaiour
Peroton de Veuzins
Peroton Debarbaste
Peroton Debaret
Peroton Fau
Peroton Mully
Perrin Dumas
Perrin Faure
Perrin Leotard
Perrin Rousseau
Perrinet Baulan
Perrot de Balac
Petris Dolhonde
Petrisanctz de Casamaior
Petrissans Degrandmont
Petrissans Dehorio
Petro Aldaro
Petro Deborg
Petro Degaston
Petro Deguerrans
Petro Degueyraud
Petro Rampnol
Petro Riche
Petrus de Merandole
Petrus Delamerca
Petrus Paluderii
Pey Arnaud Delana
Pey de Brassy
Pey Delagrave also found as Delagrava.
Pey Delamarcque
Pey Depodensac
Pey Deroymault
Pey Deubost
Pey Malet
Pey Thibault
Pey Tissemoy
Pey Tossevey
Peyre Boisson
Peyrona Ferney
Peyrot Blanc
Peyrot Bourc
Peyrot Colre
Peyrot Dabadia
Peyrot de Capperon
Peyrot Decastaichede
Peyrot Deforcades
Peyrot Delaborda
Peyrot Delartique
Peyrot Deparcave
Peyrot Deusegne
Peyrot Dubaigne
Peyrot Duhalde
Peyrote Beroat
Peyrotin Delasmis
Peyroton Debareti
Peyroton Decortoysie
Pierre Adrianson
Pierre Albert
Pierre Alonce Debengues
Pierre Alquier de Montpellier
Pierre Angely also found as Angley, Angey, d'Angely.
Pierre Ap
Pierre Aycard
Pierre Balon
Pierre Barthome
Pierre Bartrand also found as Bertrand.
Pierre Baudin
Pierre Bauldyn also found as Baudyn.
Pierre Bedeau
Pierre Belon
Pierre Berard
Pierre Bernard
Pierre Bilhou
Pierre Blanc
Pierre Bodet
Pierre Boisson
Pierre Bolangier
Pierre Bonet
Pierre Bonjohan
Pierre Bonneau
Pierre Boturd
Pierre Bourges
Pierre Brouet
Pierre Cailhoneau
Pierre Carriere
Pierre Chevallier
Pierre Clau
Pierre Cochet
Pierre Colt
Pierre Cornu
Pierre Cotte
Pierre Cuysse
Pierre Dages
Pierre Daguerre
Pierre Dalguel
Pierre Dalsata
Pierre Dalsate
Pierre Dangles
Pierre de Basscelinne
Pierre de Bilbourg
Pierre de Guaripaud
Pierre de la Beguerye
Pierre de la Lagunagran
Pierre de Marchin
Pierre de Sainct Estienne
Pierre de Sainct Gueyrac
Pierre de Soulont
Pierre de Suaste
Pierre Debesquiort de Saint-Eloi
Pierre Debosco also found as Deboys.
Pierre Debreux also found as Debrus.
Pierre Debrus
Pierre Decaplione
Pierre Decassiau
Pierre Deceltuches also found as Celtuches, Deceltustes.
Pierre Deceps
Pierre Deddin
Pierre Degamoy
Pierre Degarmin
Pierre Degavray
Pierre Deguerre
Pierre Dehiriard
Pierre Dejony
Pierre Delabatut
Pierre Delaborda
Pierre Delaborde
Pierre Delalanda
Pierre Delalande l'Aisneé
Pierre Delalande le Jeune
Pierre Delamarcque
Pierre Delapalma
Pierre Delasaltiere
Pierre Delaserve
Pierre Delataste
Pierre Delavrignac
Pierre Delevers
Pierre Deloperant
Pierre Delpoyo
Pierre Demont
Pierre Denebault
Pierre Denucis
Pierre Depadilhe
Pierre Depascience
Pierre Depodemps
Pierre Depradera
Pierre Desalignac
Pierre Desalles
Pierre Desault
Pierre Dethoailhe
Pierre Detruce also found as Detrusse.
