14th C Dutch Names from Destelbergen

by Sara L. Uckelman
known in the SCA as Aryanhwy merch Catmael

© 2013 Sara L. Uckelman; all rights reserved
last updated 18Oct13

The following names are taken from two 14th C Middle Dutch records relating to the town of Destelbergen in Belgium, just outside of Ghent.

Feminine given names, alphabetically

NameNumberDates (Charters)
Beatrice11357 (4)
Lysbette11357 (4), 1371 (3)

Masculine given names, alphabetically

NameNumberDates (Charters)
Aernould11371 (3)
Boydin11371 (3)
Daniel11371 (3)
Diederic11357 (4), 1371 (3)
Gherard11371 (3)
Jan51357 (4), 1371 (3)
Phls [sic]11357 (4)
Pieter21371 (3)
Raesse11371 (3)


NameNumberDates (Charters)Notes
Abt11357 (4)desc. 'abbot'.
Borluut11371 (3)The Borluut family is one of the oldest in Ghent, dating back to the 11th C.
van Crombrugghe11371 (3)
van den Dorpe11357 (4)top. 'from the village'.
van der Kokenen11371 (3)
van Massemme11357 (4)loc. from Massemen, about 12.5k from Destelbergen.
Mulaert11371 (3)
Mulard11357 (4)
Mularde11357 (4)
Noothac11371 (3)var. of Notac.
Notac11357 (4)var. of Noothac.
de Rijk11371 (3)desc. 'the rich'.
van den Scoete11371 (3)
Sersanders11371 (3)desc. 'sir Sander's', probably for a servent or employee.
Serseymoens11371 (3)desc. 'sir Simon's', probably for a servent or employee.
van Steenhuse11371 (3)loc. perhaps from Steenhuize, 27k south of Destelbergen.
van Verteghem11371 (3)


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