Names in the 1319 Subsidy Roll of London: Surnames

by Sara L. Uckelman
known in the SCA as Aryanhwy merch Catmael

© 2006, 2007 Sara L. Uckelman; all rights reserved
last updated 31Jan07

I have grouped variants together; headers in bold, and associated etymological info, come from Reaney & Wilson (primarily), Hjerstedt (occassionally), and Watts (for assorted place names). ? are ones where I am not sure I have correctly identified the name. I have retained all capitalization as it was found in the source material.


Pat. = patronymic
Mat. = matronymic
Loc. = locative
Desc. = descriptive
Occ. = occupational
Top. = generic toponym

Surnames alphabetically

Abba1top. from 'abbey'.
   del Abbaie1Walbrook
Abingdon2loc. from Abingdon (Oxon).
   de Abyndone2Billingsgate, Dowgate
Abraham1pat. from Abraham.
Adrian1pat. from Adrian.
Agrove1top. from OE graf 'grove'.
   atte Groue1Aldersgate
Alabaster3occ. from OFr arbalestier, arbelestier 'a soldier armed with a crossbow, also used for a maker of crossbows.
   Larblaster2Farringdon Within, Farringdon Without
   larblaster1Farringdon Within
   le Arblaster'1Farringdon Within
Alaway1pat. from OE Æðdelwig, Ælfwig, or Ealdwig.
Alban4pat. from Alban.
   Albon4Cheap, Farringdon Within, Walbrook
Aldenham1loc. from Aldenham (Herts)
   de Aldenham1Cripplegate
Algate3loc. from Aldgate (London).
   de Alegate3Cornhill, Lime Street
Amias1loc. from Amiens.
   de Amyas1Cheap
Andrew1pat. from Andrew.
Anstee1loc. from Anstey (D, Dorst, Hants, Herts, Wilts) or Ansty (Warwicks).
   Anesty1Castle Baynard
Appleby1loc. from Appleby (Leics, Lincs, Westmorland).
   de Appilby1Farringdon Without
Arden1loc. from Arden (WMids) or Arden Great Moor (NRY)
   de Ardena1Tower
Armer9occ. from OE armurier 'armourer, marker of arms'.
   Larmurer7Bread Street, Farringdon Without
   le Armurer1Castle Baynard
Ash1loc. from any number of places called Ash.
   de Asshe1Broad Street
Ashborn1loc. from Ashbourne (Db), Ashburnham (Sx), or Ashburton (D).
   de Ayssheburne1Bread Street
Ashdown1loc. from Ashdown (Berks), Ashdown (Ess), or Ashdown Forest (Sx).
   de Asshyndone1Langbourn
Ashford1loc. from Ashford (D, Db, Salop) or Aysheford (D).
   de Assheforde1Tower
Ashridge1loc. from Ashridge College (Herts).
   de Assherigg'1Cripplegate
Aslin1pat. from OFr Acelin, Ascelin.
Aspel1loc. from Aspall (Sf) or Aspal (La).
   de Aspale1Cornhill
ate Longe1
   ate Long1Farringdon Without
ate Scherge1
   ate Scherge1Coleman Street
Atford1top. from OE ford 'ford'.
   atte fforde1Langbourn
Attack1top. from OE ac 'oak'.
   atte Ok'1Farringdon Within
atte Bascat1
   atte Bascat1Cornhill
atte Brendewode1
   atte Brendewode1Broad Street
atte Briggehous1
   atte Briggehou[s]1Cripplegate
atte ffreth1
   atte ffreth1Walbrook
atte Rydye1
   atte Rydye1Cripplegate
atte Ryol2
   atte Ryol1Bread Street
   de la Ryole1Bread Street
atte Stoples1
   atte Stoples1Cornhill
Attwater1top. from OE wæter 'water'.
   atte Watere1Bridge
Attwick1top. from OE wic 'dairy-farm'.
   atte Wyche1Bridge
Attwood1top. from OE wudu 'wood'.
   atte Wode1Billingsgate
Aurifaber2occ. from Latin aurifaber 'goldsmith'.
   aurifabri1CripplegateThis a genitive form.
   aurifabro1CripplegateThis an ablative form.
Austen1pat. from OFr Aoustin.
Aylesbury1loc. from Aylesbury (Bucks).
   de Aylesbur'1Dowgate
Aylesham1loc. from Aylesham (K).
   de Aylesham1Bassishaw
Baker6occ. from OE bæcere 'baker'.
   Bakere1Bread Street
   le Baker3Broad Street, Castle Baynard, Farringdon Within
   le Baker'2Bassishaw, Cripplegate
Backwell1loc. from Backwell (So).
   de Bakwelle1Broad Street
Bacon1occ. from OFr, ME bacon, bacun 'ham, bacon', for a butcher.
Bail1occ. from ME bail(e) 'the wall of the outer court of a feudal castle', used for a guardian of such.
   Bale1Coleman Street
Bailey1loc. from Old Bailey, London.
   en la baillye1Farringdon Without
Balaam1loc. from Baalon in Meuse.
Baldree5pat. from Baudry.
   Baudry4Bridge, Cripplegate
Ballance1occ. from OFr balancier 'one who weighs with a balance'.
   le Balauncer1Cordwainer
Ballard3desc. from ME ball + -ard, for a bald-headed man.
   Ballard2Cornhill, Cripplegate
Balsam5loc. from Balsham (Cambs) or Balstone (D).
   de Balsham5Cheap, Cordwainer, Farringdon Within, Farringdon Without, Langbourn
Bampton1loc. from Bampton (Cu, D, O, We).
   de Bamptone1Farringdon Without
Barber19occ. from OFr barbeor, barbier 'barber'.
   Barbour1Broad Street
   le Barber7Bridge, Castle Baynard, Cripplegate, Farringdon Within, Farringdon Without
   le Barbier8Bread Street, Coleman Street, Cornhill, Queenhithe
   le Barbour1Broad Street
Bardeney1locc. from Bardney (L).
   de Bardeneie1Cheap
Barnes2loc. from Barnes (Surrey) or residence near a barn.
   de Bernes2Aldersgate, Queenhithe
Barnet2top. from OE bærnet 'burning', for a land cleared by such.
   ate Barnette1Cheap
   de la Barnat'1Broad Street
Baron1desc. from OFr barun, baron 'baron'.
Barr1top. from OFr, ME barre 'barrier, gateway'.
   atte Barre1Billingsgate
Barrat1occ. from OFr barrette 'cap, bonnet', for a maker or seller of such, or desc. from ME bar(r)et(te) 'trouble, distress, deception, fraud, contention, strife'.
   Barette1Castle Baynard
Basing1loc. from Basing (Hampshire).
   de Basyng'1Langbourn
Bastard1desc. from OFr bastard.
   Bastard1Castle Baynard
Battle1desc. from OFr de la batail 'of the battle-array, warrior'.
   atte Bataille1Broad Street
Baynard1pat. from OG Beinhard.
Bear1loc. from any number of places named Beare, Beara, Beer, Beera, or Beere.
   de Bere1Walbrook
Beardfield1loc. from Bardfield (Ess).
   de Berdefelde1Bread Street
Beauchamp1loc. from Beauchamps (La Manche) or any number of places called Beauchamp in France.
   Beauchaumpe1Coleman Street
Beckenham1loc. from Beckenham (GLond).
   de Bekenham1Cheap
Bedfont1loc. from West, East Bedfont (GLond).
   de Bedefonte1Bishopsgate
Bedford2loc. from Bedford (Beds, Lancashire) or Bedforth (WRY).
   de Bedeforde2Aldersgate, Broad Street
Bellamy1desc. from OFr bel ami 'fair friend'.
Bellhouse2loc. from a residence near a detached bell-house or tower.
   atte Belhous1Farringdon Within
   de Belhous1Farringdon Without
Benstead2loc. from Benstead (Ha), Banstead (Sr), Binstead (Wt), or Binsted (Ha, Sx).
   de Benstede2Candlewick
Bentley1loc. from any number of places named Bentle.
   de Bentele1Bread Street
Berden1loc. from Berden (Ess), Bardown in Ticehurst (Sx), or Barden in Skipton (WRY).
   de Berdene1Broad Street
Berkhamsted3loc. from Great, Little Berkhamstead (Herts).
   de Berkhampstede1Langbourn
   de Berkhamstede2Cheap, Coleman Street
Berry7loc. from Berry Pomeroy (D), Bury St Edmunds (Sf) or Bury (Huntingdonshire, Lancashire); or top. from OE bur 'tower' or burh 'fort'.
   de Beri1Walbrook
   de Bery3Broad Street, Coleman Street, Queenhithe
   de Bury2Bridge, Cornhill
   de Byry1Farringdon Without
Berwick1loc. from Berwick (Dorset, Northumb, etc.), Berrick (Oxon), or Barwick (Nf, WRY).
   de Berewyk'1Candlewick
Bethune1loc. from Béthune (Pas-de-Calais).
   de Betoigne1Cordwainer
   Beuflour2Bridge, Tower
Beverley1loc. from Beverley (ERY).
   de Beuerle1Bread Street
Big1desc. from ME bigge 'large, strong, stout'.
Bird2desc. from OE bridd 'bird'.
   Brid1Coleman Street
Birmingham1loc. from Birmingham (Wa).
Bixley1loc. from Bixley (Nf) or Bixley Heath (Sf).
   de Bixele1Queenhithe
   de Bixle1Queenhithe
Blackett1desc. from a diminutive of ME blake 'black'.
   Blaket1Farringdon Within
Blake2desc. from OE, ME blake 'black'.
   le Blak'1Cheap
Blakeney1loc. from Blakeney (Gl, Nf) or Blackney Fm (Do).
   de Blakeneye1Tower
Blakenhall1loc. from Blakenhall (Ches).
   de Blakenhale1Farringdon Without
Bledlow1loc. from Bledlow (Bk).
   de Bledelowe1Broad Street
Blyth2loc. from the Blyth (Northum, Notts).
   de Blythe2Farringdon Within, Lime Street
Boggers1desc. from ME bogeys 'inclined to bluster or brag, puffed up, bold'.
   Bokskyn1Farringdon Within
Bollington3loc. from Bollington (Ch) or Bolington Hall in Ugley (Ess).
   de Bolyngtone3Castle Baynard, Queenhithe
Bolnhurst1loc. from Bolnhurst (Beds).
   de Bolnhurste1Cripplegate
Bonifant1desc. from Fr bon enfant 'good child'.
   Bon emfaunt1Farringdon Within
Bookbinder2occ. from OE boc, bindere.
   la Bokebynder1Farringdon Withoutborne by a woman.
   le Bokebynder1Farringdon Within
Boreham4loc. from Boreham (Ess), Boreham Wood (Herts), Boreham Street (Sx), or Boreham (Wilts).
   de Borham4Bridge, Broad Street, Cheap, Cripplegate
   Bort'1Coleman Street
Bothell1top. from OE *bóþl 'hall or manor house'.
   de Bottele1Coleman Street
Bow3top. from OE boga 'bow, arch, vault', 'arched bridge'.
   ate Bowe3Cordwainer
Bowyer1occ. from ME bowyere 'maker of or trader in bows'.
   le Bowyere1Candlewick
Box1desc. from OE box 'box-tree, box-wood' or loc. from Box (Gl, Wilts), or Box Hall (Herts).
Boyes2top. from OFr bois 'wood'.
   Bois1Coleman Street
   du Boys1Candlewick
Braban1desc. from Brabant in Flanders.
Bradley2loc. from Bradley (Lincs, WRY, etc.)
   de Bradele1Cripplegate
   de Bradelee1Cheap
Brainford1loc. probably from some lost place on the river Brain.
   de Braynforde1Billingsgate
Brampton2loc. from Brampton (Cu, Db, He, Hu, L, Nf, Nth, Sf, We, WRY).
   de Bramptone2Cornhill, Farringdton Within
Brand1pat. from ON Brandr, ODa Brand.
Brandon2loc. from Brandon (Dur, Nf, Sf, Warwicks) or Brundon (Essex).
   de Brandone2Cheap, Farringdon Within
Brangwin1loc. from Bryngwyn (Wales).
   Brangweyn1Broad Street
Brass1desc. from OFr brace, brase 'arm'.
