12th C English Men's Names in Latin Documents From York

by Sara L. Uckelman
known in the SCA as Aryanhwy merch Catmael

© 2013 Sara L. Uckelman; all rights reserved
last updated 21Jul13

The following names are taken from the Cartulary of the Treasurer of York Minster, compiled along with related documents. I have focused on the names occuring in 12th C records; the names are all of men, with no women being mentioned in this particular set. The names are all Latinized, and often occur in the ablative case. I have converted all inflected forms to their standard nominative spellings, except where such standard form is uncertain. I have focused on the names of witnesses in the charters, yet have omitted the names of the bishops and archbishops, as these people occur in many different charters and thus would skew the frequency counts. I have included abbreviated names only when it is clear what the expanded form is.

Masculine given names, by frequency

Latin nominativeNumberDates (Document)Variants
Iohannes51154x61 (13, 14), 1179x81 (5), c1185x1227 (12)I.
Willelmus41144x45 (9), 1154x61 (13, 14)
Radulphus31154x61 (13), 1179x81 (5), c1185x1227 (12)
Nicholaus21154x61 (13), c1185x1227 (12)
Petrus21154x61 (14) c1199x1217 (31)
Toma (abl.)21154x61 (13), c1185x1227 (12)Thoma (abl.)
Walterus21133 (1), 1199x1216 (35)
Alanus11154x61 (14)
Alexandrus11199x1216 (35)
Andreas11179x81 (5)
Clementus11163 (15)
Ernisius1c1185x1227 (12)
Eudorne (abl.)11154x61 (14)
Eustacius11133 (1)
Gaufridus11133 (1)
Geroldus11154x61 (13)
Greggorius11199x1216 (35)
Hamonus1c1199x1217 (31)
Henricus1c1199x1217 (31)
Lambertus11199x1216 (35)
Martinus11199x1216 (35)
Maynardus11154x61 (14)
Osbertus11154x61 (14)
Ricardus1c1199x1217 (31)
Robertus11154x61 (13)
Simundus11154x61 (13)

Bynames, alphabetically

Many of the literal relational and occupational bynames are recorded in Latin; when they are inflected, I have again silently converted them to standard modern forms.

Bayocensis11154x61 (13)desc. 'from Bayeux'.
canonicus11154x61 (13)occ. from Lat, 'canon, member of the clergy'.
capellanus11154x61 (14)occ. from Latin, 'chaplain'.
clericus11179x81 (5)occ. from Lat, 'clerk'.
de Baiocis11199x1216 (35)loc. from Bayeux (France).
de Britolia11154x61 (14)loc. from Breteuil (France).
de Cartosona11154x61 (14)loc. from Carcassone (France).
de Langetoft11154x61 (13)loc. prob. from Langtoft (Lincolnshire).
de Notingeham11179x81 (5)loc. from Nottingham.
de Ramavilla11154x61 (13)loc. from Raineville (France).
de Semar'11199x1216 (35)loc. prob. from Seamer (NYorkshire).
de Shirburn'1c1191x1217 (31)loc. from one of the various places named Sherbourne or Sherburn.
de Traylly11154x61 (13)loc. from an unidentified place named Traylly or Trailly.
decanus11154x61 (13)occ. from Lat, 'deacon'.
elimosinarius11154x61 (14)occ. from Lat elemosinarius 'almoner'.
Espie11133 (1)desc. from OFr espee 'sword'.
filius Holdebi11154x61 (13)pat. 'son of Holdebus'.
filius Hugonis1c1185x1227 (12)pat. 'son of Hugo'.
filius Iohannis11133 (1)pat. 'son of Iohannes'.
filius Laurentii filii Folbicht'21199x1216 (35)double pat. 'son of Laurentius son of Folbichtus'.
filius Letoldi11154x61 (14)pat. 'son of Letoldus'.
filius Nigelli1c1185x1227 (12)pat. 'son of Nigellus'.
filius Pagani11133 (1)pat. 'son of Paganus'.
filius Petri11199x1212 (36)pat. 'son of Petrus'.
Flandrensis21199x1216 (35)desc. 'Flemish, from Flanders'.
Neelot1c1199x1217 (31)pat. Neelot is probably a diminutive of Neel or Neal.
Nuvel1c1185x1227 (12)pat. from OFr noël 'Christmas', used as a given name for people born then.
penitenciarius1c1199x1217 (31)occ. from Lat, 'penitentiary, confessor'.
persone [sic]1c1185x1227 (12)occ. from OFr, 'parson'.
thesaurarius11154x61 (13)occ. from Lat, 'treasurer'.


The Cartulary of the Treasurer of York Minster: And Related Documents (Borthwick Publications, 1978).