An Ordinary of Siebmacher's Wappenbuch

by Sara L. Uckelman (Aryanhwy merch Catmael)

© 2012-2018 Sara L. Uckelman; all rights reserved
Last updated 25Oct18

This is an ongoing project to create an exhaustive ordinary of Johann Siebmacher's Wappenbuch from 1605. I am working from the digitization of it available here. If you find any error, please let me know. As a work in progress, it will be updated as I have time.

All blazons are my own. Note that in some cases, shields with a helmet facing sinister have had their arms reversed as well (e.g., a bend is displayed as a bend sinister, the tinctures of the field reversed, etc. So if you think you've found an error, double check the helm on top!) Each blazon is identified with the name of the owner as it appears in Siebmacher, with these conventions: I have transcribed vocalic v as u, and expanded , Gē:, and to en, genannt, and Von, respectively. The number in parentheses is the plate number on which the arms occur.


Quarterly 1st and 4th argent, on a fess azure, a cross couped disjointed palewise argent, 2nd and 3rd sable, a lion Or, von Schmidtaw (37).

Quarterly 1st and 4th Or, a lion gules, 2nd and 3rd sable, a linden branch bendwise Or, von Wertter (148).

Quarterly 1st and 4th Or, a rose sable, 2nd and 3rd sable, a lion argent, von Wildenfels (31).

Quarterly 1st and 4th Or, a tower sable, 2nd and 3rd sable, a lion argent, all within a bordure compony gules and argent, die Hinderöfer von Muethen (117).

Quarterly 1st and 4th sable, a lion Or, 2nd and 3rd argent, a crane Or, Reusen von Plawen (19).

Quarterly 1st and 4th sable, a lion Or crowned gules, 2nd and 3rd lozengy bendwise azure and argent, Bayrn (4), Pfahltz Lützelstein (4).

Quarterly 1st and 4th sable, a pale argent, 2nd and 3rd gules, a fess embattled bretessed argent, overall on an escutcheon sable, two pallets embattled on the outer edges in chevron inverted argent, H. von Haunsperg (34).

Quarterly 1st and 4th sable, a rose Or, 2nd and 3rd Or, a crown atop a trimount sable, overall on an escutcheon azure, a houseboat Or, H. Segker (34).

Quarterly 1st and 4th sable, a swan rising Or, 2nd and 3rd Or, a mount of six peaks couped sable, von Freundsberg (25).

Quarterly 1st and 4th sable, an eagle Or, 2nd and 3rd gules, eight banners four and four in saltire Or hafted sable, overall an escutcheon azure charged with a fess Or between six lozenges argent, von Schwendi (25).

Quarterly 1st and 4th sable, three arrows inverted in fess gules overall a fess argent, 2nd and 3rd azure, a griffin Or, overall an escutcheon azure charged with a flame issuant from base argent, von Greiffenperg (40).

Quarterly 1st and 4th sable, three garbs Or, 2nd and 3rd argent, a fess gules, overall an escutcheon gules charged with a lion argent collared and chained Or, Buecheim (33).

Sable, a bell argent, die Freytag (184).

Sable, a bend chevronelly gules and argent, die Küedörfer (108).

Sable, a bend lozengy bendwise argent and gules, von Wiese (60).

Sable, a bend wavy argent, die Vogt (94).

Sable, a capital letter Z argent, die Komantzky (75).

Sable, a castle argent, von Türheim (127).

Sable, a chevron ployé Or, von Ehingen (113).

Sable, a chevron ployé Or between two mullets of six points argent and a bell Or, die Rosenbart genannt Glockengieser (218).

Sable, a cock's jambe issuant from chief Or, die im Staal (203).

Sable, a crampon fesswise argent, von Bidenfeldt (139).

Sable, a crane argent, Kranich von Waghenheim (132).

Sable, a cross argent, Havelburg (11), Verthun (12).

Sable, a cross counter-compony argent and gules, von Ingelheim (124).

Sable, a cross moline Or, die Hofwart (110).

Sable, a cross Or, von Boizi... (195), die Ratzen von Frentz (131).

Sable, a demi-unicorn Or, Berwang (83).

Sable, a fess argent, die Diemra (105), von Ehenheim (100), von Harras (152).

Sable, a fess argent between three bezants, die Grarodt (129).

Sable, a fess argent, overall a fleur-de-lys azure, die Österreicher (215).

Sable, a fess between three roses, a chief Or, von Eckstedt in Mecklburg (175).

Sable, a fess Or, von Creilsheim (102), Münster (10), Prag (9), von Wildnberg (122).

Sable, a fish haurient argent, die Schwickel (117).

Sable, a fish skeleton haurient argent, von Praromon (197).