Brasseur6occ. from OFr braceor, brasseur 'brewer'.
   la Braceresse1Candlewickborne by a woman
   le Braceresce1Bishopsgateborne by a woman
   le Brasour2Bishopsgate, Cripplegate
   le Brazour2Cordwainer, Queenhithe
Bray4loc. from Bray (Berks) or High Bray (D).
   de Braye4Cripplegate, Tower
Braystones1loc. from Braystones (Cumbr).
   de Braydestone1Candlewick
Breadstreet1loc. possibly from Bread Street (London).
   de Bredstrate1Cordwainer
Breedon1loc. from Bredon (WO) or Breedon on the Hill (Lei).
   de Bredone1Farringdon Within
Bret5desc. from OFr Bret 'a Breton' or OE Brit, Bryt, Bret 'a Briton', applied to the Strathclyde Britons until c. 1300.
   le Bret2Cripplegate, Farringdon Without
Brewer14occ. from ME brewere 'brewer'.
   la Brewere1Broad Streetborne by a woman.
   le Brewer2Farringdon Within, Farringdon Without
   le Brewer'1Aldersgate
   le Brewere8Aldgate, Billingsgate, Broad Street, Langbourn, Tower
   le Bruer1Portsoken
Brice1pat. from Brice.
   Brice1Farringdon Within
Brickhill1loc. from Bow, Great, Little Brickhill (Bucks).
   de Brikhulle1Cripplegate
Bridge2top. from OE brycg 'bridge'.
   de Bregge1Bishopsgate
   de Brugge1Cheap
Bridgford1loc. from West, East Bridgford (Notts).
   de Brigforde1Farringdon Within
Bridlington1loc. from Bridlington (NRY).
   de Bridelingtone1Aldersgate
Brightwell1loc. from Brightwell (Berks, Sf) or Brightwell Baldwin (O).
   de Brightwelle1Cheap
Bristow2loc. from Bristol (Glos).
   de Bristowe1Farringdon Within
   de Brystowe1Langbourn
Brockton1lco. from Brockton (Sa) or Brocton (St).
Brockwood1loc. from Brookwood in Woking (Sr).
Brompton1loc. from Brompton (Middlesex, Salop, ERY, NRY).
   de Bromptone1Cordwainer
Broom3top. from OE brom 'broom'.
   ate Brom2Cripplegate
   atte Brome1Cripplegate
Broomfield1loc. from Broomfield (Essex, K, Som) or Bromfield (Cumb, Salop).
   de Bromfelde1Cornhill
Broseley1loc. from Broseley (Shrops).
   de Brosele1Broad Street
Brothers1pat from. ON Bróðir, ODa Brothir or desc. from OE broðor 'brother'.
Broughton1loc. from any number of places called Broughton.
   de Broghtone1Bridge
Brown1desc. from OE brun or OFr brun 'brown'.
   Broun1Bread Street
Browning1pat. from OE Bruning
Buckingham1lolc. from Buckingham (Bk).
   de Bokyngham1Langbourn
Buckler3occ. from OFr bouclier 'maker of buckles'.
   le Bokeler3Bread Street, Cheap
Budley1loc. from Budleigh (D).
   de Budele1Queenhithe
Bull1desc. from OE bula 'bull'.
   le Bole1Farringdon Withinborne by a woman
Bullen1loc. from Boulogne (France).
   de Bolonia1Tower
Bullock2desc. from OE bulluc 'a bull-calf'.
   Bullok'2Bishopsgate, Dowgate
Bumpstead1loc. from Helions, Steeple Bumpstead (Ess)
   de Bumstede1Broad Street
Buntingford1loc. from Buntingford (Herts).
   de Buntyngforde1Cornhill
   de Burdeux1Cordwainer
Burge2top. from OE brycg 'bridge' or loc. from any number of places called Burgh.
   de Burghe2Bridge, Queenhithe
Burges1desc. from OFr burgeis 'inhabitant of a borough', i.e., one with full municipal rights.
   Burgeys1Farringdon Within
Burgoin2loc. from Burgundy.
   de Burgoine1Cheap
   de Burgoyne1Cheap
Burlingham1loc. from South, North Burlingham (Nf) or Burlingham (H&W)
   de Berlingham1Tower
Burnham2loc. from Burnham (Bucks, Essex, Lincs, Nf, Som).
   de Bernham1Aldersgate
   de Burnham1Cripplegate
Burrel1desc. from OFr burel 'reddish-brown'.
   Burel1Farringdon Within
Burser1occ. from OFr borsier 'treasurer, bursar', or perhaps 'a maker of purses'.
   le Bourser1Coleman Street
Burton1loc. from one of many places called Burton or Bourton.
   de Burtone1Cordwainer
Bush1top. from OE busc 'bush'.
Butcher2occ. from OFr bochier, bouchier 'butcher'.
   le Bocher1Bridge
   le Boucher1Farringdon Within
Butner2loc. from OFr botonier 'maker of buttons'.
   le Botoner1Bassishaw
Butt1pat. from OE *Butt, *Butta, or desc. from ME butt 'thicker end, stump'.
Cadbury1loc. from Cadbury (D, So).
   de Cadbury1Bishopsgate
Callander1occ. from OFr calendrier, calendreur 'one who calenders cloth'.
   le Kalendrer1Coleman Street
Caller4occ. from Fr cale 'a kind of cap', for 'a maker of cauls or coifs for the head'.
   le Caller'1Tower
   le Callere3Cheap, Cripplegate
Calverley1loc. from Calverley (WRY) or Calverleigh (D).
Camps1loc. from Castle, Shudy Camps (Cambs).
   de Caumpes1Bassishaw
Candle1occ. from OE candel 'candle', for a maker or seller of candles.
   Candle1Farringdon Within
Canfield5loc. from Great, Little Canfield (Ess).
   de Canefelde4Billingsgate, Candlewick, Langbourn
   de Kanefelde1Candlewick
Canterbury4loc. from Canterbury (K).
   de Cantebrigg'1Cordwainer
   de Cantuaria1Farringdon Within
   de Cauntebr'1Cornhill
   de Cauntebrugg'1Lime Street
Capp1occ. from OE cappe 'cap', for a capper.
   Cappes1Coleman Street
Carlisle1loc. from Carlisle (Cumb).
   de Karlel1Bread Street
   Carnifice1Farringdon Within
Carpenter8occ. from AFr carpenter 'carpenter'.
   le Carpenter6Bassishaw, Billinsgate, Bishopsgate, Broad Street, Castle Baynard, Farringdon Without
Carter3occ. from OFr charetier 'charioteer, carter'.
   le Charetter3Castle Baynard, Farringdon Without
Caterham1loc. from Caterham (Surrey).
   de Caterham1Coleman Street
Cavendish4loc. from Cavendish (Sf).
   de Kauendishe3Cheap
Cawston5loc. from Cawston (Nf).
   de Caustone5Bassishaw, Broad Street, Cripplegate, Farringdon Within
Caxton ?1loc. from Caxton (C).
   de Cakestone1Walbrook
Century7occ. from OFr ceinturier, sainturier 'maker of waist-belts'.
   Centuraria1Portsokenborne by a woman.
   la Ceynturere1Coleman Streetborne by a woman
Chambers2top. from ME chaumbre 'room (in a house).'
   atte Chaumbre1Farringdon Without
   de la Chaumbre1Cordwainer
Champain1loc. from Champagne (France).
   de Chaumpayne1Bread Street
Champion1desc. from OFr champiun, champion 'a combattant in the campus or arena, a champion'.
   Champioun1Farringdon Within
Chandler32occ. from OFr chandelier, candelier 'maker or seller of candles'.
   Candelario2Cheap, Farringdon Within
   la Chaundelere1Langbournborne by a woman
   le chaundeler8Broad Street, Queenhithe
   le Chaundeler18Billinsgate, Bread Street, Bridge, Candlewick, Cheap, Coleman Street, Cornhill, Cripplegate, Dowgate, Farringdon Within, Farringdon Without, Langbourn
Chantler1desc. from OFr chautner, clere 'sing loudly'.
   Chauntecler1Farringdon Without
   le Chapeler1Bread Street
Chapman1desc. from OE ceapmann, cyp(e)mann, cepemann 'merchant, trader'.
Charlton1loc. from any number of places called Charlton.
   de Charletone1Cheap
Chaucer5occ. from OFr chaucier 'maker of chausses, breeches, pantaloons, hose', probably also a worker in leather.
   le Chaucer5Bread Street, Cordwainer, Cripplegate
Chelmersford1loc. from Chelmersford (Essex).
   de Chelmeresforde1Lime Street
Chelsea1loc. from Chelsea (GLond).
   de Chelse1Walbrook
Chertsey1loc. from Chertsey (Surrey).
   de Charteseye1Farringdon Within
Chester1loc. from Chester (Ches) or Little Chester (Db), Chester le Street (Dur), or Chesters (Northumb).
   de Cestre1Farringdon Within
Cheverall1occ. from OFr chevrele, chevrelle 'seller of kid-leather'.
   le Cheuelmongere1Cripplegate
Chiswick1loc. from Chiswick (Ess, Middlesex) or Cheswick (Northumb).
   de Chesewyk'1Dowgate
Christopher1loc. from Saint Christopher, London.
   Cristofre1Broad Street
Clacton2loc. from Great, Little Clacton (Essex).
   de Clactone1Aldersgate
   de Claktone1Farringdon Within
Clark7occ. from Lat. clericus 'clerk'.
   Clerico2Cheap, Portsoken
   le Clerc1Farringdon Without
   le Clerc'2Farringdon Within, Farringdon Without
   le Clerk1Aldersgate
   le clerk'1Queenhithe
Clavering1loc. from Clavering (Ess).
   de Claueryngg'1Cornhill
Clear1mat. from French Clere.
   Clere1Coleman Street
Clear1loc. from Clere (Hants).
   de Clere1Cripplegate
Cobb1pat. from OE *Cobba.
Cobham1loc. from Cobham (K, Surrey, Sx).
   de Cobham1Dowgate
Cock2top. from OE cocc 'haycock, heap, hillock'; "in London it probably derived from the sign of a house or inn."
   ate Cocke1Langbourn
   Coco11Bread Street, Bridge, Cheap, Cordwainer, Farringdon Within, Queenhithe
Coddenham1loc. from Coddenham (Suff).
   de Codham1Coleman Street
Coddington2loc. from Coddington (H&W).
   de Codyngtone2Candlewick, Tower
Coe1desc. from ME co, coo 'jackdaw'.
   le Coo1Candlewick
Coffer2occ. from OFr coffrier 'maker of chests, treasurer'.
   le Coffrer2Cheap
Cole1pat. from ON, ODa Koli or OE Cola.
   Cole1Farringdon Within
Coleman2pat. from OIr Colmán or ON Kalman, or desc. 'charcoal-burner'.
   Coleman2Candlewick, Tower
Colkirk1loc. from Colkirk (Nf).
   de Colkirk'1Cripplegate
Collier3occ. from OE col 'coal', for a maker or seller of coal.
   Coliere2Castle Baynard
   le Colyer1Farringdon Without
Colwell1loc. from Colwell (D, Nb), Colwall (He), or Colwell House in Wivelsfield (Sx).
   de Colewelle1Cordwainer
Combe3loc. any number of places called Comb, Combe, or Coombe, or top. from OE cumb 'small valley'.
   de Combe1Dowgate
   de Coumbe2Cripplegate, Tower
Conduit3top. from ME conduit, condit, cundit, an artificial channel or pipe for conveying water.
   ate Conduyt1Cheap
   atte Condut1Bread Street
   atte Conduyt1Bread Street, Cheap
Consedy1desc. from OFr commencer, dieu 'May God begin it', a phrase name.
Constantine1pat. from OFr Constantin.
Converse1desc. from OFr convers 'converted', used of one converted from secular to religious life in adult age.
   le Conuers1Cornhill
Cooper8occ. from ME couper 'maker or repairer of wooden casks, buckets, or tubs'.
   le Couper2Bread Street, Langbourn
   le Coupere4Bridge, Broad Street, Farringdon Within, Farringdon Without
   le Cuppere2Cripplegate
   de Copham1Bread Street
Corder2occ. from OFr cordier 'maker of cords'.
   le Corder2Farringdon Within, Queenhithe
Cordner14occ. from OFr cordoanier 'shoemaker'.
   Cordewaner5Castle Baynard, Cheap, Cripplegate
   le Cordewaner8Billingsgate, Bridge, Cheap, Coleman Street, Langbourn, Tower, Walbrook
Corner1top. from AFr, ME corner 'angle, corner'.
   atte Corner1Castle Baynard
Cornwall1loc. from Cornwall.
   de Cornwaille1Bridge
Corp1desc. from ON korpr or OFr corp 'raven'.
Coterel2desc. from OFr coterel, a dim. of OFr cotier 'cottager'.
   Coterel2Bread Street, Farringdon Within
   le Cotiler1Farringdon Without
   le Cotiller9Bridge, Cheap, Cordwainer, Cornhill, Dowgate, Farringdon Without
Coton1loc. from Coton (Cambs), Cotton (Ches), Coatham (Dur, NRY), Cotham (Notts), or Cottam (Notts, ERY).
   de Coton1Walbrook
Cousin3desc. from OFr cusin, cosin 'kinsman, cousin'.
