I hate to bludgeon the great time apprehending this you might have beyond recognition, but it just has to be done.

A hokku, if you will, from Bjork's "Possibly Maybe", from Post.

since we broke off
i'm using lipstick again

Two things: "broke off". More violent, more unsure, than the more standard "broke up," which though it can be read differently, is likely to be taken as simply meaning the end of a relationship. There's something abrupt about "broke off," possibly indicating something left unresolved.

"using lipstick": not just wearing, but using. The lipstick is an instrument, being used for something. And given the last line, and what lipstick is usually used for (appearing attractive, or more to the point, attracting people), this has an especially spiteful cast to it.

Two lines, capturing an entire scene, a segment in two peoples' lives.