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I am so glad that Larry Rivers made a statue of me

and now I hear that my penis is on all the statues of all the young sculptors who've seen it

instead of the Picasso no-penis shepherd and its influence - for presence is better than absence, if you love excess.

Oh now it is that all this music tumbles round me which was once considered muddy

and today surrounds this ambiguity of our tables and our typewriter paper, more nostalgic than a disease,

soft as one's character, melancholy as one's attractiveness,

offering the pernicious advice of dreams. Is it too late for this?

I am what people will make of me - if they can and when they will. My difficulty is readily played - like a rhapsody, or a fresh house.

- Frank O'Hara,
27 June 1926 - 25 July 1966