   Cosyn3Bread Street, Walbrook
Coventry1loc. from Coventry (Warwicks).
   de Couentre1Cheap
Cover1occ. from ME, OFr cuve 'cask, vat' or OFr cuvier 'cooper'.
Crane1desc. from OE cran 'crane', for a long-legged person.
   Crane1Farringdon Within
Cray3loc. from Foots, North, St Mary, St Paul's Cray (K).
   de Craye2Candlewick
   de Creye1Bridge
Cripplegate1loc. from Cripplegate (London).
   de Crepulgate1Queenhithe
Crocker1occ. from OE croc(c), crocca 'an earthen pot'.
   le Crockere1Dowgate
Crofton1loc. from Crofton (Cu, Ha, K, W, WRY).
   de Croftone1Langbourn
Cross3top. from cross.
   Crosse3Billingsgate, Tower
Crouch4top. from OE cruc 'cross'.
   ate Crouche1Candlewick
   atte Crouche3Bread Street, Candlewick, Queenhithe
Croyden2locc. from Croydon (C, Sr).
   de Croydone2Bassishaw, Billingsgate
Cunningham1loc. from Cunningham (Ayrshire).
   de Conyngham1Tower
Currier1desc. from OFr conreeur 'currier, leather-dresser'.
   le Curreour1Cheap
Dalling3loc. from Dalling (Nf).
   de Dallingg'3Bassishaw, Bread Street, Cripplegate
Danes1top. from OE denu 'valley'.
Daniel5pat. from Daniel.
   Danyel3Aldgate, Cheap, Cripplegate
   Danyeles1Broad Street
Darby3loc. from Derby.
   de Derbi2Walbrook
   de Derby1Farringdon Within
Darcey1loc. from Arcy (La Manche).
Darree1desc. from OFr denree 'penny-worth'.
   Darry1Farringdon Without
Davey1pat. from Davy.
de Amondesham2
   de Amondesham2Farringdon Without
de Attone1
   de Attone1Aldersgate
de Auemere1
   de Auemere1Farringdon Within
de Aumesbery1
   de Aumesbery1Aldersgate
de Bedik'1
   de Bedik'1Cordwainer
de Benyngho1
   de Benyngho1Tower
de Berdefelde1
   de Berdefelde1Cripplegate
de Berkeyne11
   de Berkeyne1Bread Street
   de Berkyng'2Queenhithe
   de Berkyngg'8Bassishaw, Bishopsgate, Cheap, Cordwainer, Cripplegate,
de Berkwey2
   de Berkwey2Cripplegate, Queenhithe
de Bertone2
   de Bertone2Castle Baynard, Farringdon Without
de Billerica2
   de Billerica1Portsoken
   de Billirica1Broad Street
de Bolhurste1
   de Bolhurste1Aldersgate
de Bordesle1
   de Bordesle1Cornhill
de Bradburgham1
   de Bradburgham1Farringdon Within
de Braghing'6
   de Braghing'1Bridge
   de Braghyngg'2Cheap
   de Braughyng'3Candlewick, Walbrook
de Brekendene1
   de Brekendene1Candlewick
de Bristenok'1
   de Bristenok'1Queenhithe
de Bronne1
   de Bronne1Candlewick
de Brounlexk'1
   de Brounlexk'1Candlewick
de Camerwelle1
   de Camerwelle1Langbourn
de Castelacre1
   de Castelacre1Bread Street
de Chelchehethe1
   de Chelchehethe1Farringdon Without
de Chesthunt1
   de Chesthunt1Queenhithe
de Chetyngtone1
   de Chetyngtone1Farringdon Without
de Cheyham1
   de Cheyham1Bread Street
de Chibbenham1
   de Chibbenham1Cordwainer
de Chikewelle3
   de Chikewelle3Bread Street, Queenhithe
de Cobhampbur'1
   de Cobhampbur'1Aldgate
de Compes1
   de Compes1Broad Street
de Compeworthe1
   de Compeworthe1Farringdon Within
de Conestable1
   de Conestable1Cheap
de Coumbemartyn1
   de Coumbemartyn1Tower
de Cristemasse1
   de Cristemasse1Cornhill
de Crokesle1
   de Crokesle1Bread Street
de Dadyngtone1
   de Dadyngtone1Cripplegate
de Denecoumbe1
   de [D]enecoumbe1Cripplegate
de Dictone1
   de Dictone1Queenhithe
de Dokesworthe1
   de Dokesworthe1Farringdon Within
de Dommowe4
   de Dommowe1Cripplegate
   de Donmowe3Cripplegate, Langbourn, Walbrook
de Donwyco1
   de Donwyco1Cripplegate
de Dulberi1
   de Dulberi1Walbrook
de Dureme1
   de Dureme1Cripplegate
de Dykesworthe1
   de Dykesworthe1Cheap
de Ebbegate1
   de Ebbegate1Cordwainer
de Edelmetone1
   de Edelmetone1Farringdon Without
de Elsyngham1
   de Elsyngham1Cornhill
de Estchep1
   de Estchep1Walbrook
de Eywode1
   de Eywode1Langbourn
de ffoundenhale1
   de ffoundenhale1Farringdon Without
de ffrithebek'1
   de ffrithebek'1Farringdon Within
de ffrowyk'1
   de ffrowyk'1Tower
de ffylers1
   de ffyllers1Aldersgate
de Gedelstone1
   de Gedelstone1Cheap
de Grauntebrigg'1
   de Grauntebrigg'1Cripplegate
de Harlestede1
   de Harlestede1Candlewick
de Harengeye1
   de Harengeye1Cripplegate
de Hecham1
   de Hecham1Portsoken
de Hedersete2
   de Hedersete2Cordwainer, Cripplegate
de Heldyng'1
   de Heldyng'1Broad Street
de Herkstede1
   de Herkstede1Bridge
de Herwardstok'1
   de Herwardstok'1Broad Street
de Heslewelle1
   de Heslewelle1Walbrook
de Holnedene1
   de Holnedene1Candlewick
de Hondeyepe1
   de Hondeyepe1Castle Baynard
de Honylane2
   de Honylane2Cheap
de Houmanbey1
   de Houmanbey1Bread Street
de Hoynesham1
   de Hoynesham1Dowgate
de Hundesdice1
   de Hundesdiche1Portsoken
de Hundore1
   de Hundore1Cripplegate
de Hydingham1
   de Hydingham1Broad Street
de ietyngg'1
   de ietyngg'1Cornhill
de Istelworthe1
   de Istelworthe1Castle Baynard
de Kancia1
   de Kancia1Queenhithe
de Kerebrok'1
   de Kerebrok'1Bridge
de Keyles'1
   de Keyles'1Queenhithe
de la Garderobe2
   de la Garderobe2Candlewick, Langbourn
de la Nonneys1
   de la Nonneys1Candlewick
de Lesues1perhaps an error for Lesnes.
   de Lesues1Farringdon Within
de Lodelawe1
   de Lodelawe1Cripplegate
de Lodegershale1
   de Lodegershale1Farringdon Within
de Londonstone1
   de Londonstone1Farringdon Without
de Luda1
   de Luda1Dowgate
de Lughteburghe2
   de Lughteburghe2Bridge, Farringdon Within
de Manhale1
   de Manhale1Cornhill
de Maryns1
   de Maryns1Cheap
de Massyngbiry1
   de Massyngbiry1Bread Street
de Matthyng1
   de Matthyng1Farringdon Without
de Medelane1
   de Medelane1Cheap
de Meldeburne1
   de Meldeburne1Cordwainer
de Merlawe1
   de Merlawe1Cheap
de Mokkingg'1
   de Mokkingg'1Bridge
de Naylynghurst'1
   de Naylynghurst'1Aldgate
de Oteswiche1
   de Oteswiche1Broad Street
de Pabenham1
   de Pabenham1Farringdon Without
de Palstre1
   de Palstre1Bishopsgate
de Peryngdone1
   de Peryngdone1Billingsgate
de Porkele1
   de Porkele1Farringdon Within
de Porkesle2
   de Porkesle2Cripplegate
de Potenhale3
   de Potenhale1Castle Baynard
   de Po[t]enhale1Castle Baynard
   de Pottenhale1Cripplegate
de Potyngtone1
   de Potyngtone1Farringdon Without
de Poumfreyt1
   de Poumfreyt1Bishopsgate
de Pypehurste1
   de Pypehurste1Farringdon Within
de Raghtone1
   de Raghtone1Portsoken
de Refham1
   de Refham1Cheap
de Rokesle3
   de Rokesle3Dowgate
de Roqeswelle1
   de Roqeswelle1Tower
de Rothingg'5
   de Rothingg'2Aldersgate, Bridge
   de Rothingge1Cornhill
   de Rothynge1Langbourn
   de Rothyngg'1Lime Street
de Sabrichesworthe1
   de Sabrichesworthe1Cheap
de Sancto Botulpho1
   de Sancto Botulpho1Aldersgate
de Sancto Saluatore1
   de Sancto Saluatore1Tower
de Secheforde2
   de Secheforde2Farringdon Within
de Seint Neede1
   de Seint Neede1Cornhill
de Seuecombe1
   de Seuecombe1Bread Street
de Shepstede1
   de Shepstede1Farringdon Without
de Speresholte1
   de Speresholte1Cordwainer
de Stebehethe3
   de Stebehethe1Cheap
   de Stebenhuthe2Bread Street, Langbourn
de Storteforde2
   de Storteforde2Bridge, Cripplegate
de Tethynglombe1
   de Tethynglombe1Broad Street
de Thele2
   de Thele2Farringdon Within, Farringdon Without
de Totenhale3
   de Totenhale3Bishopsgate, Cheap, Cripplegate
de Triple1
   de Triple1Walbrook
de Vndle1
   de Vndle1Langbourn
de Wengraue1
   de Wengraue1Broad Street
de Wodere1
   de Wodere1Candlewick
de Wodesslade1
   de Wodesslade1Queenhithe
de Wygehaye1
   de Wygehaye1Bridge
de Wymondeswolde1
   de Wymondeswolde1Cornhill
de Wyrlyngworthe1
   de Wyrlyngworthe1Farringdon Within
de Ychull1
   de Ychull1Cornhill
de Yiueneye1
   de Yiue[n]eye1Queenhithe
de Yuylane1
   de Yuylane1Farringdon Within
Dearman1pat. from OE Deormann.
   Deumars2Billingsgate, Langbourn
Delamar1top. from OE mere 'lake' or mor 'moor', or loc. from any number of French places called La Mare.
   de la Mare1Farringdon Within
Denham1loc. from Denham (Bucks, Sf) or Denholme (WRY).
   de Denham1Bread Street
Denis2pat. from Lat. Dionysius or mat. from Lat. Dionysia.
   Deneys1Coleman Street
Deopham2loc. from Deopham, Deopham Green (Nf).
   de Depham2Bassishaw, Tower
Depden1loc. from Depden Green (Sf).
   de Depedene1Bread Street
Devenish1desc. from OE defenisc 'man from Devon'.
Devon1loc. from Devon
   de Deuonia1Broad Street
Dimmock1loc. from Dymock (Glos).
Disher1occ. from OE disc 'dish', for a maker of dishes.
   le Dissher'1Cripplegate
Ditch1top. from OE dic 'ditch, dike'.
   ate Dyche1Candlewick
Dod1pat. from OE Dodd(a).
Dodford1loc. from Dodford (Nth, Wo).
   de Dodeford1Walbrook
Dorking1loc. from Dorking (Sr).
   de Dorkyngg1Castle Baynard
Drayton2loc. from Dreyton (D) or any of a number of places named Drayton.
   de Draytone2Bread Street, Cripplegate
Drewery1desc. from OFr duirie, druerie 'love, friendship', 'love-token, sweetheart'.
   Dridish'1Coleman Street
Dubber1occ. from OFr adubeour, adubur 'repairer' of clothes, ME dubber 'fripperer'.
   le Dubber1Coleman Street
Dullingham1loc. from Dullingham (Cambs).
   de Dullyngham1Aldgate
Dunley2loc. from Dunley in Areley Kings (Wo).
   de Dunlee2Cordwainer
Dunstable2loc. from Dunstable (Beds).
   de Donstaple2Cornhill, Dowgate
Earl1desc. from OE eorl 'earl'.
Eastwick1loc. from Eastwick (Herts, WRY), Eastwick in Great Bookham (Sr), or Eastwick Barn in Patcham (Sx).
   de Est Wyk'1Farringdon Within
Edmond2pat. from OE Éadmund.
   Edmond2Bread Street, Queenhithe
Edward2pat. from OE Éadweard.
Eliot1pat. from Eliot.
Ellis2pat. from ME Elis 'Elias', the Greek form of Elijah.
