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"What happened?"

"Oh. A sort of - not a threat. Or not a serious one. I mentioned, only joking, that I was keen on your Katje. And Bloat became very cold, an said, 'I'd stay clear of that one if I were you.' Tried to cover it with a laugh, as if he had his eye on her too. But that wasn't it. I-I don't have his confidence any more. I'm- I feel I'm only useful to him in a way I can't see. Being tolerated for as long as he can use me. The old University connection. I don't know if you ever felt it at Harvard... from time to time back in Oxford, I came to sense a peculiar structure that no one admitted to - that extended far beyond Turl Street, past Cornmarket into covenants, procuring, accounts due... one never knew who it could be, or when, or how they'd try to collect it... but I thought it was only idle, only at the fringes of what I was really up there for, you know..."

"Sure. In that America, it's the first thing they tell you. Harvard's there for other reasons. The 'educating' part of it is just sort of a front."

"We're so very innocent here, you see."