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Ordinary language is all right.

One could divide humanity into two classes:
those who master a metaphor, and those who hold by a formula.
Those with a bent for both are too few, they do not comprise a class.

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17 Feb '18 12:53:15 AM

'Im Grunde entspringt dies daraus, daß der Wille an sich selber zehren muß, weil außer ihm nichts da ist und er ein hungriger Wille ist. Daher die Jagd, die Angst und das Leiden.'

2 Jan '18 01:13:35 AM

'After many years of principled under-achievement, I have accomplished something.'

31 Dec '17 02:28:37 AM

'... what we call wins and what we call losses.'

31 Dec '17 02:03:57 AM

On the day of Erica Garner's death, the latter barista wore an I CAN'T BREATHE t-shirt under her apron.

30 Dec '17 03:35:58 AM

'What I am sure of is that philosophy was meant to challenge the deadening sense that life cannot be lived well.'

27 Dec '17 04:31:23 AM

'... they teach you how to avoid brick walls...'

26 Dec '17 05:02:41 AM

'You have been complaining that my letters to you are rather carelessly written. Now who talks carefully unless he also desires to talk affectedly? I prefer that my letters should be just what my conversation would be if you and I were sitting in one another's company or taking walks together, spontaneous and easy; for my letters have nothing strained or artificial about them. If it were possible, I should prefer to show, rather than speak, my feelings. Even if I were arguing a point, I should not stamp my foot, or toss my arms about, or raise my voice; but I should leave that sort of thing to the orator, and should be content to have conveyed my feelings to you without having either embellished them or lowered their dignity. I should like to convince you entirely of this one fact, - that I feel whatever I say, that I not only feel it, but am wedded to it. It is one sort of kiss which a man gives to his mistress and another which he gives to his children; yet in the father's embrace also, holy and restrained as it is, plenty of affection is disclosed.

I prefer, however, that our conversation on matters so important should not be meagre and dry; for even philosophy does not renounce the company of cleverness. One should not, however, bestow very much attention upon mere words. Let this be the kernel of my idea: let us say what we feel, and feel what we say; let speech harmonize with life. That man has fulfilled his purpose who is the same person when you see him and when you hear him. We shall not fail to see what sort of man he is and how large a man he is, if only he is one and the same. Our words should not aim to please, but to help. If, however, you can attain eloquence without painstaking, and if you either are naturally gifted or can gain eloquence at slight cost, make the most of it and apply it to the noblest uses. But let it be of such a kind that it displays facts rather than itself. It and the other arts are wholly concerned with cleverness; but our business here is the soul.'

23 Dec '17 05:08:58 AM

'... this fucking thing shouldn't have been allowed to take him from us, and I shouldn't let it take me too.'

22 Dec '17 05:00:15 AM

'The objection is that Molloy is unhappy, that Molloy is an unhappy book...'