Elsing2loc. from Elsing (Nf).
   de Elsyngg'2Cheap, Cordwainer
Ely3loc. from Ely (Cambs).
   de Eli1Walbrook
   de Ely2Bread Street, Queenhithe
Enfield2loc. from Enfield (Middlesex).
   de Enefelde2Cordwainer, Cripplegate
Epwell1loc. from Epwell (Oxon).
   de Epwelle1Cripplegate
Essex2loc. from Essex.
   de Essex1Cripplegate
   de Essexe1Cripplegate
Estridge1desc. from OFr estreis 'eastern'; in 13th-C London applies to Germans or Easterlings.
   le Estrishe1Billingsgate
Everard1pat. from OE Eoforheard or OG Eburhard, Everhard.
   Euerard1Bread Street
Ewan1pat. from Ewan.
Ewell1loc. from Ewell (Sr), or Temple Ewell, Ewell, Minnis (K).
   de Ewelle1Cheap
Exeter5loc. from Exeter (D).
   de Excestre4Bishopsgate, Cripplegate, Walbrook
   de Exonia1Cheap
Faber4occ. from Lat. faber 'smith'.
   ffabro4Billingsgate, Lime Street, Coleman Street, Portsoken
Fainer2occ. from OFr fenier 'haymonger.
   le ffayner1Queenhithe
   le ffeynour1Bishopsgate
Fairhead2desc. from OE fæger 'fair' + OE heafod 'head' or OE hod 'hood'.
   ffairhod1Castle Baynard
   ffeirhod1Castle Baynard
Fanner2top. from ME fann 'marsh' or occ. from OE fann 'maker of fans or winnowing-baskets'.
   le ffanner1Farringdon Without
   le ffannere1Bishopsgate
Farmer1occ. from AFr fermer 'one who undertakes the collection of taxes'.
   le ffermer1Farringdon Without
Farnborough3loc. from Farnborough (Berks, Ha, K, L, Wa).
   de ffarnberghe3Billingsgate, Cheap
Farnden3loc. from Farndon (Ch, Nt), or East, West Farndon (Nth).
   de ffarndone3Cornhill, Cripplegate
Farnham2loc. from Farnham (Bucks, Dorset, Essex, Sf, Surrey, WRY).
   de ffarnham2Cheap, Cordwainer
Father1desc. from OE fæder 'father'.
Featherman1occ. from OE feðer 'feather', a seller of feathers.
   le ffethermongere1Tower
Feckenham1loc. from Feckenham (H&W).
   de ffekenham1Bishopsgate
Ferrer1occ. from OFr ferreor, ferour 'worker in iron, smith'.
   le fferour1Walbrook
Fewster5occ. from OFr fustier, fuyster, fustrier 'saddle-tree maker'.
   le ffuster5Cripplegate
   ffrembaud1Bread Street
Field1top. from OE feld 'field'.
   atte ffelde1Farringdon Without
Fincham ?1loc. from Fincham (Nf).
   de ffencham1Bread Street
Finchingfield1loc. from Finchingfield (Essex).
   de ffynchyngfelde1Farringdon Within
Firminger2occ. from OFr fromagier, formagier 'maker or seller of cheese'.
Flaunden1loc. from Flaunden (Herts).
   de fflaundene1Farringdon Without
Fleet2loc. from Fleet (Lincs).
   de fflet1Farringdon Without
   de fflete1Cornhill
Fleury2mat. from Flory.
   fflorrye2Farringdon Within
Floor1loc. from Floore (Nth).
Fold1top. from ME fold 'cattle-pen, fold'.
   atte ffolde1Broad Street
Forester2occ. from OFr forestier, ME forester 'officer in charge of a forest'.
   le fforester2Aldersgate, Farringdon Within
Forrest1top. from ME forest 'forest'.
   de fforesta1Farringdon Within
Founder8occ. from OFr fondeur, fundeur 'one who founds or casts metal'.
   le ffoundour4Cheap, Coleman Street, Cordwainer
   le ffundour1Cheap
   le foundour1Cheap
Frances1desc. from OFr Franceis 'a Frank, Frenchman'.
Frank1desc. from OG Franco 'a Frank'.
   ffraunk'1Coleman Street
Franklin1desc. from ME frankeleyn 'freeman, a landowner of free, but not noble, birth'.
Frear3occ. or desc. from OFr frere 'friar'.
   ffrere3Bishopsgate, Farringdon Within, Langbourn
French2desc. from ME frennsce, frenche 'French'.
   le ffrensche1Aldgate
   le ffreynshe1Cheap
Freshfish1desc. from ME fresh + OE fisc 'fresh fish', for a fishmonger.
Freston1loc. from Freston (Sf).
   de ffrestone1Dowgate
Friday1desc. for someone born on this day.
Frosh1perhaps desc. from ME frosh 'frog'.
Frost1desc. from OE forst, frost 'frost'.
Froyle1loc. from Froyle (Ha).
   ffroyl1Farringdon Within
Fulham3loc. from Fulham (GLond).
   de ffulham3Cordwainer, Dowgate
Fuller3occ. from OE fullere 'fuller of cloth'.
   le ffoullere1Langbourn
   le ffullere2Dowgate, Queenhithe
Furber8occ. from OFr forbeor, fourbeor, furbeor 'furbisher of armour'.
   le ffourbour8Bishopsgate, Cheap, Cornhill, Farringdon Without, Langbourn
Furnival1loc. from Fournival (Oise, Orne).
   le ffurniual1Bassishaw
Gager1occ. from OFr gauger 'gauger, exciseman'.
   le Gauger1Dowgate
Galloway1loc. from Galloway (Scotland), or an unidentified English place Galway.
   de Galeweye1Bread Street
Gander1desc. from OE gan(d)ra 'gander'.
Gardener2occ. from OFr jardinier 'gardener'.
   le Gardiner2Bishopsgateone was a woman.
Garland1occ. 'maker of garlands', metal chaplets or circlets adorned with gold or silver.
   Garlander1Coleman Street
Garlic1occ. from OE garleac 'garlic', for a seller of garlic.
   le Garlikmonger1Coleman Street
Garton2loc. from Garton (ERY).
   de Gartone2Cheap, Cordwainer
Gate9top. from OE gatu 'gates'.
   ate Gate2Cheap, Langbourn
   atte Gate7Bishopsgate, Castle Baynard, Cripplegate, Farringdon Within, Tower
Gatsden1loc. from Great, Little Gaddesden (Herts).
   de Gatesdene1Farringdon Within
Gaunter1occ. from OFr gantier, wantier 'maker or seller of gloves'.
Gay1desc. from ME gai(e), OFr gai 'full of joy, lighthearted'.
Gayspur1desc. from OFr gai 'gay' + OE spura 'spur', for someone with showy spurs.
Gentle3desc. from ME gentil 'high-born, noble'.
   Gentil3Cheap, Coleman Street
Giffard1pat. from OG Gifard or desc. from OFr giffard 'chubby-cheeked, bloated'.
Gilder1occ. from OE gyldan 'to gild'.
   le Gildere1Cripplegate
Giles1pat. from Gyles
   Gyles1Farringdon Without
Gill3mat. from Gillian
Girdler3occ. from OE gyrdel 'girdle', a girdle-maker.
   le Girdeler1Bassishaw
   le Gyrdeler2Bridge, Broad Street
   le Glaswrighte1Broad Street
Gloster6loc. from Gloucester.
   de Gloucestre6Bread Street, Cheap, Cornhill, Cripplegate, Farringdon Within, Queenhithe
Godfrey1pat. from OFr Godefroi(s).
Godsname2desc. from 'In God's name', a phrase name.
   de Godesname2Cheap, Farringdon Within
Godston1loc. from Godstone (Sr).
   de Godestone1Bread Street
Godwin1pat. from OE Godwine
Goff1occ. from Welsh, Breton gof, Cornish gov 'smith'.
   Goioun1Farringdon Within
Goldbeater3occ. from OE gold + beatere.
   le Goldbeter3Cheap, Cripplegate, Farringdon Without
Goodcheap1desc. from OE good + ceap 'barter, price', perhaps for a street vendor.
Goodfellow1desc. from ME god felawe 'good fellow'.
   Godfelawe1Coleman Street
Gorrell1desc. from ME gorrell 'fat-paunched person'.
Gorst2top. from OE gorst 'gorse'.
Grantham1loc. from Grantham (Lincs).
   de Grantham1Cordwainer
   Grapefige1Coleman Street
Graveley1loc. from Graveley (C, Herts).
   de Grauele1Cripplegate
Green1top. from OE gréne 'green'.
   ate Grene1Portsoken
Greenstead1loc. from Greenstead, Greensted (Ess) or Grinstead (Sx).
   de Grenstede1Cornhill
Greenwich2loc. from Greenwich (GLond).
   de Grenewiche2Cheap
Gregory1pat. from Gregory.
Gross1desc. from OFr gros 'big, fat'.
   le Gros1Bassishawborne by a woman.
Gubb6pat. from a short form of Gubbin a variant of Gibben, a diminutive of Gilbert.
   Gubbe6Bread Street, Bridge, Queenhithe
Guilford1loc. from Guildford (Sr).
   de Guldeforde1Dowgate
Guy1pat. from OFr Guy, occ from OFr gui 'guide', or top from OFr guie 'salt-water ditch'.
Hackford1loc. from Hackford (nf) or Hackforth (NRY).
   de Hakeforde1Coleman Street
Hackney7loc. from Hackney (Middlesex).
   de Hakeneie2Castle Baynard, Cripplegate
   de Hakeneye5Billingsgate, Castle Baynard, Farringdon Without, Tower
Hadham2loc. from Much, Little Hadham (Herts).
   de Haddham1Farringdon Without
   de Hadham1Coleman Street
Hadstock1loc. from Hadstock (Essex).
   de Hadestok'1Cripplegate
Hafter1occ. from OE hæft 'handle, for a maker or seller of handles.
   Hafter1Castle Baynard
Hagan1pat. from ODa Haghni, OSw Hagne or OG Hagano, Hageno.
Hagbourne1loc. from East, West Hagbourne (Ox).
   de Hakebourne1Bassishaw
Hain1desc. from ME heyne, haine, hayn 'mean wretch, niggard'.
   Hayn1Bread Street
Hainault1loc. from Hainault (GLond).
   de Heneholt'1Broad Street
Hale2top. from OE halh 'nook, recess, remote valley'.
   de Hales2Bridge
Halford1loc. from Halford (D, K, Salop, Warwicks).
   de Haleforde1Farringdon Within
Halifax1loc. from Halifax (WRY).
Hall1top. from OE heall 'hall'.
   atte Halle1Bassishaw
Hallingbury2loc. from Great, Little Hallingbury (Essex).
   de Hallyngberi1Walbrook
   de Hallyngeberi1Walbrook
Halliwell1loc. from Halliwell (Lancs), Holwell (Dorset, Oxon), Holywell (Hunts, Northumb).
   de Haliwelle1Cordwainer
Halter1occ. from OE hælftre 'halter', for a maker or seller of such.
   le Haltrer'1Tower
Hambelden1loc. from Hambleden (Bucks).
   de Hameldene1Bread Street
Hambley1loc. from Hamly Bridge in Chiddingly (Sx).
   de Hamele1Farringdon Within
Hannington2loc. from Hannington (Hants, Northants, Wilts) or Hannington Wick (Wilts).
   de Hanyntone2Walbrook
Hansard1occ. from OFr hansard 'cutlass, poniard', for a maker or seller of such.
Hardy2desc. from ME hardi 'bold, courageous'.
   Hardy2Aldgate, Farringdon Within
Hare1desc. from OE hara 'hare'.
   le Hare1Cornhill
Harlow3loc. from Harlow (Ess) or Harlow Hill (Northumb, WRY).
   de Herlawe3Cheap, Farringdon Within
Harvey2pat. from OFr Hervé
   Heruy2Bread Street
Hatfield2loc. from Hatfield (Ess, Hereford, Herts, Notts, Worcs, ER, NRY) or Heathfield (Som, Sx).
   de Hatfelde1Candlewick
   de Hattefelde1Farringdon Within
Hatter1occ. for a maker or seller of hats.
   le Hatter1Farringdon Without
   Haudeby1Broad Street
Hawick1loc. from Hawick (Roxburgh).
Hawtin2desc. from OFr hautain 'proud, haughty'.
   Hautein1Broad Street
Haymonger1occ. from OE heg 'hay' + mangere, 'a dealer in hay'.
   le Haymongere1Langbourn
Hazard1desc. from OE hasu 'grey', 'greyhaired' or Fr hase 'female hare'.
Hedge2top. from OE hecg 'hedge'.
   atte Hegge2Coleman Street
Hende1desc. from OE (ge)hende 'courteous, handsome'.
   le Hende1Farringdon Without
Henden1loc. from Hendon (Du, Mx).
   de Hendone1Cripplegate
Henham1loc. from Henham (Essex).
   de Henham1Broad Street
Henley1loc. from Henley (Oxon, Salop, Som, Sf, Surrey, Warwicks).
   de Henele1Cripplegate
Hereford4loc. from Hertford, Hereford, or Harford (D, Glos).
   de Hereforde4Farringdon Within, Farringdon Without, Queenhithe
Hereward1pat. from OE Hereweard.