Sable, a fleur-de-lys Or, von Danckertswyl (118).

Sable, a gonfannon argent, die Eberhardt (54).

Sable, a lion and a bordure Or, die Ammon (215).

Sable, a lion argent, von Wa... (131).

Sable, a lion argent crowned Or, die Budten (127), von Hornsberg (142), die Schenckn von Neydeck (131).

Sable, a lion Or, von Binsfelt (131).

Sable, a lion's jambe issuant from sinister canton Or, die Seitzen (214).

Sable, a mill argent atop a trimount Or, von Uhrmühl (98).

Sable, a nude man proper issuant from a trimount Or, die Iungen (214).

Sable, a pale argent, von Nechlern (57).

Sable, a pale between six roses argent, von Oberheim (38).

Sable, a rose argent, von Lamboting (85).

Sable, a sinister wing Or, von Kay (69).

Sable, a square buckle argent, die Schencken von Schmidtperg (128).

Sable, a stag passant Or attired atop a mount argent, von Brockendorf (67).

Sable, a stag springing atop a trimount Or, die Redinger (63).

Sable, a stag's attire and a buffalo horn respectant proper, von Wentzky (73).

Sable, a tent argent, von Hutte zu Heuspach (93).

Sable, a tree issuant from a grassy mount vert, surmounted by a greyhound statant argent, von Nadelwitz (54).

Sable, a tree trunk eradicated bendwise proper, von Ronaw (68).

Sable, a unicorn argent, von Nusdorf (77).

Sable, a wall argent, von Lauternaw (200).

Sable, a wheel argent, von Berlichingen (104), von Nevenstein (194).

Sable, a wheel Or, von Eroltzheim (120).

Sable, an annulet argent, von Knöringen (112), von Schragen (112).

Sable, an antelope argent, die Leuterman von Ertingen (119).

Sable, an eagle argent, die Rothn (128).

Sable, an eagle Or, Nördlingen (219).

Sable, an eagle's head couped Or, von Aelmbeck (157), von Alnbach (83).

Sable, an old man's head affronty proper crined and bearded argent, die Bärtt zu Kopenhausen (83).

Sable, between the tips of and issuant from a vol, a trefoil, and in chief a mullet of six points argent, von Rüdigkheim (141).

Sable, five annulets in saltire argent, die Seydel (47).

Sable, five plates in saltire, von Flehingen (118).

Sable, five plates in saltire argent, a bordure gules, von Sickingen (122).

Sable, in bend a mullet of six points, a crescent bendwise, and a mullet of six points Or between two bendlets argent, von Lanthen gennant Hayd (197).

Sable, in fess an increscent and a decrescent Or, die Leiser (48).

Sable, in pale a crescent pendant and an arrow argent, a bordure Or, Binmayer von Büren (197).

Sable, in pale three fers-a-loup Or, von Stadion (111).

Sable, in pale three fish argent, Kurtzbach (29).

Sable, in pale three roundels argent, a bordure Or, die Murer (197).

Sable, on a bend argent, a brown bear passant proper, Bern (222).

Sable, on a bend argent, an arrow inverted gules, die Helden (212).

Sable, on a bend argent, three hearts palewise gules, von Burstall (173).

Sable, on a bend argent, three roses gules, von Halle (183).

Sable, on a bend argent, three roses proper, die Rawen von Winiden.

Sale, on a bend Or, a linden leaf slipped vert, von Puechhausen (82).

Sable, six fleurs-de-lys and a chief argent, die Brumser von Rudisheim (123).

Sable, the bust of a maiden affronty proper crowned and vested Or, von Sala (154).

Sable, three campons argent, von Prabeck (187).

Sable, three hammers bendwise argent hafted proper, die Print von Horchheim (131).

Sable, three escallops argent, die Zwickher (209).

Sable, three lozenges throughout conjoined in fess argent, die Egkher (78).

Sable, three mullets of six points Or, von Schliewitz (53).

Sable, two arms proper vested argent maintaining between them a ring Or gemmed gules issuant from a chief indented Or, die Ottn (218).

Sable, two bars argent, von Mauchenheim genannt Bechtoltzheim (143), von Pick... (124).

Sable, two bendlets Or, von Trebra (170).

Sable, two dances Or, von Fuchsstein (93).

Sable, two hoes in saltire Or, die Heügel (63).

Sable, two pilgrim's staves in saltire argent topped Or, die Haynolt (55).

Sable, two staves headed of fleurs-de-lys in saltire Or, von Reibwitz (145).

Sable, two straight trumpets in saltire argent, die Gribel von Kalckenreüt (120).

Sable semy of escallops argent, a lion crowned Or, die Spies (131).

Sable semy of trefoils, a key bendwise, wards to chief, argent, Wormbs (9).

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