greg writes:
>> NP: Bedhead, _WhatFunLifeWas_
>This gets me about this list: do you all constantly rotate your
>listening matter? Does nobody just put a song on repeat for a couple of
>hours? I stopped doing "NP:..." when I realised it was pretty
>repetitive. The fact that I once listened to a 3-second sample of the
>"Apache" drum break looped for 11 minutes would be one example.

Ah! Technical details of the life of a music geek! A topic close
to my own heart.

You'll notice that basically I've only listened to the Bedhead today,
except for twice through King Crimson's _Discipline_. So when I listen
to something like that, many time in a row (and I tend often to repeat
a single disc), I think maybe I've had enough with listing what
I play. But I find it interesting from sort of an archival perspective
to continue to be accurate about what's playing. So I keep listing
the same album. :)

Mostly though listening like this happens when I'm on my bed and
at the computer and can't be bothered to get up when the CD ends,
and usually it's so good I don't care anyway. Other times I generally
change after one CD (a telling difference between me and many of
the people more pop than me, I'll wager), and listen to lots of
CDs in a row. When I'm really jumpy (say, writing a paper and can't
come up with anything) I'll switch ever 1/4 to 1/2 of an album.
On special occasions I'll just sit around and play songs I want to
hear, but that's rare because I have to sit there and wait for songs
to end and switch the discs often, which is distracting (and a good
argument for buying something to make mixes on).

When I was in high school and thereabouts, I had already developed
my dependency on having music playing, in order to fall asleep.
But I had to have songs that met very specific parameters of
"quiet", so I tended to program 2-3, sometimes just 1, to repeat.
From the same disc, too, because carousels' ka-chunks disturbed me.
So back then I would listen obsessively to songs on repeat, but
eventually I fell asleep so most of it went unheard.

When I was like 14 (not exactly sure) my friends and I listened to
Nirvana's "Lithium" approximately ALL night and through the next
day (not sleeping, of course) on repeat.

Sometime this spring I listened to Wilco's "Forget the Flowers"
and whatever the other countryish one is on disc one of _Being There_
(oh geez, I can't even remember) for a few hours. Burning
Airlines' "Wheaton Calling" got a similar treatment. Couple others
but I can't remember what they are right now. :)

I listened to Steve Reich's _Music for 18 Musicians_ for ~ a few
days straight a month ago. :)

In general as soon as I get a new disc, if I take to it enough, I'll
listen to it constantly for a few days. This used to really annoy
my freshman year roommate. I mean, he generally liked the same music -
he just couldn't stand the monotony. Similarly, once I start "getting"
something I'd never gotten before (e.g. Bedhead), I listen constantly.


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