Ormskirk christenings, names gender uncertain

by Aryanhwy merch Catmael (Sara L. Friedemann)

© 2002 Sara L. Friedemann; all rights reserved

These are the names where either the gender or the expanded form was uncertain. Surprisingly, for the size of the data set I was working from, this is quite few.
      Eles Aspinwall, 10Mar1567This could be either a form of feminine Alis or Ellice or of masculine Ellis.
      Julian Hesketh fi: Gabriell ge-t, 28Nov1600This is could be either masculine or feminine; in the early 17th century it's more likely feminine.
      Ro: Hollande fi: Tho:, 21Aug1572This is almost certainly masculine, but whether it is a form of Robert, Roland, or Ronald, I don't know. My guess would be Robert, which is by far more popular than the other two.