   Hereward'1Farringdon Without
Heron2desc. from OFr hairon, ME heiroun, heyron 'heron'.
Herring1desc. from OFr hareng 'herring'.
Herst2top. from OE hyrst 'wood, wooded hill'.
   atte Herst1Bishopsgate
   de Herste1Walbrook
Heston3loc. from Heston (Mx).
   de Hestone3Aldersgate, Cordwainer, Crippelgate
Hindringham2loc. from Hindringham (Nf).
   de Hyndringham1Bassishaw
   de Hyndryngham1Coleman Street
Hinton1loc. from one of any number of places called Hinton.
   de Hyntone1Cordwainer
Hoar4desc. from OE har 'hoar, grey-haired'.
   le Hore4Bread Street, Broad Street, Cripplegate, Walbrook
Hockley1loc. from Hockley (Ess, Wa).
   de Hokkele1Bridge
Hod1occ. from ME hod, hud, hood, hodde 'hood'.
   Hoode1Castle Baynard
Hodder3occ. from OE hod 'hood', for a maker of hoods.
   le Hoder'1Bassishaw
   le Hodere1Cripplegate
Hoddesdon7loc. from Hoddesdon (Herts).
   de Hoddesdone2Broad Street, Coleman Street
   de Hodesdone5Cheap, Cornhill, Langbourn
Holbeach1loc. from Holbeach (Lincs).
   de Holebeche1Cordwainer
Holcot1loc. from Holcot (Beds, Nth).
   de Holecote1Farringdon Within
Holt2top. from OE holt 'wood'.
   atte Holte2Cornhill
Horn6occ. 'hornblower' or 'horner'.
   Horn5Bridge, Queenhithe
Hornby1loc. from Hornby (Lancs, Westmorland, NRY).
   de Horneby1Farringdon Without
Horner3occ. from OE horn for a maker or user of horns.
   le Horner3Bishopsgate, Farringdon Within, Farringdon Without
Horsham1loc. from Horsham (Sx), Horsham St Faith (Nf), Horsham in Martley (Wo).
   de Horsham1Cordwainer
Horton1loc. from one of any number of places called Horton.
   de Hortone1Langbourn
Hosier1occ. from OE hosa 'hose', for a maker or dealer in stockings and hose.
   le Hosyer1Dowgate
Hotter1occ. from OFr hotte 'basket' for a basketmaker.
   le Hotter1Portsoken
How1top. from OE hoh 'heel, projecting ridge of land'.
   de Hoo1Queenhithe
Hubert4pat. from OG Hugibert, Hubert.
   Huberd'1Bread Street
Hugill1loc. from Howgill in Sedbergh (WRY) or Hugill (Westmorland).
   de Huggele1Broad Street
Hull2top. from a dialectal form of hill
   ate Hulle1Cheap
   atte Hulle1Farringdon Without
Huntingdon1loc. from Huntingdon (Hunts) or Huntington (Ches, Hereford, Salop, Staffs, NRY).
   de Huntyngdone1Langbourn
Huntman1occ. from ME hunte + OE mann 'hunter, servant of the hunter'.
Hurer2occ. from OFr hure 'cap', for a maker of caps.
   le Hurer2Tower
Hurley1loc. from Hurley (Berks, Som, Warwicks).
   de Hurlee1Farringdon Within
Husband3desc. or occ. from OE husbonda 'householder, farmer, husband'.
   Hosebonde2Bread Street, Bridge
Hutton1loc. from any number of places called Hutton.
   de Houtone1Farringdon Within
Ickleton1loc. from Ickleton (Cambs).
   de Ikeltone1Broad Street
Image1occ. from OFr ymageour, ymagier 'maker of images, carver, sculptor'.
   le Ymager1Farringdon Within
Inglewood1loc. from Inglewood (Berks) or Inglewood Forest (Cu).
Ipswich1loc. from Ipswich (Sf).
   de Ypeswiche1Coleman Street
Jarvis2pat. from OFr Gervais.
   Geruays1Farringdon Within
   Geruois1Farringdon Within
Jewell3occ. for a jeweller or goldsmith
   la Jueler1Broad Streetborne by a woman.
   la Juelere1Candlewickborne by a woman.
   le Jueler1Cheap
Joiner4occ. from OFr joigneor 'joiner'.
   le Joignour3Bishopsgate, Broad Street
   le Joynour1Queenhithe
Jordan3pat. from Jordan.
   Jurdane1Farringdon Within
Joy3mat. from Joia or desc. from joy.
   Joye3Billingsgate, Cripplegate, Langbourn
Junior11desc. from Lat. junior 'young', used here to distinguish the younger of two people with the same given name and surname.
   Juniore11Bassishaw, Bread Street, Castle Baynard, Cheap, Cripplegate, Farringdon Within, Tower
Keel1loc. from Keele (St) or East, Weast Keal (L).
   de Kele1Aldersgate
Kelly1loc. from Kelly (D), Kelly near Arbroath or Kellie in Fife.
   de Kelee1Farringdon Within
Kelsey1loc. from North, South Kelsey (L).
   de Kelleseye1Cripplegate
Kemsing1loc. from Kemsing (K).
   de Kemesyng'1Walbrook
Kendal1loc. from Kendal (Westmorland).
   de Kendale1Cripplegate
Kent11loc. from Kent.
   de Kent7Bassishaw, Bishopsgate, Cripplegate, Walbrook
   de Kent'4Broad Street, Candlewick, Cheap, Langbourn
Kesteven1loc. from Kesteven (Lincs).
   de Casteuene1Bread Street
   de Kesteuene1Cheap
Kew5occ. from OFr queu, keu, kieu, cu 'cook'.
   le Keu5Cheap, Cripplegate, Farringdon Within, Farringdon Without, Tower
Kilworth1loc. from North, South Kilworth (Leic).
   de Kileworthe1Cordwainer
King5desc. or pat. from OE Cyng 'king'.
   le Kyng1Farringdon Within
   le Kyng'2Farringdon Within
   Kyng'1Farringdon Within
   Kynge1Coleman Street
Kingston4loc. from any number of places called Kingston.
   de Kyngestone3Billingsgate, Farringdon Within, Farringdon Without
   de Kynggestone1Cripplegate
Kirkley1loc. from Kirkley (Northumb, Sf).
   de Kerkele1Bread Street
Kislingbury1loc. from Kislingbury (NOrthants).
   de Kyslyngebery1Queenhithe
Kisser1occ. from OFr cuiss 'thigh', 'a maker of (leather) armour for the thighs'.
   le Kysser1Cripplegate
Knapweed1desc. from the weed of this name.
Knapwell1loc. from Knapwell (Cambs).
   de Knapwelle1Walbrook
Knight1pat. from OE Cniht or desc. from cniht 'servant, knight, feudal tenant bound to serve as a mounted soldier, a common soldier'.
la Coyfere1
   la Coyfere1Farringdon Withoutborne by a woman.
Lace1occ. from ME lace 'cord', for a maker of cords or strings.
   le Lacer1Cheap
Lambeth1loc. from Lambeth (GLond).
   de Lambhuthe1Billingsgate
Lamborn1loc. from Lambourn (Berks) or Lambourne (Ess).
Lane4top. from OE lanu 'lane'.
   in the Lane2Aldgate, Cripplegate
   in The Lane1Langbourn
   in ye Lane1Farringdon Within
Lang9desc. from OE lang, long 'long, tall'.
   le Long'1Farringdon Without
   le Longe7Billingsgate, Candlewick, Cornhill, Cripplegate, Farringdon Without
   le Longg'1Portsoken
Langer2loc. from Langar (Nt).
   Langar1Farringdon Within
   Langar'1Farringdon Within
Langley3loc. from one of many places called Langley.
   de Langele2Farringdon Within
   de Langle1Dowgate
Latner2occ. from OFr laton 'workier in or maker of latten'.
   le Latoner2Cheap, Coleman Street
Laver2loc. from High, Little, Magdalen Laver (Ess).
   de Laufare2Billingsgate, Bread Street
Lawshall2loc. from Lawshall (Sf).
   de Laushulle2Aldersgate, Cheap
Layer2loc. from Leire (Leics) or Leyer (Ess).
   de Leyre2Cripplegate, Queenhithe
Layton1loc. from Layton (Lancs, NRY), Leighton (Beds, Ches, Hunts, Lancs, Salop), or Leyton (Essex).
   de Leytone1Tower
le Auener1
   le Auener1Farringdon Within
le Botiller2
   le Botiller1Walbrookborne by a woman.
   le Botiller'1Tower
le Bowestrengere1
   le Bowestrengere1Aldgate
le Bridere1
   le Bridere1Bridge
le Brochere2
   le Brocher1Farringdon Within
   le Brochere1Bassishaw
le Calicer1
   le Calicer1Farringdon Withinborne by a woman.
le Celler2
   le Celler2Bishopsgate
le chesmonger1
   le chesmonger1Broad Street
le Cheyner1
   le Cheyner1Cheap
le Cornmongere1
   le Cornmongere1Bishopsgate
le Cyrger3
   le Cyrger3Farringdon Within
le Dorturer1
   le Dorturer1Farringdon Without
le Elger1
   le Elger1Walbrook
le ffaunt1
   le ffaunt1Walbrook
le ffisshemonger2
   le ffisshemonger1Farringdon Within
   le ffisshmonger1Walbrook
le ffruyter2
   le ffruyter2Bread Street, Coleman Street
le Gauyour1
   le Gayour1Dowgate
le Goldescherster1
   le Goldescherster1Farringdon Withinborne by a woman.
le Graas1
   le Graas1Cordwainer
le Hanaper1
   le Hanaper1Cripplegate
le Hauberger2
   le Hauberger2Cheap
le Henere1
   le Henere1Broad Street
le Herdeler'1
   le Herdeler'1Cripplegate
le Hethereue1
   le Hethereue1Queenhithe
le Lyndraper2
   le Lyndraper2Bassishaw, Cripplegate
le Messager1
   le Messager1Bridge
le Mirurer2
   le M[ir]urer1Cripplegate
   le Mirurer1Farringdon Without
le Pasteler2
   le Pasteler1Cornhill, Queenhithe
le Perler1
   le Perler1Farringdon Within
le Poleter5
   le Poleter1Cheap
   le Polter1Walbrook
le Purtreor2
   le Purtreor2Cheap
le Tymbirmonghere1
   le Tymbirmonghere1Broad Street
le Wirdrawier2
   le Wirdrawier1Coleman Street
   le Wyrdrawere1Bishopsgate
le Wodemongere2
   le Wodemongere2Bassishaw, Billinsgate
le Wrenghere1
   le Wrenghere1Coleman Street
Leach2occ. from OE læce 'leech, physician'.
   la Leche2Candlewickborne by a woman.
Leicester1loc. from Leicester
   de Leycestre1Cripplegate
Lemster1loc. from Leominster (He).
   de Lemenstre1Cheap
Lenham1loc. from Lenham (K).
   de Lenham1Cornhill
Lesnes1loc. from Lesnes Abbey (GLond).
   de Lesnes1Billingsgate
Levisham2loc. from Levisham (NRY).
   de Leuesham2Cordwainer, Queenhithe
Lincoln7loc. from Lincoln.
   de Lincolne2Aldersgate, Cordwainer
   de Lyncolne5Bread Street, Farringdon Within, Walbrook
Lindsay2loc. from Lindsey (Lincs).
   de Lindeseie1Cheap
   de Lyndeseye1Farringdon Within
Linton1loc. from Linton (C, Db, He, K, Nb, WRY), Linton Grange, West Linton (ERY), Linton upon Ouse (NRY), or Lynton (D).
   de Lyntone1Farringdon Within
Litlington1loc. from Litlington (Cambs, Sussex).
   de Littlington1Cripplegate
Little1desc. from OE lytel 'little'.
   le litel1Farringdon Without
Lock2top. from OE loc(a) 'enclosure'.
   Lok1Farringdon Without
Lockyer1occ. from OE loc 'lock', for a locksmith.
   le Lokier'1Cripplegate
Loddon1loc. from Loddon (Nf).
   de Lodene1Castle Baynard
Lombard4pat. from OFr Lambert, or desc. 'Lombard' leading to occ. 'banker'.
   le Lombard2Bishopsgate, Langbourn
   le Lombard'1Bishopsgate
   Lombard1Castle Baynard
London4loc. from London.
   de Londonia3Aldersgate, Broad Street, Farringdon Within
   de Loundres1Farringdon Within
Loud2loc. from Louth (Lincs).
   de Louthe2Bread Street, Farringdon Within
Lovekin2pat. or desc. from Love + kin, a diminutive suffix.
