Feminine Names from Aosta, 1337 and 1351

by Sara L. Uckelman
known in the SCA as Aryanhwy merch Catmael

© 2006 Sara L. Uckelman; all rights reserved
last updated 11Jul06

The following names are taken from records of audiences with the Counts and Dukes of Savoy. The records are from Aosta, on the modern-day border between France and Italy. The records are all in Latin, and date from 1337 and 1351. Unfortunately, the records contain few feminine names. I have extracted the feminine names to make this article, and ordered them alphabetically.

Aosta is right on the border of modern day Italy and France. The valley came under the control of the House of Savoy in 1034, and the House of Savoy used French as its official language. However, the residents of Aosta in general continued to speak their native dialect, which was Valdoten. Valdoten is a Franco-Provencal dialect; these dialects are closely related to French and Occitan but form a distinct family. As noted, all of the names here are recorded in Latin. These Latin spellings of names are appropriate for written contexts, or contexts where Latin is spoken, but they may not closely represent the spoken form of the name. We can at best speculate on what possible vernacular forms of these names are.

Latin nominative form(s)ExamplesDatePageComments
Agnessona/Agnissona/Annesonadomina Agnessona1351179This and the two below are the same woman.
soror Agnissona de Sarro1351179
domine Annesone1351179
AnthoniaAnthonia uxor quondam Gotofredi cumdominus Valesie1351174
Anthoniam relictam Francisci de Ponte Sancti Martini1351163
AudisiaAudisiam de Maczadio relictam Iohannis1351262
AymonetaAymonetam filiam condam Iohannis1351262
Beatrisia/Beatrisona/Biatrisia/BiatrisonaBeatrisone uxoris Vullelmeti de Wachayri1351193This and the three below are the same woman.
Biatrisie uxoris Villelmeti de Vachayri1351181
Biatrisona uxor Vuillelmeti de Vachayri1351181
Biatrisonam uxorem Vuillelmeti de Vachayri1351187
dicte Beatrisie1351268This and the next are the same woman.
Biatrisie de Cly1351268
CatherinaCatherine de Dovia1351295This and the next are the same woman.
dicte Chaterine [sic]1351295
FinaFina Espina1337120This is probably from OFr fin 'delicate, tender'.
Fine filie Vionini de Montarvarem1351193
FrancesiaFrancesie sue sororis1351195This and the next are the same woman.
domine Francesie uxoris domini Ebali1351201
GuiaGuia eius sorore1337119
HenrietaHenriete sororis sue1351297
Issabella/YsabellaIssabella filia Peroneti1351171
Ysabella de Castellione1351165
Ysabelle de Casteillione1351170
Ysabella filia dicti domini Reymondi1351174
LosanetaLosaneta uxore Perrerii de Chablo1337119


Lange, Augusta, Le udienze dei conti e duchi di Savoia nella Valle d'Aosta, 1337 (Paris; Torino: Picard [etc.], 1956)