Pierre Deucamin also found as Duchemyn.
Pierre Devignes
Pierre Deville
Pierre Doignol
Pierre du Caynt
Pierre du Fresne
Pierre Duboss
Pierre Ducayne
Pierre Dugoys
Pierre Dugoys
Pierre Duhalde
Pierre Dumiralh
Pierre Dupeyron
Pierre Dupré also found as Dupretz.
Pierre Dupuy
Pierre Duquesne
Pierre Dusignet
Pierre Duthilhe
Pierre Elloyn
Pierre Faure
Pierre Fort
Pierre Fougiere
Pierre Gallois
Pierre Geliard
Pierre Gentet
Pierre Geuilhoneau
Pierre Grimoneau
Pierre Guillaud
Pierre Guillaume
Pierre Guillemau also found as Guylhemeau.
Pierre Guionneau
Pierre Guyngueldro
Pierre Helion also found as Elion.
Pierre Jehan de Soveranis
Pierre John
Pierre Labbé
Pierre Lamaurons
Pierre Lambert
Pierre Lamourei
Pierre Laudrey
Pierre Lavote
Pierre le Menbru
Pierre Ledauphin
Pierre Legavre
Pierre Legueven also found as Legeven, Legueleven, Leguevel.
Pierre Leguyren
Pierre Lemaubru
Pierre Lescornec
Pierre Lopes
Pierre Lopes
Pierre Lopes de Calateut
Pierre Loue
Pierre Maigua
Pierre Mallou
Pierre Martet
Pierre Martin
Pierre Martineau
Pierre Mauclerc
Pierre Mestadier
Pierre Mignot
Pierre Monestier
Pierre Morilhon
Pierre Morvain
Pierre Mullet
Pierre Nicolas
Pierre Noel
Pierre Olivier
Pierre Pages
Pierre Petit
Pierre Phelippe Bartholini
Pierre Picot
Pierre Psalamon
Pierre Quirinieau
Pierre Regne
Pierre Remy
Pierre Rigones
Pierre Robert
Pierre Rochier
Pierre Roul
Pierre Rousseau
Pierre Sabut
Pierre Sebatier
Pierre Senneschault also found as Seneschau.
Pierre Seretani also found as Cheretani, Saratani, Soretani.
Pierre Sernaoult
Pierre Servent
Pierre Sezin also found as Desezin.
Pierre Sorbey
Pierre Tacon
Pierre Tevenou also found as Tavenou.
Pierre Teysseny
Pierre Ubert
Pierre Vignalez also found as Devignalez, Vinhalatz.
Pierre Visme also found as Abisme.
Pierres Hosten
Pitres Corneilhe
Pitres Cornelhas
Pitres Gachopin
Pitres Goes
Poul from the Greek paulus, 'small.'
Poul le Sourd
Quelveneck Quelevent
Raimond Castaud also found as Castaulz.
Ramon Clemens
Ramon Daudijos also found as Daudejos, Daudijous.
Ramon Depailhet also found as Depaillut.
Ramon Dubergier
Ramon Dubernet
Ramon Ducasse
Ramon Dujuncar
Ramon Duvergey
Ramon Guilhouche
Ramon Renou
Ramond Castaing
Ramond Dauduos dit Lomege
Ramond Delalande
Ramond Dumege
Ramond Monserat
Ramond Seguyn
Ramond Yrene also found as Hyrene, Yrayne.
Ramondo Depelhoys
Ramonet Delays
Ramundo Teuleres
Raymon Debaudes
Raymon Ducasse also found as Deucasse.
Raymond Andraud
Raymond Causac
Raymond Coybo
Raymond Dalays
Raymond de Lafuje
Raymond de Martin
Raymond de Sarrevere
Raymond Degarrans
Raymond Delacoste
Raymond du Mossa
Raymond Fondeville
Raymond Galaup
Raymond Joy
Raymondo Delauray
Raphael Touaille
Regner Davesnes
Regné de Vieulxville
Remy Delamargarite
Remy Sezin
René Aulbiniere
René Cocuau
René Lefevre
René Prendy
René Touchart
Richard Alexandre
Richard Barn
Richard Delamre
Richard Lecaron
Richard Nymon also found as Nyrman.
