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God created alcohol
and it wasn't privately for the Russians
God created alcohol
and it wasn't for Dr. Goldsmith

It was for Mrs. Reiter
who is bored with having children
though she loves them.
God created alcohol to release
and engulf us. Shall I
say it is the only evidence of God
in this environment?

Mrs. R. doesn't drink
but I drink and I told the angel,
God created alcohol!
- if it weren't for that I'd say
there wasn't Any -
thinking of Mrs. R who is
one eighth American Indian
and what with the pain in her guts
stands like an Indian
"If I had the strength"
Why should I bother to tell you?

God created alcohol
Shall I swoon like Mr. Keats?
and not from looking
at a Grecian urn. God created alcohol
to allay us

- William Carlos Williams, 1950

Also, "Tract". And check the quote here about Williams' early formal development.