Names found in the Berkeley Hundred Court Rolls

by Aryanhwy merch Catmael (Sara L. Friedemann)

© 2000 Sara L. Friedemann; all rights reserved


The following is a list of the 79 men and 1 woman mentioned in the Berkeley Hundred Court Rolls, 1543. My source for this document is

Name Notes
Agnes Daunte widow

Name Notes
Anthony Kingston
Anthony Mabbott
Edmund Derratt also recorded as Deryett
Edward Mallett
Giles Clayfield
Giles Dauncey
Giles Dymock
Henry Mayle
Hugh Tanner
James Dunnyng
James Hurne
James Towrche
John a Barnysdale also recorded as a Barnesdale
John Booke
John Brounyng
John Browne
John Browninge
John Cowley
John Evans
John Fordes
John Fremon
John Fryer
John Gordeler
John Hardyng
John Henry gentleman
John Marten
John Mylls
John Oswald
John Selwyn
John Smyth
John Turner
John Walkeley
Morgan Griffyn
Philip Hyckes
Richard Duryard
Richard Griffith
Richard James
Richard Jobyns
Richard Peglar
Richard Phelippes also recorded as Philipps
Richard Smyth
Richard Tomrell
Richard Tyndall
Richard Walker
Robert Dawe
Robert Hopkyns
Robert Jobbyns
Robert Towche
Roger Come
Roger Redyng
Thomas Adye
Thomas Bayley
Thomas Butler gentleman
Thomas Cole
Thomas Dorney
Thomas Harmys
Thomas Hatheway
Thomas Hurne
Thomas Machine
Thomas Purnell
Thomas Robyns
Thomas Tanner
Thomas Warrante
Thomas Wynter
Walter Fryer
Walter Rowyls
Walter Woodward
William Arnold
William Baker
William Bassett
William Bere
William Fordis
William Hancocke
William Mallett also recorded as Mallet
William Nye
William Oliver
William Rye
William Webbe
William Willis


"Berkeley Hundred Court Rolls," Transcript taken from: Gloucestershire Notes and Queries. Vol. V. 1891-1893, Pages 85 to 88. Edited by W.P.W. PHILLIMORE, M.A., B.C.L., Published in 1894. London, England., Transcribed by Brenda Pickard