Richard Pichon
Richard Prow
Richard Reyman also found as Ryman.
Richard Rogerie
Richard Rogersson
Richard Symons
Richard Thomas
Richard Witon
Richard Yocasu
Rional Gralle de Saint-Pol-de Léon
Riou Guyolot also found as Guolot.
Riou Legarde
Riou Lepaing also found as Lespain, Lepain.
Riou Marin also found as Maurin.
Robert Saussays
Robert de Lalouze
Robert Formos
Robert Howd also found as Houd.
Robert le Barbu
Robert le Breton
Robert Nicolas
Robin Desauges
Robin Desaulx
Robin Durant
Robinet Adam
Robinet Lecausa
Roubin Guirmelo
Roderigo Defrize
Rodigo Tenalhe
Rodiguo Defries
Rogier Desuhuviete also found as Dessoviete.
Rogier Raynes
Roullaud Galays
Sancho de Bayonne
Sancho Gachopin
Sanson Bourgade
Salvato Dessuhare
Saubat Delissaragua
Saulvat Dechassari
Saulvat Delahet
Saulvat Lecossin
Savet Dupuys
Sausin Dehyty
Bastien Daniel
Bastien dela Roche 1517
Sebastian de Scaliant
Sebastien de Gijonde
Sebastien Sauvage
Seguyn Delesage
Simon Boulaye also known as Bourlaye.
Simon de Fornaris
Simon des Roches
Simon Gouychon
Simon Guenet
Simon Recherio
Simon Tomaceau
Simone Tire
Symon Boisson
Symon Cupre
Symon de Suries
Symon Debodt
Symon Garat
Symon Lancefoc
Symon Reeste
Symon Sonailh also found as Sonnail.
Thibault Garault
Thierry Degand
Thierry Degrand
Thomas Asselin
Thomas Azuel also found as Azouel.
Thomas Baret
Thomas Beret
Thomas Boweir
Thomas Bryman
Thomas Compte
Thomas Daguilhe
Thomas de Farbost
Thomas Debondie
Thomas Dicouson
Thomas Duforcquet
Thomas Eslin also found as Haslin.
Thomas Farron
Thomas Jehan also found as Johan.
Thomas Lambert
Thomas Legier
Thomas Novelle
Thomas Piquenart
Thomazot Despelete
Tillyman Symons
Tristand de Moles
Tustan Chausson
Tymen Geerts
Valentine Pelletiere
Vallerian Lancolle
Velasco Debeger
Verdolet Duportau
Verdot Dupuy
Veron Degabos
Victor Bonnegrace
Victor Delafocilhe
Vidau Delespiau
Vidault Darrac
Vidault Davansac also found as Avansac, Devansac.
Vidault Decastetnau
Vital Delefargue
Vitaul Constantin
Vidon Constatin
Vincens Debanos
Vincent Conyn
Vincent Dubosc
Vincent Escudey de Borg
Vincent Lebouquel
Vincent Lesterminet also found as Lestaminet, Lesterminot, Lestreminet.
Vinsens Dein
Wilhelus Benys
Ythier Blanc also found as Ytey.
Yvon Carvenic
Yvon Cautellet also found as Legautelet.
Yvon Charpentier
Yvon Derien
Yvon Dyc
Yvon Esperit
Yvon Esteve also found as Steven.
Yvon Gensson
Yvon Glemarec
Yvon Goalay
Yvon Guilhou
Yvon Jacob also found as Jacques.
Yvon Jenrro
Yvon Jourro
Yvon Kermel
Yvon Lamur
Yvon Larger
Yvon Larzer also found as Larzier.
