Armorial of the Manesse Codex

by Sara L. Uckelman
known in the SCA as Aryanhwy merch Catmael

© 2006 Sara L. Uckelman; all rights reserved
last updated 11Jul06

The Manesse Codex is a 14th century manuscript whose images contain a number of examples of German armory. This article is an armorial of the devices found in the manuscript. All of the blazons are mine.

Or, an eagle sable001
Or, a man statant to dexter proper garbed sable and argent003
Gules, a lion rampant queue-forchy argent crowned Or004
Argent, an eagle checky sable and gules004
Or, on an eagle sable a crescent argent005
Argent, an eagle gules006
Or, a lion rampant sable007
Lozengy gules and argent008
Gules semy of quatrefoils vert [possibly sable] pierced and fimbriated argent008
Barry azure and argent semy of cinquefoils gules008
Barry per fess nebuly Or and azure009
Per bend enhanced gules and vert, in sinister chief a mullet of six points pierced argent009
Barry dancetty argent and gules009
Chevronelly azure and Or009
Quarterly argent a lion rampant gules and sable a lion rampant Or009
Or, two pallets chevronelly gules and argent010
Or, a [some kind of animal] statant sable collared gules011
Bendy argent and gules012
Per fess Or and checky gules and argent, a double-headed demi-eagle issuant from the line of division sable014
Per fess gules and sable, a fess argent015
Per bend Or and gules016
Azure, in pale three hunting horns argent [perhaps sable] stringed gules017
Per fess sable and gules018
Or, a fleur-de-lys gules019
Or, in pale two eagles displayed sable019
Per saltire azure and argent020
Per pale Or and gules021
Lozengy gules and argent [perhaps sable]022
Sable billety Or, a lion rampant argent crowned Or022
Bendy Or and gules022
Or, a double-towered castle gules023
Per pale Or and gules024
Azure, a griffin rampant wings displayed Or025
Barry gules and argent025
Azure, a unicorn salient argent027
Gules, a key palewise wards to chief and dexter Or"028
Gules, a helment affronty Or crested with an eagle [perhaps a goose] argent029
Per chevron throughout gules and argent [perhaps sable]031
Or, a lion rampant sable overall a fess gules032
Azure, on a bend sable two mullets of six points Or033
Azure, three crescents sable with a mullet of eight points issuant from each point Or034
Barry per fess embattled grady Or and gules035
Azure, three hammers (?) argent035
Or, a maunch sable036
Barry Or and azure, a pale gules.037
Per fess Or and sable [possibly argent]038
Or, a lion rampant gules headed azure gorged Or039
Azure, a cinquefoil Or seeded gules bared slipped and leaved vert040
Or, on a bend gules three roses argent042
Or, a pale barry per fess nebuly azure and Or044
Gules, a bird close reguardant vert (?) within a square birdcage Or045
Gules, a goose contourny argent046
Gules, two axes addorsed argent047
Azure, a demi-stag passant argent048
Gules, a saltire vair and a chief Or049
Azure, in pale two fish naiant argent050
Azure, a square buckle Or, jeweled gules051
Per chevron Or and lozengy azure and argent052
Barry gules and checky argent and azure053
Azure, a ring Or jeweled gules054
Azure, four fleurs-de-lys in cross, tips to center, Or055
Sable, a harp Or strung argent058
Azure, three spear heads in pall argent059
Azure, three eagle's heads argent060
Argent, a bend dancetty gules061
Azure, a bend dancetty argent061

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