   Louekyn2Bread Street, Cripplegate
Lucas4pat. from Lucas.
   Lucas4Bridge, Queenhithe
Lund1loc. from Lund (Lancs, Yorks), Lunt (Lancs), or Lound (Lincs, Notts, Suffolk).
   de Lounde1Farringdon Within
Luter1occ. from OFr leuteor 'to play on the lute'.
   le Luter1Cheap
Lymburner1occ. from OE lim 'lime' + OE beornan or ON brenna 'to burn', for a lime-maker.
Lynn1loc. from King's Lynn (Nf).
   de Lenne1Dowgate
Mable1mat. from Mabel or Mabley.
   Mabbely1Broad Street
Madder1occ. from OE mædere 'madder', used for madderer 'dyer with or seller of madder'.
   le Maderman1Bread Street
   Madefrey1Bread Street
Madeley1loc. from Madeley (Sa, St), Madely (Gl), or Madley (He).
   de Madele1Cheap
   Madour1Farringdon Without
Maidstone1loc. from Maidstone (K).
   de Maydenstone1Broad Street
Makin1pat. from Maykin, a diminutive of Mayhew.
Malling1loc. from East, West Malling (K) or South Malling (Sx).
   de Mallyng'1Farringdon Within
Man1desc. from OE mann 'man', perhaps for a servant.
   le Man1Billingsgate
Mandeville1loc. from Manneville (Seine-Inférieure), Magneville (La Manche), Manneville-sur-Risle (Eure), or Manneville (Calvados).
   de Maundeuille1Billingsgate
Mangan1occ. from Spanish mangon 'small trader'.
Manship1loc. from Minskip (WRY), Manships Shaw (Surrey), or Manchips Field in Bishops' Stortford (Herts).
   de Manshipe1Tower
Marber1occ. from OFr marbrier 'quarrier, hewer of marble'.
   le Marberer1Farringdon Within
March1top. from ME, OFr marche 'boundary'.
   de la Marche1Aldgate
Marchant1occ. from OFr marchand, marchëant 'merchant, trader'.
Marsh1top. from OE mersc 'marsh'.
   atte Mersshe1Cripplegate
Marshall11occ. from OFr mareschal, marescal, marescald, marechault 'one who tends horses, especially one who treats their diseases; a shoeing smith, a farrier'.
   le Marchal2Bread Street, Cornhill
   le Mareschal7Bishopsgate, Cordwainer, Farringdon Without, Langbourn, Walbrook
   le Mareshall1Farringdon Without
Marton1loc. from any number of places called Merton, Marton, or Martin.
   de Mertone1Billingsgate
Maser4occ. from ME maser, OFr Masere 'a maple-wood bowl', for a maker of such.
   le Mazerer3Cripplegate
   le Mazerer'1Farringdon Within
Mason2occ. from OFr maçon, masson 'mason'.
   le Masoun2Aldersgate, Lime Street
Massingham1loc. from Great, Little Massingham (Nf) or Messingham (L).
   de Messyngg'1Tower
   de Messyngham1Cheap
   Maucouenant1Bread Street
Maud1mat. from Maud.
Maurice1pat. from Morice or desc. from Lat. Mauritius 'Moorish, dark, swarthy'.
May1pat. from May, from Maheu, or desc. from ME may 'young lad or girl'.
Meal1occ. from OE melo 'meal', for a maker or seller of meal.
   Meel1Farringdon Within
Mercer1occ. from OFr mercier, merchier 'merchant'.
   le Mercer1Cripplegate
Mew1desc. from OE mæw, méaw 'a gull, sea-mew'.
Michael1pat. from Michael.
Mignot1desc. from OFr mignot 'dainty, pleasing'
Millward3occ. from OE myle(n)weard 'keeper of a mill, miller'.
   le Milleward3Aldersgate, Bishopsgate, Cripplegate
Mimms4loc. from North, South Mimmes (Herts).
   de Mimmes1Cripplegate
   de Mymmes3Dowgate, Farringdon Within, Farringdon Withou
Miner1occ. from OFr mineor, mineur 'miner'.
   le Mynour1Tower
Mingay1pat. from Breton Menguy.
Monamy1desc. from OFr mon ami 'my friend'.
   Munamy1Castle Baynard
Monier1occ. from OFr mouner 'miller'.
   le Mouner1Tower
Montacute1loc. from Montaigu-le-bois or Montaigu (La Manche).
   de Mountagu1Cheap
Montgomerie1loc. from Sainte-Foy-de-Montgomery and Saint-Germain-de-Montgomery (Calvados).
Moor3top. from OE mor 'moor, marsh, fen'
   atte More3Bread Street, Bridge, Farringdon Within
Morden2loc. from Morden (Do, Sr), Guilden, Steeple Morden (C), or Moredon (W).
   de Mordone2Bridge
Morey1pat. from OFr Mory.
Morten1loc. from Mortagne (La Manche).
   Morteyne1Coleman Street
Morton1loc. from one of many places by this name.
   de Mortone1Candlewick
Mount1top. from OE munt' mount, hill'.
   Mounde1Farringdon Within
Moyne2desc. from OFr moine, muigne, moigne 'monk'.
   le Moigne1Langbourn
   le Moyne1Queenhithe
Munden2loc. from Mondon (Ess), or Great, Little Munden (Herts).
   de Mundene2Cheap, Walbrook
Muriel1mat. from Muriel.
   Muryet1Broad Street
Nassard1desc. from OE nosu 'nose', 'speaking with a nasal accent'.
Naylar5occ. from OE nagel 'nail' for a maker of nails.
   le Nayler2Cripplegate, Farringdon Within
   le Nayler'1Cripplegate
   le Neiler1Coleman Street
Necton1loc. from Necton (Nf).
   de [N]eketone1Langbourn
Nettlestead2loc. from Nettlestead (K).
   de Netelstede1Walbrook
   de Nettelistede1Walbrook
Nevill1loc. from Néville (Sein-Inférieure), Neuville (Calvados), or any number of French places with this name.
   de Neuille1Tower
New1desc. from ME newe 'new', 'newcomer'.
   le Neue1Walbrook
Newberry3loc. from Newbury (Berks) or Winfrith Newburgh (Do).
   de Neubery1Cheap
   de Neubur'2Aldgate
Newcastle2loc. from Newcastle (Nb, Sa) or Newcastle under Lyme (St).
   de nouo castro1Bridge
   de Nouo castro1Walbrook
Newcomb1occ. from OE niwe, cumen, cuma 'new-come, newly arrived'.
   Newecome1Farringdon Within
Newman1desc. from OE neowe, niew, nige + OE mann 'new man, newcomer'.
Newnham1loc. from Newnham (Beds, C, Gl, Ha, Herts, K, Nth, Wa, Wo), Newnham Murred (O), or Kings Newnham, Newnham Paddox (Wa).
   de Newenham1Farringdon Without
Newport1loc. from Newport (D, Ess, He, Monmouth, Sa, Wt) or Newport Pagnell (Bk).
   de Neweport1Queenhithe
Nicholas1pat. from Nicholas.
   Nicholas1Farringdon Within
Norfolk1loc. from Norfolk.
   de Nortffolk1Langbourn
Norman1pat. from Norman, desc. from OE Norðmann 'dweller in the North, Scandinavian, especially a Norwegian' or desc. from OFr Normand, Normant 'a Norman'.
Northampton9loc. from Northampton (Nth).
   de Norhamptone8Aldersgate, Bassishaw, Bishopsgate, Cheap, Cornhill, Cripplegate, Farringdon Within
   de Norhamtone1Broad Street
Northern1desc. from OE norþern 'man from the north'.
   le Northren1Farringdon Within
Norton2loc. from any number of places called Norton.
   de Nortone2Aldersgate, Cripplegate
Norwich1loc. from Norwich (Nf).
   de Norwyche1Farringdon Within
Nottingham4loc. from Nottingham (Nt).
   de Nothyngham1Broad Street
   de Notyngham2Bishopsgate, Cordwainer
   de [N]otyngham1Langbourn
Notley1loc. from White, Black Notley (Essex).
   de Nottele1Bread Street
   Oede1Farringdon Within
Offer3occ. from OFr orfevre 'goldsmith'.
   Lorfeure1Farringdon Without
   Lorfeuere2Bassishaw, Cripplegate
Oliver1pat. from French Olivier.
Orbater1occ. from OFr orbatour 'gold beater'.
Osborn1pat. from OE Ósbern.
   Hoseberne1Lime Street
Ostler2occ. from OFr ostelier, hostelier, ME (h)ostiler, (h)osteler 'one who receives, lodges, or entertains guests, especially in a monastery'.
   le Hosteler1Bishopsgate
Otley1loc. from Otley (Sf, WRY).
   de Ottele1Langbourn
Ottoway1pat. from OFr Otoïs, OG Otwich.
Oxford4loc. from Oxford.
   de Oxenforde1Cornhill
   de Oxonia3Aldersgate, Broad Street, Cripplegate
Pack1pat. from OFr Paque.
Packer1occ. from ME pack, for a wool-packer.
   le Pakkere1Tower
Page1occ. from OFr page 'page'.
Pain2pat. from OFr Paien.
   Payn2Cordwainer, Cripplegate
Painter2occ. from OFr peintour, peintor 'painter'.
   le Peyntour1Cripplegate
Palmar8desc. from OFr palmer, paumer 'palmer, pilgrim to the Holy Land'.
   le Palmer1Bread Street
   le Palmere7Bread Street, Cheap, Farringdon Within, Langbourn, Tower
Pampisford3loc. from Pampisford (Cambs).
   de Pampesworthe3Bread Street, Cheap, Cordwainer
Papworth1loc. from Papworth Everard, St Agnes (C).
   de Pappewo[r]the1Candlewick
Parchment1occ. from OFr parcheminier 'maker or seller of parchment'.
   le Parchemyner1Farringdon Within
Pardew1an oath name from de par Dieu 'in God's name'.
Paris9loc. from Paris (France).
   de Paris2Walbrook
   de Parys7Cheap, Cornhill, Cripplegate, Dowgate, Farringdon Without, Langbourn
Paruo2desc. from Latin parvus 'small'.
   paruo1Farringdon Within
Passmore1desc. from OFr passe mer 'cross the sea'.
   Passemer1Farringdon Without
   Paterlyng1Castle Baynard
Patrick1pat. from Patrick.
   Patrik'1Broad Street
Peacock3desc. from ME pecok, pacok, pocok 'peacock'.
Peckar1occ. 'maker of peck measures'.
   le Peckere1Candlewick
Pelham2loc. from Pelham (Herts).
   de Pelham2Coleman Street, Farringdon Without
Perceval1pat. from Perceval or desc. from OFr percer 'to pierce' + val 'valley', i.e., 'pierce the valley'.
   Persiual1Broad Street
Perrers1loc. from Perriers near Rouen.
Pester6occ. from OFr pestor, pesteur 'baker'.
   le Pestour3Bread Street, Cheap
   Pistore2Bread Street, Coleman Street
Petch1desc. from OFr peche, pechie 'sin'.
Peutherer4occ. from OFr peautrier 'pweterer'.
   le Peautrer4Cheap, Langbourn
Pickard2desc. 'the man from Picardy'.
   Pycard2Cripplegate, Langbourn
Pickenham2loc. from Pickenham (Nf).
   de Pikenham1Cheap
   de Pykenham1Farringdon Within
Pickerell1desc. from ME pykerel 'young pike'.
   Pykerel1Farringdon Within
Pickett3desc. from OFr picot 'point, pointed object' or pat. from a diminutive of a name beginning Pic-.
Pie2occ. from ME pie 'pie' + OE bæcere 'baker'.
   Pybaker2Bread Street
Pigsflesh1desc. from OE *picg 'pig' + OE flæsc 'flesh', probably for a butcher.
Pike3desc. from OE pic 'point, pick-axe' for a tall person or one armed with a pike, from OFr pic 'woodpecker, or from ME pike 'pike'.
   Pykeman2Billingsgate, BridgeR&W note that this is from ME pike 'fish' and indicates a seller of such.
Piper1occ. from OE pipere 'piper'.
   le Pipere1Bridge
   Piscatore1Bread Street
Pitchford1loc. from Pitchford (Sa).
   de Pichforde1Aldersgate
Plaster1occ. from OFr plastrier 'plasterer'.
   le Plastrer1Cripplegate
Plater1occ. from ME plate 'a maker of plate-armour or of plates for armour'.
   le Plattour1Billingsgate
Pleasance1loc. from Piacenza (Italy), earlier Placentia.
   de Plesaunce1Langbourn
Plumer3occ. from OFr plumier 'a dealer in plumes or feathers'.
   le Plomer2Candlewick, Farringdon Within
   le Plomer'1Farringdon Within
Pointel5desc. from OFr pointel 'point, sharp pointed instrument'.
