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Chris has kindly pointed out to me that Mapquest now has aerial photos. This is my building, the one on the left side of the north-south street that's almost in the center of the photo. To the north across Lincoln Way you can see lovely Lake Laverne and its surrounding trees etc. Just a bit farther north (a 5-minute walk around the lake) is my office in Carver Hall, the uppermost of the two big rectangles.

Here is where I will live in the fall. Well, kind of. You're learning as much about the place as I am by seeing that picture; I've never been there. But you can zoom in and be happy, like me, at all the trees in the neighborhood. And, uh, one of those houses (somewhere) is mine.

(Just a ways west of there you can see the Mississippi.)

And here's where my office will be, in I think the building down and to the right of the one in the center. You can see the aforementioned Washington Ave bridge across the Mississippi in the upper right corner, going off to the east bank campus of the University of Minnesota.

Here's a farther-out zoom that shows the shape of the river, and the lakes and stuff in the area.

My parents live in the green spot somewhere - can't get all the way to the house with photos, though.

But if I was lost looking at my new place, it's hopeless looking for my sister's.

My childhood home (the big blob down from middle).