An Ordinary of Siebmacher's Wappenbuch

by Sara L. Uckelman (Aryanhwy merch Catmael)

© 2012-2018 Sara L. Uckelman; all rights reserved
Last updated 25Oct18

This is an ongoing project to create an exhaustive ordinary of Johann Siebmacher's Wappenbuch from 1605. I am working from the digitization of it available here. If you find any error, please let me know. As a work in progress, it will be updated as I have time.

All blazons are my own. Note that in some cases, shields with a helmet facing sinister have had their arms reversed as well (e.g., a bend is displayed as a bend sinister, the tinctures of the field reversed, etc. So if you think you've found an error, double check the helm on top!) Each blazon is identified with the name of the owner as it appears in Siebmacher, with these conventions: I have transcribed vocalic v as u, and expanded , Gē:, and to en, genannt, and Von, respectively. The number in parentheses is the plate number on which the arms occur.


Argent, a demi-Moor issuant from base proper crowned Or vested gules, Freysing (11).

Argent, a monk kneeling proper vested sable reading a breviary argent, die Fronheimer (93).

Argent, a monk proper vested sable, die Mönchen zu Ramspaur (84), München (220).

Argent, a pilgrim proper vested azure, Lauffen (226).

Argent, a soldier proper statant atop a base vert, maintaining an escutcheon azure charged with an eagle Or, and a banner gules charged with a cross argent, Bamberg (220).

Argent, St. Peter proper vested azure and gules, Trier (220).

Azure, a wildman maintaining a tree branch proper, von Drachsdorf (152).

Gules, a corpse atop a table proper, von Leichnam (156).

Gules, a demi-soldier contourny proper, Warfrid (223).

Gules, a demi-monk vested proper issuant from a crown Or, von Aldenberg (67).

Gules, a demi-woman proper vested Or crined sable, Dürlöcher (115).

Gules, a fess argent surmounted by a demi-man proper vested azure, die Schwebel (92).

Gules, a man proper vested barry sable and argent, maintaining in dexter hand a wreath vert and in sinister hand a staff Or, von Heinitz (159).

Gules, a Swiss soldier without legs affronty, head to sinister, proper, die Utmänner (63).

Gules, St. Fridolin proper, Glarus (222).

Gules, St. George and the dragon proper, Rot under Lunburg (226).

Gules, the bust of a man proper vested sable with the ears of a donkey argent, von Hörden (170).

Or, a demi-Albanian proper vested and capped gules maintaining a bow sable knocked of an arrow argent, die Haydtn zum Dorff (39).

Or, a hermit passant proper vested and capped, maintaining in dexter hand an axe and a rosary and in sinister hand a crutch resting on his shoulder, von Einsidel (153).

Or, a man issuant from base affronty sable capped sable trimmed argent, maintaining in front of him two straight trumpets in saltire argent, die Mangsreuter (85).

Or, a man proper vested and capped azure maintaining two stag's attires sable, Blawbeürn (226).

Or, a man sable maintainining three roses slipped proper, von Grumpach (100), von Wolfskeel (100).

Or, a monk vested proper, von Münchhausen (183).

Or, a wildman dancing proper atop a base vert, die Hopfer (215).

Or, the bust of a Moor proper, die Schachner (35).

Per fess gules and lozengy Or and gules, a demi-wild man proper issuant from the line of division, a bordure Or, Holtzhalben (203).

Per pale argent and sable, the bust of a Moorish woman capped and vested counterchanged crined Or, die Morolding zu Hornbach (85).

Per pale gules and argent, a woman affronty, hands crossed on her stomach, counterchanged, von Andelberg (117).

Quarterly 1st and 4th argent, a monk vested proper, 2nd and 3rd gules, a hammer argent issuant from a trimount Or, die Schlegel (176).

Quarterly argent and gules, two pairs of demi-kings respectant issuant from the bases of the quarters proper vested and crowned Or, von Königsfelt (81).

Sable, a nude man proper issuant from a trimount Or, die Iungen (214).

Sable, the bust of a maiden affronty proper crowned and vested Or, von Sala (154).

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