   Poyntel5Bassishaw, Broad Street, Cripplegate, Farringdon Within
Pool1top. from OE pol 'pool, tidal stream'.
   de la Poole1Cheap
Pope1desc. from ME pope 'pope, papa'.
   Pope1Coleman Street
Potter4occ. from OFr potier 'potter'.
Pottin1pat. from Pottin, a diminutive of Pot, a diminutive of Philipot, a diminutive of Philip.
Pouch1desc. from the Florentine society Pouche.
   de la Pouche1Tower
Prentice3desc. from ME, OFr aprentis 'apprentice'.
   Prentiz3Aldgate, Cheap, Farringdon Within
Preston5loc. from one of many places called Preston.
   de Prestone5Bishopsgate, Dowgate, Tower
Pridham4desc. from OFr prudhomme 'upright, honest man; expert'.
   Prodome2Castle Baynard
Prior4occ. or desc. from OFr priur, priour 'prior'.
   Priour3Cornhill, Tower
Pritchet1desc. from ME priket 'a two-year-old buck'.
Proudfoot1desc. from OE prud, fot 'proud foot'.
Pulteney1loc. from Pultney (Leics).
   de Pulteneye1Candlewick
Purser3occ. from OE purs 'purse', for a maker of such.
   le Purser'1Bassishaw
   le Pursere1Cheap
Putterill1desc. from OFr poutrel, potrel, pultrel, putrel, peutrel, poudrel 'colt'.
   Poterel1Castle Baynard
   Pysselege1Bread Street
Quilter1occ. from OFr cuilte, coilte 'quilt', 'a maker of quilts and mattresses'.
   le Quilter1Cripplegate
Rabbatts1pat. from OG Radbodo, Rabbodo.
Rabey1desc. from OFr rabbin 'rabbi' or lolc. from Raby (Ch, Du).
   Raby1Castle Baynard
Radbourne1loc. from Radbourn (Warwicks), Radbourne (Db), Redbourn (Herts) or Redbourne (Lincs).
   de Redeburne1Coleman Street
Raines1loc. from Rayne (Ess), Raines (DB), or Rennes (France).
   de Reygnes1Bridge
Rainham1loc. from Rainham (K).
   de Reynham1Candlewick
Ram2loc. from a house called Ram.
   ate Ramme1Cheap
   atte Ramme1Castle Baynard
Ram1desc. from OE ram(m) 'ram'.
   le Ram1Queenhithe
Ravenstone1loc. from Ravenstone (Bucks, Leic).
   de Rauenestone1Cheap
Rayner3pat. from OFr Rainer, Reiner, Renier.
Reading4top. from OE *rydding 'clearing'.
   de Redyng'2Bread Street, Candlewick
   de Redyngg'2Cheap, Portsoken
Redgrave1loc. from Redgrave (Sf).
   de Redgraue1Portsoken
Redhood1desc. from OE read, hod 'red hood'.
   Redhode1Farringdon Within
Reigate1loc. from Reigate (Sr).
   de Reigate1Cheap
Renham2loc. from Rainham (Ess, K).
   de Renham1Queenhithe
   de Reynham1Bassishaw
Reynold1pat. from OFr Reinald, Reynaud.
Rhodes1top. from OE rod(u) 'clearing(s)'.
   atte Rode1Bread Street
Rhys1pat. from Welsh Rys.
   Rys1Farringdon Within
Richard1pat. from Richard.
   filz Richard1Castle Baynardborne by a woman.
Richman1pat. from OE *Ricmann or desc. 'rich, powerful man'.
Rickmansworth1loc. from Rickmansworth (Herts).
   de Rikemersworthe1Farringdon Without
Robb1pat. from Rob, a pet form of Robert.
Robert3pat. from Robert.
   filio Roberti1Langbourn
   filz Roberd1Bishopsgate
Rochford1loc. from Rochford (Essex, H&W).
   de Rokesforde1Cheap
   Rofot1Farringdon Without
   Rofot'1Farringdon Without
Roger2pat. from Roger.
   filio Rogeri2Bridge, Queenhithe
Rolf1pat from ON Hrólfr, ODa, OS Rolf.
Romain1pat. from OFr Romeyn.
Roper1occ. from OE rap 'rope', for a rope-maker.
   le Ropere1Billingsgate
Rose1loc. from a house called Rose.
   atte Rose1Tower
Roth3top. from OE roþ 'clearing'.
   ate Rothe1Cheap
   atte Rothe2Cheap, Cripplegate
Rothwell1loc. from Rothwell (Lincs, Northants, WRY).
   de Rothewelle1Cornhill
Ruffin1pat. from Lat. Rufinus.
Rumball1pat. from OG Rumbald.
Russel1desc. from OFr rous 'red'.
Sacker2occ. from OE sacc, ON sekkr 'sack', for a maker or seller of such.
   le Sakkere2Cordwainer
Saddler2occ. from OE sadol 'saddle', for a maker or seller of saddles.
   la Sadelere1Cornhillborne by a woman.
   le Sadeler1Cornhill
Salisbury3loc. from Salisbury (Wilts) or Salesbury (Lancs).
   de Salesbir'1Cordwainer
   de Salesbury2Aldersgate, Cornhill
Sall1top. from OE sæl 'hall'.
   de Salle1Farringdon Within
Salter2occ. from OE sealtere 'maker or seller of salt', or for a player of the psaltery
   le Salter2Farringdon Within
Sampford1loc. from Sampford (D, Somer), Great, Little Sampford (Essex), or Sandford (Avon, Cumbr, D, Dorset, Ox).
   de Saumforde1Langbourn
Sandhurst1loc. from Sandhurst (Berks, Gl, K).
   de Sandhurst'1Cheap
Sandwich2loc. from Sandwich (K).
   de Sandwyche2Billingsgate, Bread Street
Sargant1occ. from OFr sergent, serjant 'servant'.
   le Seriaunt1Bridge
   Sayleben1Broad Street
Scarborough1loc. from Scarborough (NRY).
   de Scardburghe1Bread Street
Scarlet1occ. from OFr escarlate 'scarlet', for a dealer in such.
Scott3desc. 'the Scot' or pat. from Scott.
   Scot'2Farringdon Within, Langbourn
Seagrave1loc. from Seagrave (Leics).
   de Segraue1Queenhithe
Sealey1mat. from Sely or desc. from OE sælig 'happy, blessed'.
Seaman2pat. from OE Sæmann.
   Seman2Cornhill, Cripplegate
Sellar6occ. from OFr selier, seller 'sadler' or ME seller 'seller, dealer'.
   le Seler2Cripplegate, Farringdon Within
   le Seller2Cheap, Coleman Street
   selere1Bread Street
Selling1loc. from Selling (K).
   de Sellyngg'1Cheap
Senior7desc. from Latin senior 'old', used here to distinguish the older of two people with the same given name and surname.
   Seniore7Bread Street, Castle Baynard, Cheap, Cripplegate, Tower
Setter1occ. of unidentified origin.
   le Settere1Lime Street
Seward1pat. from OE Sæweard.
   Syward1Farringdon Without
Sewer1occ. from OFr suor, suour, suur, seur 'shoemaker'.
   le Suour1Farringdon Without
   Sex1Farringdon Within
Shaftesbury1loc. from Shaftesbury (Dorset).
   de Schaftebury1Farringdon Within
Sharman3occ. from OE scearra 'shears' + mann, for a shearer of woolen cloth.
   le Shereman1Cripplegate
   le Sherman2Bishopsgate, Castle Baynard
Sharp1desc. from OE scearp 'sharp, quick, smart'.
Sheather2occ. from OE scæþ, scéaþ 'sheath', for a maker of sheaths.
   le Schether1Candlewick
   le Shether1Langbourn
Shenfield4loc. from Shenfield (Essex).
   de Schenefelde2Farringdon Without
   de Shenefelde2Cornhill, Dowgate
Sherwood1loc. from Sherwood (Notts).
   de Shirewode1Farringdon Within
Shoreditch3loc. from Shoreditch (GLond).
   de Shordich2Aldersgate, Cripplegate
   de Shordiche1Farringdon Within
Shorne3loc. from Shorne (K).
   de Shorne3Broad Street, Cornhill
Shrewsbury2loc. from Shrewsbury.
   de Schrouesbir'1Cheap
   de Shrouesberi1Walbrook
   Sigilly1Farringdon Without
Silk2occ. from OE seolc 'silk', for a worker or dealer in silk.
   la Silkewymman1Farringdon Withoutborne by a woman.
   Selkwomman1Bassishawborne by a woman.
Sinclair1loc. from Saint-Clair-sur-Elle (La Manche) or Saint-Clair-l'Evêque (Calvados).
   Seyncler1Castle Baynard
Sire1desc. from ME sire 'master'.
   Sire1Farringdon Within
Skeat1desc. from ON skjótr 'swift, fleet'.
Skelton1loc. from Skelton (Cumb, ER, NR, WRY).
   de Skeltone1Cheap
Skinner1occ. from ON skinn 'skin', for a skinner.
   le skynnere1Aldgate
Skipper1desc. from ME skip 'to jump' or ME skypper 'master of a ship'.
   le Skyppere1Dowgate
Skipton1loc. from Skipton (WRY) or Skipton on Swale (NRY).
   de Skyptone1Cornhill
Slabbard1desc. from MDutch slabbaert 'glutton'.
Slay1desc. from ME sleȝ 'clever, cunning, sly'.
Slough1top. from OE sloh 'slough, miry place'.
   atte Sloo1Farringdon Without
Smart3desc. from OE smeart 'quick, active, prompt'.
Smith1occ. from OE smið 'smith'.
   le Smyth'1Cheap
Sock1pat. from OE Socca or desc. from OE socc 'slipper, light shoe'.
   Sok'1Broad Street
Sokeman ?1desc. from OE socn, mann 'tenant holding land in socage'.
   Sok'1Castle Baynard
Sole1top. from OE sol 'mud, wallowing place for animals'.
   atte Sole1Tower
Somersham1loc. from Somersham (Cambs, Sf).
   de Someresham1Dowgate
Somerset2loc. from Somerset, or from London parish St Mary Somerset.
   de Somersete2Billingsgate, Castle Baynard
Sorrel1desc. from OFr sorel 'reddish-brown'.
   Sorel1Farringdon Within
   Soteman1Farringdon Without
Soudley1loc. from Soudley (Shrops), Upper Soudley (Glos).
   de Soudele1Farringdon Within
Soutar2occ. from Lat. sutor, OE sutere 'shoemaker'.
Southcott1loc. from Southcot (Berks).
   de Suthcote1Queenhithe
   Soyl1Farringdon Within
Spain1loc. from Spain.
   de Spaigne1Dowgate
Spalding1loc. from Spalding (Lincs).
   de Spaldyng'1Dowgate
Spencer1occ. from OFr despensier 'dispenser of provisions'.
   le Spenser1Farringdon Within
Spicer7occ. from OFr espicier, especier 'a dealer in spices; an apothecary or druggist'.
   le Spicer2Cripplegate
   Lespicer5Cheap, Cripplegate
   Sporoun1Farringdon Within
Spray1loc. from Sprytown (D).
   de Spraye1Aldersgate
Sprot4pat. from OE *Sprot(t).
   Sprot'4Castle Baynard, Cheap, Coleman Street, Farringdon Without
   Sprount1Farringdon Without
Sprowston1loc. from Sprowston (Nf).
   de Sprouestone1Candlewick
Spurrier1occ. from OE spura 'spur', for a maker or seller of such.
   le Sporyere1Farringdon Withoutborne by a woman.
St Albans4loc. from St Albans (Herts).
   de sancto Albano1Cheap
   de Sancto Albano2Aldersgate, Cheap
   de Seint Alban1Bassishaw
St Ive1loc. from St Ive (Corn) or St Ives (Cambs, Corn, Dorset).
   de Seynt Yue1Bridge
Stacey2pat. from a pet form of Stace, the vernacular of Eustace.
   Stacy1Farringdon Within
Stalham1loc. from Stalham (NF).
   de Stalham1Aldersgate
Standen3loc. from Standen (Berks, La, W, Wt), Standen in Biddenden, in Benenden, Upper, Lolwer Standen in Hawkinge (K), Standeal in Ditchling, Standen in East Grinstead (Sx), or Standon (Herts, St).
   de Staundone1Candlewick
   de Stondone1Walbrook
   Stondone1Castle Baynard
Stanford3loc. from Stanford (Beds, K, Nf), Stanford Dingley (Berks), Stanford le Hope (Ess), Stanford Bishop (He), Stanford on Avon (Nth), Stanford upon Soar (Nt), or Stanford in Teme (Wo).
   de Staneforde2Bridge, Dowgate
   de Staunforde1Dowgate
Stanstead1loc. from Stanstead (Sf, Sx), Stanstead Abbots (Herts), Stansted (K), or Stansted Mountfitchet (Ess).
   de Stanstede1Bread Street
Starr4desc. from ME sterre 'star' or pat. from Sterre.
   ate Sterre1Langbourn
   Sterre3Billingsgate, Bridge, Cornhill
Stisted1loc. from Stisted (Essex).
   de Stystede1Dowgate
Stockfish1occ. 'seller of stockfish'.
   la stocfysshmongere1Cornhillborne by a woman.
