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Ordinary language is all right.

One could divide humanity into two classes:
those who master a metaphor, and those who hold by a formula.
Those with a bent for both are too few, they do not comprise a class.

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9 Aug '15 07:36:28 PM

On Pynchon's California Novels

9 Aug '15 07:33:43 PM

'… writing is blurry individuality under a general system.'

9 Aug '15 07:25:48 PM

'They can deactivate me whenever they feel like it, and if I complain, they tell me to fuck off.'

9 Aug '15 07:14:59 PM

'She says that when she is not writing she is dead and you can see she means it.'

5 Aug '15 06:39:05 PM

The repairmen have reached the stage of the wall-rebuilding project where they bang on things, and that's all, which is great.

4 Aug '15 03:46:51 AM

'… recuperated and heard in the solitude of reading.'

30 Jul '15 06:32:03 PM

'… the illusion of audience ownership is becoming harder to sustain.'

21 Jul '15 07:42:23 AM

'There was no identity, call it, for the poet in my world.'

17 Jul '15 12:55:04 AM

Rival mainstreams