Yvon le Marec
Yvon le Mignon
Yvon le Pelman
Yvon le Tarro
Yvon Leboucal also found as Boucal, Bouquel, le Bocal, le Boucau.
Yvon Lebraz
Yvon Lebroyer
Yvon Lecabelec
Yvon Lecarne
Yvon Leclerveau
Yvon Lecolleur
Yvon Lecotrout
Yvon Lecoustruc also found as Lecoutruc.
Yvon Ledispar also found as Dedispar.
Yvon Legaal
Yvon Legavet
Yvon Legawer
Yvon Legendre
Yvon Legentil
Yvon Leguolin
Yvon Lehello
Yvon Lemolec also found as Lemolet.
Yvon Lenault
Yvon Lepenen
Yvon Lepenur
Yvon Leroux
Yvon Leroy
Yvon Lesene
Yvon Lesmart also found as Smart.
Yvon Letalecq
Yvon Mahé
Yvon Martiche
Yvon Micheau
Yvon Morvan
Yvon Pallu also found as Lepalut.
Yvon Periou also found as Perrou.
Yvon Pondeau
Yvon Querinot
Yvon Queruel
Yvon Rigault
Yvon Rouault also found as Roault.
Yvon Ryolic
Yvon Tacque
Yvon Thomas
Yzabram Cornilhes
Yzan Delagarrigue

Name Notes
Alberto from the Germanic A(DAL) + BERHT.
      Alberto de Medines
Albro possibly from Albaro, Alvaro.
      Albro Demouschicque
Alphonse, Alfonso
      Alonce de Medines
      Alonce de Torros
      Alonce Debailliadolit
      Alonce Debailliadolit Sigalles
André from the Greek Andreas; Andrieu and Andriu are southern forms.
      André de Goutieres
      Diego Degardemyno also found as de Goardemyn.
      Dieguo de Aro
      Dieguo Decastro
      Dieguo Desainctmartin
      Fernando Dasse also found as Daste.
      Ferrando Daca
      Francisco de Portilhe
      Francisco Debailliadolit
      Francisco Debailliadolit Sigalles
      Hernanceus de la Rynes
      Rodiguo Debailliadolit

Name Notes
Alexandre from the Greek Alexander.
      Alexandre Frescorbaldi
Beaso from the Latin Blasius.
      Beaso Barbane
      Bonaventure Micquelli
Conrado from the Germanic KON + RAD.
      Conrado Cheprely
      Conrado Felini
      Domenico Deganaberro
      Domenico Fabric
      Domenico Naldini
      Francisco Naldini
      Francisco Tedaldi also found as Thedaldi.
Leonardo from the Germanic LEON + HARD.
      Leonardo Frescobaldi
      Mariano Constanti


      Richard Gowgh also found as Gowogh.

Name Notes
      Eddouard Fernades also found as Fernans, Ferrandes.
      Richard Palmer
William from the Germanic WILI + HELM.
      Guilhem Bolton

Dutch, Low Countries
Name Notes
Ardre perhaps a pet form of Adrian.
      Adre Wyllemson
Cornelis from the Latin Cornelius, 'horn colored.'
      Corneilhas Symon Oeckkerson
      Cornelhas Jansson Vendresson
      Cothin Adrien
Hans from the Hebrew John.
      Fanquinot Fau also found as Hanquinot.
      Han Rous
      Hansse Hovenare
      Hantz Vanmelinc
Herman from the Germanic HERI + MANN.
      Harman Ymansson
      Hugues Adrianson also found as Adrien.
      Hugues Harianson
      Hugues Renesson
Human from either the German Hewman or the Frisian Humo.
      Human Alard
      Human Defaus
Girauld from either the Germanic GAIL + WALD.
      Girauld Symensson
      Coppin Debailliadolit
      Clays Symon
      Colin Cleston also found as Coulin.


Documents pour servir à l'histoir du commerc des Pays-Bas avec la France jusqu'à 1585: Tome II Actes notariés Bordeaux 1470-1520.