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Subject: Re: QB: ACF = not trash = good 
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Charlie Steinhice writes:
>new kids and the smaller schools.  And if you lose either end of the
>spectrum, you run the risk of dropping below the critical mass it takes
>to have a tournament that's healthy, both in size and financial
>support.  Throwing a stray Robocop 3 tossup into the ACF mix helps
>maintain interest on the part of the novice teams without watering down
>the validity of the game -- I say let's leave it in.

Or, alternatively, just ask more questions about good, somewhat
recent popular culture. There is a wealth of questions about, at
the very least, film and music from the 50s onward. These questions
are over topics which, even if they haven't gained complete legtimicacy
inside academia (perhaps they never will), are well-studied, highly
valued parts of modern cultural life.

Case in point: this morning I listened to the Pixies' 1988 album,
_Surfer Rosa_. Unless you want to completely discount all popular music
made in the 90s, it's important to take note of the influence the
Pixies had on music in the 90s. Nirvana drew heavily on the Pixies'
soft-loud dynamics, mixture of punk and pop, and fractured lyrics,
and Nirvana had, at least, a noticeable impact on mainstream music. ;)
And this is just something _12 years old_. There's plenty more
valuable question material out there, worth asking about, that plenty
of players will be glad to hear about.

This has the benefit of maintaining the typical academic competition
notion of "asking about things you should know". These too are things
that culturally educated people of our time "should know," at least
in a sense beyond knowing what's required to graduate from college.


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