Stockwell2loc. from Stockwell (Sr, So), or top. from OE stocc, wiella 'dweller by the footbridge over a streatm'.
   de Stokewelle1Farringdon Within
   de Stokwelle1Cripplegate
Stokes2loc. from Stoke (Som, Db, Warwicks, Northants) or any number of places called Stokes.
   de Stokes1Farringdon Without
   Stok'1Castle Baynard
Stonham1loc. from Stonham (Sf) or Stoneham (Hants).
   de Stonham1Cripplegate
Stopsley2loc. from Stopsley (Beds).
   de Stoppesle2Cripplegate
Stow4loc. from any number of places named Stow or top. from OE stow 'holy place'.
   de Stowe4Broad Street, Dowgate, Farringdon, Within, Portsoken
Stratford4loc. from any number of places named Stratford.
   de Stratford1Bread Street
   de Stratforde3Bread Street, Bridge, Tower
Stone3top. from OE stan 'stone'.
   atte Stone1Tower
   de Stanes2Candlewick, Farringdon Within
Sturge3pat. from ON Þorgils, ODa, OSw Thorgisl.
   Sturmouthe1Bread Street
Sudbury2loc. from Sudbury (Db, Middlesex, Sf).
   de Sudbury1Cripplegate
   de Suthbury1Tower
Suffolk2loc. from Suffolk
   de Suffolche1Cripplegate
   de Suffolk''1Cripplegate
Sundon1loc. from Lower, Upper Sundon (Beds).
   de Sundone1Tower
Surgeon1occ. from OFr surgien, surigien 'surgeon'.
   le Surigien1Cripplegate
Sutton7loc. from Sutton (Cambs, Lincs, K, Suff, Som).
   de Sottone1Castle Baynard
   de Suttone6Aldersgate, Billingsgate, Castle Baynard, Coleman Street, Cripplegate
Swan1loc. from a house called Swan.
   atte Swan1Castle Baynard
Swanland2loc. from Swanland (ERY).
   de Swanlonde2Dowgate
Sweeting1pat. from OE Sweting.
Swift2pat. from OE Swift or desc. from swift 'swift, fleet'.
   Swyft2Cornhill, Farringdon Without
   Swote2Billingsgate, Bridge
Taberer2occ. from ME tab(e)re 'to play on the tabor' or OFr tabur, tabour 'tabour', 'one who plays the tabor, a drummer'.
   le Tabourer1Queenhithe
   le Taburer1Broad Street
Taberner ?1occ. from ME tabourne or OF tabourner 'to drum, drummer'.
   Tabernario1Bread Street
Tabletter3occ. from OFr tabeletier 'maker of chess or draught boards'.
   le Tableter2Cheap, Coleman Street
   le Tabletter'1Farringdon Within
Talwith2loc. from Tolworth (Sr).
   de Taleworthe1Cheap
   de Talleworthe1Tower
Taney1loc. from Saint-Aubin-du-Thenney or Saint-Jean-du-Thenney.
Tanton1loc. from Taunton (So), Tanton (NRY), or Taunton Fm in Coulsdon (Sr).
   de Tauntone1Aldersgate
Taverner13occ. from OFr tavernier 'tavern-keerp'.
   le tauerner1Broad Street
   le Tauerner7Cheap, Cordwainer, Cripplegate, Tower
   Tauerner5Bread Street, Cheap
Tawyer2occ. from OE tawian 'to taw', a tawyer, one who prepares white leather.
   le Tauwier1Walbrook
   le Tauyer1Walbrook
Taylor17occ. from OFr tailleor, tailleur 'tailer'.
   le taillour2Cripplegate, Tower
   le Taillour7Aldgate, Bassishaw, Billingsgate, Bishopsgate, Bread Street, Farringdon Within, Langbourn
   le Talliour1Broad Street
   Taillour5Bread Street, Cheap
Theedam1desc. from ME þoedam, þeedom 'thriving, prosperity'.
Theydon1loc. from Theydon (Essex).
   de Theydene1Cripplegate
Torksey1loc. from Torksey (Lincs).
   de Torkeseye1Langbourn
Thomas1pat. from Thomas.
Thomazin1pat. from a diminutive of Thomas.
Thorn1top. from OE þ 'thornbush'.
   ate Thorn1Cheap
Thorney1loc. from Thorney (C, Mx, Nt, Sf, So) or West Thorney (Sx).
   de Thorneie1Billingsgate
Thornham1loc. from Thornham (K, La, Nf) or Thornham Magna, Parva (Sf).
   de Thornham1Queenhithe
Thorp3loc. from any number of places named Throp, or top. from OE þorp 'hamlet, dairy-farm'.
   de Thorp3Walbrook
Thurgood1pat. from ON Þorgautr, ODa, OSw Thorgot.
Tiffield1loc. from Tiffield (Northants).
   de Tyffelde1Bread Street
Tilbury1loc. from Tilbury (Essex), East, West Tilbury (Essex).
   de Tillebir'1Cheap
Tindal1loc. from Tynedale, the valley of the Tyne, or from Tindale (Cumb)
   de Tyndale1Dowgate
Topsfield1loc. from Toppesfield (Ess).
   de Toppesfelde1Farringdon Without
Tottenham3loc. from Tottenham or Totenham Court (Mx).
   de Totenham3Candlewick, Cripplegate, Tower
Tovee1pat. from ON Tófi, ODa Tovi.
Trainell1occ. from OFr traine 'trap', for a trapper of animals.
Trencham1desc. from OFr trenchant 'cutting'.
Trillo1loc. from Thurlow (Sf).
   de Trillowe1Cheap
Trugg1occ. from early modern English trug 'prostitute'.
   Trugg'1Coleman Street
Tumber1occ. from OE tumbere, OFr tombeor, tumbeur 'tumbler, dancer'.
   le Tumbere1Walbrook
Turk2desc. from OFr turc 'Turk' or pat. from a pet-form of ON Þorkell.
   Turk'2Billingsgate, Tower
Turner1occ. from OFr tornour, tourneour 'turner, one who turns or fashions objects of wood, metal, bone, etc., on a lathe'.
   le Tornour1Bishopsgate
Ufford1loc. from Ufford (Northants, Sf).
   de Vfforde1Bishopsgate
Usher1occ. from ME usher 'door-keeper'.
   Lusscher1Farringdon Without
   de la Valeye1Cornhill
   Vauntage1Lime Street
Vicarey1desc. from Lat. vicarius 'vicar'.
   Vikery1Farringdon Without
Vigars1desc. from OFr vigoro(u)s 'hardy, lusty, strong'
   Vigerous1Farringdon Within
Vine5top. from OFr vigne 'vine'.
   ate Vyne1Cordwainer
   atte Vigne2Castle Baynard
   atte vyne1Queenhithe
   atte Vyne1Queenhithe
Viner1occ. from OFr vignour, vigneur, vigneour 'vine-grower, vine-dresser'.
Vivian1pat. from Fr Vivian, Vivien.
Wait3occ. from ONFr waite 'watchman'.
   le Waite1Cheap
   le Wayte2Cripplegate
Wald1top. from Anglian wald, wold 'forest, woodland'.
   de Wolde1Bread Street
Walden4loc. from Walden (NRY), Saffron Walden (Ess), or King's, St Paul's Walden (Herts).
   de Waledene4Castle Baynard, Cheap, Cripplegate, Walbrook
Waldram1pat. from OG Walahram, Waleran, OFr Galeran(t).
Walle1top. from OE weall 'wall'.
   ate Walle1Portsoken
Walpole2loc. from Walpole (Nf, Sf).
   de Walepol1Bread Street
   de Walpol1Aldersgate
Walsoken1loc. from Walsoken (Nf).
   de Wallesoken1Cheap
Waltham6loc. from any number of places called Waltham.
   de Waltham6Bishopsgate, Candlewick, Cripplegate, Dowgate, Farringdon Without
Wandsworth2loc. from Wandsworth (GLond).
   de Wandlesworthe2Billingsgate, Dowgate
Ward1top. from OE *wearde, wearda 'beacon' or ME werd, ward 'marsh'.
   de la Warde1Portsoken
Ware7loc. from Ware (Herts).
   de Ware7Bread Street, Bridge, Castle Baynard, Cheap, Farringdon Within
Warfield1loc. from Warfield (Berks).
   de Warfelde1Billingsgate
Warle1loc. from Great, Little Warley (Essex).
   de Warle1Bridge
Warrener2occ. from OFr warrennier 'warrener', an officer employed to watch over game in a park or preserve.
   la Warenere1Langbournborne by a woman.
   le Warener1Farringdon Within
Wastall1occ. from OFr wastel 'a cake or bread made of the finest flour', for a maker or seller of such.
Webb2occ. from OE webba (m) or webbe (f) 'weaver'.
   la Webbe1Aldersgateborne by a woman
   le Webbe1Walbrook
Weldon1loc. from Weldon (Northants).
   de Weldone1Aldersgate
Welford1loc. from Welford (Berks, Glos, Northants).
   de Welleforde1Cordwainer
Westminster1loc. from Westminster (GLond).
   de Westmonasterio1Farringdon Within
Whateley1loc. from Whateley (Warwicks), Whatley (Som), or Wheatley (Essex, Lancs, Notts, Oxon).
   de Whatele1Aldersgate
White2desc. from OE hwit 'white'.
   le White2Cripplegate, Tower
Whittier2occ. from OE hwit 'white' + ME tawyere, towyere, tewere 'to taw', 'one who taws skins into whitleather'.
   le Whittawier'1Cripplegate
   le Whittawyere1Bishopsgate
Wickenden1loc. from a lost place in Cowden (K).
   de Wykendenne1Farringdon Without
Wickham3loc. from one of any number of places named Wickam, or Wickhambreux (K), Wickhambrook (Sf), Wycomb (Leics), Wycombe (Bucks), or Wykeham (Lincs, NRY).
   de Wicham2Coleman Street
   de Wycham1Dowgate
Wight1desc. from ME wiht, wight 'agile, strong'.
   le Wyght1Tower
Wight2loc. from the Isle of Wight.
   de Wyght1Bread Street
   de Wyghte1Farringdon Within
Wigton1loc. from Wigton (Cumbr).
   de Wigetone1Walbrook
Winchelsea1loc. from Winchelsea (Sussex).
   de Wynchelse1Cornhill
Winchester5loc. from Winchester (Hants).
   de Wyncestre4Billingsgate, Broad Street, Cripplegate
   de Wynchestre1Cheap
Winterborn1loc. from Winterborne (Dorset), Winterbourne (Berks, Wilts), or Winterburn (WRY).
   de Wynterbourne1Bishopsgate
Winton6loc. from Winton (Cumbr, Dorset).
   de Wyntonia6Bridge, Candlewick, Cripplegate, Farringdon Within, Langbourn
Wiseman1pat. from OE Wismann.
   de Wytham1Bridge
Woburn1loc. from Woburn (Beds, Sr).
   de Wobourne1Cripplegate
Wolf1desc. from OE wulf 'wolf'.
   le Wolf'1Cornhill
Woodham1loc. from Woodham (Ess, Surrey).
   de Wodeham1Dowgate
Worcester2loc. from Worcester.
   de Wircestre1Walbrook
   de Wyrecestre1Cripplegate
Worstead2loc. from Worstead (Nf).
   de Worstede2Cripplegate, Queenhithe
Wrestlingworth1loc. from Wrestlingworth (Beds).
   de Wrestlyngworthe1Cordwainer
Writtle4loc. from Writtle (Essex).
   de Writle3Cheap, Cordwainer
   de Wrytle1Farringdon Within
Wrotham3loc. from Wrotham (K).
   de Wrotham3Billingsgate, Bread Street, Langbourn
Wyman1pat. from OE Wigmund or ON Vigmunder, ODa, OSw Vimund.
Wymondham1loc. from Wymondham (Leic, Nf).
   de Wymondham1Bridge
Yarnmouth2loc. from Yarmouth (Wt), Great Yarmouth (Nf), or Little Yarmouth (Sf).
   de Gernemuta1Broad Street
   de Yernemuthe1Walbrook
York2loc. from York.
   de Eboraco2Cheap
Young2desc. from OE geong 'young'.
   le Youngg'2Walbrook